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48 Hours update on the Long Island unidentified serial killer

I am glad that there is new information and that the case has not been just let lie. I was worried that since Hurricane Sandy it was just going to lay unsolved.

Sadly there does not seem to be any new leads or information on the 4 girls found murdered in New Jersey. So close to this case.

Self Proclaimed ‘Porn Star’ Famous for Animal Abuse Suspect in Murder Now

MONTREAL – Montreal police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for Luka Rocco Magnotta — a man with a disturbing online profile who is now accused of murder after the grisly discovery of a torso, whose severed foot and hand were mailed to the Conservative and Liberal party offices in Ottawa.

Police also confirmed that the suspect at large in the gruesome murder and dismemberment once dated notorious sex killer Karla Homolka, though in 2007 Magnotta denied he dated the notorious sex killer.

A video purporting to show Magnotta stabbing a man repeatedly on a bed has been circulating online and was sent to the Montreal Gazette. The Gazette has been unable to confirm that this is the same video that police received. The Gazette has not been able to confirm whether the video was staged.

Police have obtained a disturbing video of the crime and are taking steps to have it removed from a website where it was posted, The Gazette has confirmed. 

I did not see the video and I am not looking for it in order to post a link. Sorry, you wanna see you have to look. That does not sound like something pleasant to watch.

Investigators are seeking the public’s aid in locating the 29-year-old Magnotta, who may also go by the names Eric Clinton, Kirk Newman or Vladimir Romanov.

“We really need the public’s help on this,” said SPVM spokesman Ian Lafrenière. The assistance of residents in the area where the body was discovered had also helped the investigation advance quickly.

Magnotta is said to be a stripper and a porn star. The suspect was not previously known to police, Lafrenière said.

A headless, limbless torso was discovered in a suitcase with a heap of garbage Tuesday at Place Lucy and Decarie Boulevard in Montreal’s Snowden neighbourhood. At about the same time Tuesday, an employee of Conservative Party of Canada headquarters in Ottawa opened a package that contained a severed foot. A second parcel containing a hand was later located at a Canada Post sorting facility in Ottawa.

Wednesday, police linked the severed appendages to the torso and transferred the case to Montreal Police.

Montreal Police focused their attention on a second floor apartment in a building on Decarie near where the torso was found Tuesday in a suitcase on the curb with a pile of garbage.

The tenant of the building is being sought by police, said residents of the building.

The apartment smelled terrible and it appears the homicide was carried out on a bed in the small apartment. A reporter saw a mattress stained with blood Wednesday afternoon.

Residents also said police believe the torso belongs to an Asian man who is apparently missing. The police have been showing them a photo of the Asian man on Wednesday.

Residents described Magnotta as a very quiet man who kept to himself. The building’s superintendant joked about it.

“It’s like you see in the movies. It’s always the good neighbour. It’s the cliché,” he said.

He is right, it is usually the quiet ones.

Residents of the building said they believe Magnotta worked in the gay porn industry.

One said the only time Magnotta spoke to him was about five days ago. He asked the man, an actor, how he could get started in “legitimate” movies.

Residents of the building said they also saw Magnotta wearing a bizarre wig days ago and that they commented on his strange appearance.

Employees at a Canada Post office just a few blocks away from where the suspect lives said the police have not questioned them about the possibility of body parts being mailed from their location. Both employees were aware that a torso had been found near their location. But they said no one had asked them about the case until two reporters asked them about the strange story Wednesday afternoon.

Magnotta was known online for abusing animals not for his acting even in porn. He was known on message boards, like 4chan, especially for the video where he put a kitten (2?) in a plastic bag and filmed them as they died. There were other videos but I think that one was the first to get ‘popular’. (Not in a good way.)

Magnotta has also been the subject of an international social media campaign for allegedly killing kittens, videotaping their deaths and posting the videos online.

Animal rights activists around the world mobilized to identify him and offered a $5,000 to bring him to justice. The online efforts to find him may have fuelled some of Magnotta’s online writings defending his reputation and complaining about “cyber stalking” and “media propaganda” on his website

“I do not feel the necessity to address the specific accusations made in the posts since they are so far from my character that responding to them will give them more credibility than they will ever hold. If the readers of these posts can look behind the storyline that has been created, they will see that there is no reference to a concrete transaction or event that has taken place with any specific person in which I have committed any illegal activity,” he wrote on one of his eponymous web sites.

