Robert Charles Browne, serving a life sentence in Colorado for the 1991 murder of 13-year-old Heather Dawn Church, told an investigator that he has murdered dozens of other people, men and women. Here are some of the cases linked to him.

Katherine Hayes,15, was reported missing July 4, 1980, in Louisiana. Hayes’ body was found Oct. 16, 1980, in Nantachie Creek. She had been strangled.

Wanda Faye Hudson,21, was found dead on May 28, 1983, in her Coushatta, La., apartment. She had been stabbed multiple times. Coushatta is Browne’s hometown. Browne had done maintenance work on Hudson’s apartment, including changing the lock on her door.

Faye Self,26, was reported missing March 30, 1983, in Louisiana. Browne told authorities that her body was dumped in the Red River. She has never been found.

Melody Bush,22, was found dead on March 30, 1984, in Fayette County, Texas. Her body was found in a drainage ditch and the coroner ruled Bush died of acute acetone poisoning.

Nidia Mendoza,17, was reported missing on Feb. 2, 1984, in Texas. Her body was found on Feb. 6, 1984, in a ditch.

Rocio Sperry,15, was reported missing on Nov. 15, 1987, in El Paso County. Browne, who pleaded guilty Thursday and was sentenced to life in prison in this case, told an investigator that he dumped Sperry’s body in a trash bin after strangling her in his apartment. Sperry has never been found.

Heather Dawn Church,13, was reported missing on Sept. 17, 1991, in El Paso County. Church’s remains were found on Sept. 16, 1993, on Rampart Range Road northwest of Colorado Springs. Browne is serving a life sentence in her death.

Lisa Lowe,21, was reported missing on Nov. 3, 1991, in Arkansas. Lowe’s body was found on Nov. 26, 1991, in the St. Francis River.





Hometown:Browne grew up in Coushatta, La., a town of fewer than 3,000 people about 50 miles southeast of Shreveport in northwestern Louisiana.

Family:He was one of nine children, including three sets of twins. Browne has a twin sister. His father worked at a dairy farm, and a brother, Donald Browne, was once a trooper for the Louisiana State Police.

Education:Browne dropped out of Coushatta’s high school in 1969 and joined the Army, serving in South Korea as a medic.

First criminal trouble:Browne was jailed in Louisiana for a car theft. He moved to Colorado in 1987, after his parole.

Marriages:Browne has been married six times, including to Diane M. Babbitts after he moved to Colorado. She filed for divorce in 1995 in El Paso County.