Susan Atkins Tells A Tale



Graphic Crime Scene Photos show what she helped create.

I am happy that she only worries about Christ’s forgiveness since so many will never forgive her and many more will never forget.


  1. I watched three minutes. That was enough for me

  2. She’s lying, she did help kill those people. If she had found “God” she would have been completely remorseful and would not have even contemplated applying for parole 6 years after those murders.
    Did you notice her fingernails? The were all long, manicured and had nail polish on them. Says so much about her. At one stage she was moving her hand so they could be noticed.
    I didn’t once hear her attempt to apologize, she just made up excuse after excuse in that pathetic mousy voice. “I was high on drugs”, “Tex did it all”. If she was truly remorseful the first thing out of her mouth should have been “I am so sorry to the families of the people I murdered.”
    Christian my ass!!!
    I tell you what, if I had participated in the murder of those people and an unborn baby, I would NOT want to be released back into society so soon and would have bitten my fingernails down to the bones.
    If she remembers being on drugs and she can remember every minute detail of the murders, then she had the ability to stop it.

    • You are right. She is full of it.
      She never, not even at death’s door, really accepted resposibility for what she did. Sh always pointed at others.
      The thing about these people, killers, criminals and psychos, they are good at lying, most better than her. They come to believe that things really are not their fault so it is easy to not feel guilty.

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