“Many hoax websites are created using my image and name, posing as me to seem more believable in respect to the type of audience these website have, I feel I don’t need to list them specifically but people need not be told, not to believe what they read and to take it as fact,” he write in one article entitled “Cyber Stalking” beside a photo of him shirtless and reclining.

It almost seems as if he is denying doing it, but the videos were there and people did see them. I think you can still find them just not on YouTube and I am not risking a virus to see poor kitties killed. Again, you want to see it (for proof or anything else) go find it yourself.

Perhaps if the authorities had stepped in when those videos went viral they would not be trying to identify a human victim. We, society, needs to start paying more attention to those that abuse animals.

Police have not released the victim’s name. An autopsy is expected to reveal how the man was killed and whether he was dead before being dismembered, police said.

The Gazette’s Jan Ravensbergen, Canadian Press and the Ottawa Citizen contributed to this report.

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CBS story about Luka

Killer started with killing cats on YouTube.

What is a psychopath?

Tell me that these ‘kids’ do not fit the description.



Scary thing is that these ‘kids’ will (probably) are back on the streets.



What should be done with the brutal young offenders who fit into adult classifications yet are to young to be classified?

An Interesting Video About Serial Killers

Robert Picton Police Videos

Convicted serial killer Robert Pickton claimed he was innocent as recently as last August, telling an Ontario police officer tasked with preparing a report ahead of a public inquiry that he never did anything wrong.

Jennifer Evans, deputy chief of the Peel Regional Police, interviewed Pickton in August in preparation for a report she was commissioned to prepare for the inquiry. The inquiry is examining why police in B.C.’s Lower Mainland did not catch the man — ultimately convicted of the murders of six sex workers — sooner than they did.

Evans told the inquiry Wednesday that she asked Pickton during their 90-minute interview at the Kent Institution near Agassiz, B.C., how he had been able to evade police for so long.

An artist’s sketch shows Robert Pickton in the prisoner’s box on the first day of his trial in B.C. Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 2007. (Felicity Don/Canadian Press)”His answer essentially was, ‘Because I never did anything wrong,”‘ said lawyer Cameron Ward, representing the families of several murdered and missing women.

“Because he didn’t do anything,” Evans said.

“He maintained his innocence?” said Ward.

“Yes, he did,” said Evans.

“And did you think he was telling the truth?” asked Ward.

“No, I did not.”

Admits picking up women
Pickton said he did pick up sex workers in Vancouver, but said he did not kill any of them, Evans said.

Pickton was convicted in 2007 of six counts of second-degree murder.

Investigators found the remains or DNA of 33 women on his farm.

“Did he strike you as someone capable of murdering 49 people by himself, given your police experience?” asked Ward.

“Yes,” replied Evans.

Pickton did not testify at his trial.

Evans was commissioned to prepare a report for the Pickton inquiry which examined the timelines and contents of the various investigations into Vancouver’s missing women prior to Pickton’s 2002 arrest for murder.

FBI to Search Lake for Ray’s Murder Victim

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Investigators think he could be one of the worst serial killers ever in New Mexico. Problem is, they’ve never found any bodies to prove it. But now the FBI says new tips, and the drought, have prompted a new search of Elephant Butte Lake.

David Parker Ray‘s toy box is infamous; his Butte trailer home was a little slice of hell, filled with sinister devices he used to rape and torture women. But there may be another place ray used to keep his victims.

FBI agents will search Elephant Butte Lake again next week, all on a new tip that Ray’s forgotten victims will be found. The FBI isn’t talking except to say it has new information, and a chance now with the drought to search caves and ravines once covered by water.

Ray was arrested in 1999 after a woman wearing just a dog collar and padlocked chains escaped his house of horrors he called his toy box, full of torture devices he called his friends.

He was convicted of kidnapping and sexually torturing three women, all of whom lived to tell their stories. From the start investigators have suspected he was a serial killer.

In 2002, shortly after Ray was sentenced to life, he dropped dead of a heart attack in prison. After his death police released audio tapes he played for his captives, where he hinted he was a serial killer.

“I’ve tortured girls in ways that I’m not very proud of. When I’m p***ed off, I don’t mind having blood all over the place, and sometimes they didn’t survive,” Ray says on the audiotape.

Investigators also found Ray’s diary in his home with a timeline of his abductions dating back to 1955, when he was just a teenager.

