Breaking News: West Memphis 3 have been freed from prison (via Bonnie’s Blog of Crime),0,5874148.story

Breaking News: West Memphis 3 have been freed from prison Victims Christopher Byers Michael Moore Stevie Branch Defendants Damien Echols Jessie Miskelley Jason Baldwin In reading through these articles you will see that some keep saying they pled guilty, but it was really a "no contest" or Alford plea. Plea Deal Sets Imprisoned Men Free in 1993 'Memphis 3' Murder Case Arkansas judge accepts plea deal, frees Memphis 3 West Memphis 3 Wikipedia: West Memphis Three West Memphis 3: Guilty Pleas Entered Arkan … Read More

via Bonnie's Blog of Crime

  1. Why am I still getting the feeling that justice has been denied. Three little boys are dead and after 20 years they are still dead but supposedly their accusers are now free under an Alford plea?

  2. I do not think the 3 men should have been given the Alford plea. I think that there should have been a new trial.
    I have seen the movies and read the books. I have a lot of questions.
    Many people do.

    Either way this plea deal allows the killer to be free.
    If the 3 accused did kill those 3 little ones they are out now.
    If they didn’t this plea deal just lets the killer remain free and at large.

    This was a sad day for justice.

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