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Lloyd Clark Fletcher Likely to Re-offend

Serial rapist-murderer Lloyd Clark Fletcher likely to re-offend if released from prison, court told.

NOTORIOUS serial rapist and murderer Lloyd Clark Fletcher was likely to commit violent sexual assaults if released from prison, a court has been told.

Brisbane Supreme Court judge Debra Mullins said she was required as a matter of law to review whether to extend an indefinite sentence imposed on Fletcher in 1998.

Justice Mullins is required to make a decision despite Fletcher’s own on-going requests to remain in jail for the rest of his life.

Fletcher has earned two dubious honours in Queensland legal and criminal history after he was sentenced to an indefinite sentence – life without the possibility of parole – on May 19, 1998.

Not only was he one of the first murders convicted in Australia through the use of DNA, he was also the first prisoner in Queensland sentenced to an indefinite jail term.

Over a 20-year period Fletcher violently attacked at least four women and murdered one.

In 1998, Fletcher was jailed for life for the murder of Manly schoolgirl Janet Phillips

However, some months later he was sentenced to an indefinite sentence for attacking a teenager at Wynnum railway station.

It was only after DNA samples were taken from Fletcher for the railway station attack that he was matched with samples from the Phillips murder site 10 years earlier.

Fletcher, now aged 53, was back in the Supreme Court today for the first review of his indefinite sentence, which can only be lifted by order of a judge.

The court was told under the relevant Act, Fletcher was entitled to a review because 13 years had passed since his sentence – under previous law the time needed before a convicted murderer could apply for parole.

Dressed in a dark grey shirt, dark trousers and white sneakers, a bald Fletcher, sporting a large handle-bar moustache, sat slumped and uninterested in the dock of Court 10, with his hands tucked into his pockets, during the 25-minute hearing.

Fletcher, who represented himself, told Justice Mullins he had nothing to say to the court regarding the review.

“I have nothing to say, your honour. (Nothing) at all,” he said.

Prosecutor Deborah Holliday said psychiatrist reports, ordered by Chief Justice Paul de Jersey in April, indicated Fletcher remained a serious danger to the community if released.

Ms Holliday said one report supported a continuation of Fletcher’s indefinite sentence until the next review in two years.

The court was told Fletcher remained “relatively untreated” while in custody and was a “high risk” of committing “violent sexual” offences if released.

Justice Mullins said she wanted time to review the Crown’s material before handing down her decision on Thursday.

Fletcher, during a mention of the matter in April, told Justice de Jersey: “I am not going to contest my indefinite sentence.”

Fletcher’s criminal offending began in 1978, when Fletcher, then 20, raped and attempted to murder a woman, 23, at Innisfail, in northern Queensland.

He served nine years of a 15-year sentence.

Fletcher was also jailed for five years after attempting to abduct a girl, 13, at Bright in Victoria in 1989.

She was saved by some labourers who were returning from a job and heard her screams.

In 1997, Fletcher grabbed a girl, 16, at the Wynnum railway station and forced her into his car at knife-point.

He choked and bound her but she was able to escape when a group of teenagers came to her rescue.

It was after police took DNA samples from Fletcher for that offence that he was linked to the murder of Ms Phillips in July 1987.

The 15-year-old schoolgirld was attacked, raped and killed while walking home from a party.

What is the judge reviewing? Is she seriously considering a release?

This man has already failed at rehabilitation.

Leave him him inside.


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