Investigators believe Ray may have killed up to 60 people. Ray’s girlfriend Cindy Hendy helped kidnap and torture the women. She accidentally left a set of keys out, that’s how the woman escaped, bringing Ray’s reign of terror to an end. Cindy Hendy is serving 36 years in prison.

Full Story

I do wonder if Hendy is trying to cut some new deals or get privileges. I doubt the police are just now acting on her previous statements. It does sound as if the leads that they were following fell through though.

No bodies were found during a search of a reservoir for possible victims of a man known as the Toy Box Killer, convicted a decade ago of kidnapping and sexually torturing women.

FBI spokesman Frank Fisher said federal and local law enforcement agents searched a canyon in New Mexico for three hours on Tuesday but found only animal bones.

“We plan to come back in the near future to do a more thorough search of a few points there,” Fisher told The Times. “There are some areas we want to take our time with.”

About 30 people fanned out on the southern end of Elephant Butte Reservoir on Tuesday after authorities received information about possible remains of the missing victims of David Parker Ray.

Authorities have long believed that Ray, who died behind bars in 2002 while serving a life sentence, chose the reservoir as a burial site for some of the 40 people he claimed to have killed.

None of the bodies have been found there, however.

New Mexico police suspect that the remains of 22-year-old Jill Troia, who disappeared in 1995, may be buried near the reservoir in southern New Mexico, about 150 miles south of Albuquerque.

Ray wrote that he sexually tortured his victims in the trailer he dubbed his “toy box” in the New Mexico town of Truth or Consequences, within view of the reservoir, Fisher said. Ray said he then buried his victims, including an Asian woman investigators believe may have been Troia.

Ray was arrested in 1999 after a naked woman fled from his home wearing only a dog collar and chain.

The woman told police Ray had tortured her. Investigators who searched his home found a “Satan’s Den” sign on the wall, skull-shaped candelabra, surgical tools, video cameras, a makeshift coffin and a black box he apparently used to cover victims’ heads when he tortured them, the Daily Mailreported.

In 2001, Ray pleaded guilty to kidnapping and rape charges in the case of the woman who had fled his home; he was also convicted of kidnapping and torturing a Colorado woman.

Ray’s girlfriend at the time of his arrest, Cynthia Lea Hendy, told police that Ray disposed of bodies in Elephant Butte Reservoir. Hendy was sentenced 11 years ago to 36 years in prison after she pleaded guilty to accessory and kidnapping charges, and agreed to cooperate with investigators to avoid a life sentence. She remains in prison, Fisher said.

Troia was last seen in October 1995 at a restaurant in Albuquerque with Ray’s daughter, Glenda Jean Ray, whom she had dated. Albuquerque police have long believed Ray and his daughter were connected to Troia’s disappearance, which remains the Albuquerque Police Department’s only known cold case related to Ray. But neither was ever charged in connection with the case.

In 2001, Glenda Jean Ray pleaded no contest to kidnapping charges and was sentenced to 2 1/2 years in prison, plus five years of probation in connection with her father’s sex torture case. She was later released, Fisher said.

Fisher said authorities are reopening other missing persons cases from the same time period to see if they might be connected to Ray. A new missing persons DNA database could help identify remains, he said.

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I would think that decomposition in that type of condition (lake in the desert) would be quick and pretty complete. I wonder what would / could be left after all this time?



Investigation Discovery on Hendy

Serial Killer Andrew Urdiales Going to California

Convicted Southeast Side serial killer Andrew Urdiales, who was twice spared death in Illinois, is on his way to California to face additional murder charges, officials confirmed Tuesday.

Urdiales was no longer in custody as of Thursday due to another agency detaining him, according to the Illinois Department of Corrections’ Web site. He had been housed at the Pontiac Correctional Facility in Pontiac, Ill., about 100 miles southwest of Chicago.

A source with the Orange County, Calif., district attorney’s office confirmed Tuesday morning that Urdiales was on his way there via the U.S. Marshals Service. He is expected to arrive in Orange County sometime Thursday.

Urdiales, 47, twice escaped the death penalty in Illinois but could face death in California. He is suspected in the killings of five women in Orange, Riverside and San Diego counties.

Urdiales was sentenced to death in 2004 in the 1996 death of Cassie Corum, 21, of Hammond. He killed her and dumped her body in the Vermilion River in Pontiac.

He was one of 15 men whose lives were spared in March when Gov. Pat Quinn signed legislation that abolished the death penalty in Illinois.

The following day, California officials began the process of having him extradited.

Urdiales was indicted in 2009 in five killings in California. He was stationed as a Marine at Camp Pendleton and Twentynine Palms in the state between 1984 and 1991. One woman who escaped an attack in California testified at his trial in Cook County.

Murder convictions are eligible for death penalty sentences under California law. Orange County officials have said they will seek the death penalty for Urdiales and are confident he will be convicted and sentenced to death.

In Illinois, Urdiales previously had been sentenced to death in 2002 in Cook County for killing Lori Uylaki, 25, of Hammond, and Lynn Huber, 22, of Chicago. Their bodies were discovered in Wolf Lake in 1996.

The earlier sentence was commuted to life in prison by Ryan.

Trail of homicides followed Andrew Urdiales

January 1986: Robbin Brandley, a Saddleback Community College student from Laguna Beach, Calif., was found stabbed to death while Urdiales was stationed at Camp Pendleton, Calif.

July 17, 1988: Julie McGhee, 30, a prostitute, was found shot to death in a remote area of Cathedral City, Calif. Urdiales was stationed at Twentynine Palms, Calif.

Sept. 25, 1988: Mary Ann Wells, 31, a prostitute, was found shot to death in San Diego while Urdiales was stationed at Twentynine Palms.

March 11, 1995: Denise Maney, 32, a prostitute, was found dead in Palm Springs, Calif.

April 14, 1996: Lori Uylaki, 25, of Hammond, was found dead in Wolf Lake near the Chicago/Hammond border. Her bloody clothes were tossed in garbage cans in Hammond alleys.

Aug. 2, 1996: Lynn Huber, 22, of Chicago, was found dead on the Chicago side of Wolf Lake. Her clothing was discarded in the same fashion as Uylaki’s.

July 14, 1996: Cassie Corum, 21, of Hammond, was found shot in the head and stabbed several times at a remote rest area near the Vermillion River near Pontiac, Ill., about 90 miles south of Chicago. Her body was dumped in the river. Urdiales picked her up in an area known for prostitution in Hammond.

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I do hope that he gets the death penalty. This guy is dangerous.

Investigators say Andrew Urdiales was smarter than your average serial killer. Between 1986 and 1996, his killing spree spanned from Illinois to California. In that time, he attacked and tortured nine women, with no witneses and no evidence left behind. Only one woman, Jennifer Asbenson, survived.

It wasn’t until 1996 when police tied the cases to Urdiales, who confessed in great detail to the eight murders and the attack on Asbenson.
More info and slide show here

A short excerpt of his confession here.

I know that even if he gets the death penalty in California he will probably die of old age. At least he will be better isolated, he will be in cell alone, he will not get as many chances to hurt other prisoners, guards, maintenance workers, so on. There is also less chance of escape from death row due to the heightened security.

Did John Wayne Gacy Kill Michael Marino?

For 30 years Sherry Marino has visited the grave site dedicated to her son, Michael Marino.

She is now asking to have the body exhumed and a DNA test ran to make sure that it is Micheal in that grave.

That may not be my son, mom says 30 years after murder


CHICAGO More than 30 years after Sherry Marino buried her 14-year-old son, she is asking for permission to exhume the boy’s remains.

Chicago officials identified Michael Marino as one of 33 victims of serial killer John Wayne Gacy almost four years after his mother reported him missing. But according to papers filed with Cook County Circuit Court Thursday, his mother has long harboured doubts that the body was that of her son.

Lawyers for the mother point to disparities between autopsy findings by the Cook County medical examiner and her son’s dental records and medical history.

The 1979 pathological report indicated that Gacy’s victim had fractured his collarbone and suggested that the child’s molars had started coming in, according to the filing. But X-rays provided by Marino’s dentist months before the boy’s disappearance show that not all of his molars had yet grown in, and the mother does not believe her son ever broke his collarbone, her lawyers said.

Marino wants a DNA test to determine if the boy buried in Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside is her son. She has been visiting the gravesite for more than three decades, according to her lawyers.

Chicago Tribune 

Michael went missing on Oct. 24, 1976, at the age of 14, but wasn’t identified as one of Gacy’s 33 victims until 3 1/2 years later. Over the years, Marino has suspected the body was not really Michael.

On Thursday, her attorney, Robert M. Stephenson, said he will file a petition in Cook County Circuit Court to allow her to have the body exhumed from Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Hillside, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

”She’s always had her doubts,” Stephenson tells CBS 2′s Kristyn Hartman. “She says every time she visits his grave one of the things she wonders is, ‘Is this you?’”

Full article

This article has a video as well.

“It’s going to be expensive to exhume a body, to do DNA testing and compare it. So, there are still a lot of hurdles going forward, but I think that she deserves a definitive answer that science can give her today,” attorney Robert Stephenson told WGN News.

Gacy raped and murdered 33 boys and young men between 1972 and 1978, and reportedly showed no remorse for the crimes. He ultimately convicted and executed in 1994.

I can only imagine her pain.

I do not know what I would do in her position.

Of course you want to know if that is your child in that grave but what if it isn’t? If that is not Michael what happened to him 30 years ago?

This is so sad and no matter the outcome it will not have a happy ending.

I do hope that they allow the testing so that Ms. Marino can have the answer she needs.

Serial Killer Jeffery Guillory’s Trial Begins.

(CBS/AP) BATON ROUGE, La. – Jury selection is set to begin Monday afternoon in the second-degree murder trial of suspected serial killer Jeffery Lee Guillory.

The 45-year-old Guillory is charged in the strangulation of 46-year-old Renee Newman of Baton Rouge.

Guillory was arrested in December 2009 and booked in the deaths of Newman, Florida Edwards and Sylvia Cobb. Police have said Guillory has twice denied knowing Newman or Edwards, although his DNA matched evidence found at both women’s crime scenes.

An East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury indicted Guillory in May 2010 only in the killing of Newman.

Her body was found April 11, 2002.

Guillory reportedly remains a suspect in several other unsolved killings of women in Baton Rouge that occurred in the late 1990s and early 2000s.


An interesting twist in this case is that there is a chance that serial killer Sean Vincent Gillis  might be called  to testify.

Attorneys for suspected serial murderer Jeffery Lee Guillory have subpoenaed convicted serial killer Sean Vincent Gillis to testify at Guillory’s upcoming trial and have requested Gillis’ taped police interviews and interrogations, one of Guillory’s attorneys said Wednesday.

Whether Gillis actually takes the witness stand at Guillory’s second-degree murder trial, set for Sept. 19, remains to be seen because the defense cannot call Gillis to the stand if all he intends to do is assert his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination.

Guillory’s defense team contends Gillis associated with Renee Newman, the 46-year-old Baton Rouge woman Guillory is accused of killing in 2002.

State District Judge Tony Marabella said Wednesday he will make a determination Sept. 13 regarding Gillis’ “status as a witness in this case.’’

“Mr. Gillis needs to decide what he wants to do. If he pleads the Fifth, the question is why,’’ Franz Borghardt, one of Guillory’s court-appointed attorneys, said after a hearing in the case.

Authorities have alleged that Guillory and Gillis targeted women who led high-risk lifestyles.

Full story

I doubt that Gillis will testify but there is a chance that he will ‘play along’ for the attention. What are they going to do to him if he agrees and then pleads the 5th? Give him a contempt of court charge?


Guillory is also mentioned as a potential suspect in the Jennings Louisiana Killings.

Though Guillory has been in jail since last year on unrelated charges, detectives are also investigating whether he could be involved in a series of murders in Jennings, Louisiana, where cops believe a serial killer is on the loose.

So far, eight women in the town of just 10,546 people have been killed between 2005 and this past August. Many of the murders took place before Guillory was sent to jail on the unrelated charge.

From here

I have a page on Shutterfly about the unsolved serial murders in Jennings, Louisiana. There are many videos and news links there.

I do not think that that he is the killer in any of the Jennings case though.

The Multi-Agency Task Force in Jefferson Davis Parish is aware of the arrest of Jeffery Guillory by the Baton Rouge Police Department.

Although Jeffery Guillory has been on the Task Force’s radar since his arrest by the Jennings Police Department in May 2007, it is important to note that he has been incarcerated since January 25, 2008, and, therefore, could not be responsible for the deaths of Laconia “Muggy” Brown, Crystal Shay Benoit Zeno, Brittney Gary or Necole Guillory.

Jeffery Guillory is charged in connection with the homicides of three Baton Rouge women in 1999, 2001, and 2002. Law Enforcement has remained diligent for the last 10 years to solve those crimes. The Task Force will continue to work hard and is committed to bringing closure to the eight victims from Jefferson Davis Parish.

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact the Multi-Agency Task Force at 337-824-6662 or The Jefferson Davis Parish Sheriff’s Office, the Jefferson Davis Parish District Attorney’s Office and the FBI are offering a reward of up to $85,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for these murders.

From Here

I think some in law enforcement were just hoping that it could be him.

Fred West’s Daughter Reacts to Appropriate Adult

The daughter of serial killer Fred West branded actor Dominic West a ‘hypocrite’ after he claimed he felt ‘sullied’ and suffered nightmares while playing the murderer in a new TV drama.

Anne-Marie Davis, 47, criticised the cast, programme makers and police for their controversial roles in Appropriate Adult, a new ITV production about the murders of women and girls at 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester.

She said: ‘When an actor like Dominic West talks about being ”sullied” by the role and talks of nightmares, you have to question their hypocrisy.

‘What of the victims who survived and all the victims’ families who have lived with this for more than two decades? He has had but a glimpse of their world.’

I do not think that the actor was trying to compare his experience with those of the victims. I think he was stating something that was probably true, I can not imagine pretending to be Fred West was enjoyable at all. I do not think getting into the minds of serial killers is a pleasant experience. I also do not think that he is sating that he became a victim playing this role.

The mother-of-two slammed ITV for using the ‘Fred and Rose brand’ in a ‘global money-making exercise’.

Mass murderer Fred West, 53, hanged himself in Winson Green Prison on New Year’s Day 1995 as he awaited trial for 12 murders.

His wife Rose West, 57, is serving a full-life term in Low Newton Prison after she was found guilty of her part in ten murders including that of her 16-year-old daughter Heather at Winchester Crown Court in 1995.

The ITV drama is seen through the eyes of the ‘appropriate adult’ Janet Leach, who acted as an independent safeguard by sitting in on Fred West’s police interviews.

I have not seen the movie and will probably not be able to since shows on ITV (even on YouTube) are blocked in the U.S. but it does not sound like a film that glorifies the killers. It also does not seem (from what I have read in reviews) to downgrade the victims at all. Rather it seems to show just how sick, twisted and perverted the West predators were.

Ms Davis was raped and tortured by the Wests when she was eight and her mother Rena Costello and sisters Charmaine and Heather were murdered.

Anne-Marie condemned current Gloucestershire police chiefs for assisting ITV production staff, a decision which has concerned retired officers who worked on the West case and pledged to look after the victims’ families.

She said: ‘I believe that decision is pretty lame and the current regime should be ashamed of the position they have put the victims’ families in, and ashamed that they have let down former colleagues whose morality was, and remains, so resolute.

‘ITV have used the police input to advertise the validity of their research. It is questionable whether police resources should be spent helping a private enterprise that exploits the victims of crime for profit.’

I do not think that the police helped for big money, rather they helped to make sure that it was accurate, at least as accurate as it could be. I also do not think that profit was the sole motivation for the movie.

Dominic West, who starred in The Wire and BBC drama The Hour, has previously said how he suffered ‘pretty horrible dreams during the shoot where I’m perched on a wall and Fred West was trying to grab me and pull me down.

‘I was fairly determined not to let him get to me. I only did it for three weeks and it was a pretty intense, very dark three weeks. It was pretty grim.’

Again, he is talking about how plying such a role made him feel. He is not saying that he suffered the way West’s victims did.

Ms Davis has been critical of the new, two-part drama throughout its making.

She said: ‘I’m still unsure whether ITV and the actors comprehend the depth of our grief, but how could they? I just ask that they spare a thought for the victims and their families when they pick up their pay cheques.

‘We live in an age of multiple TV channels, many of which regularly screen repeats. That means for the rest of our lives this programme will be re-run over and over.

‘Whilst Dominic West moves on to his next role, another life sentence will start for all of the families.’

In my opinion Ms. Davis is angry at the wrong people. She is blaming the wrong people for the wounds that she (and the other victims) have. The actors, police, production companies and the rest are not to blame, it is Fred and Rosemary West that are to blame for those wounds.

I do understand that seeing it again, hearing about it again might make those wounds sting, but I bet that they sting anyway. It is just easier to ignore when no one is aware.

Ms Davis, who gave evidence against Rose West at her trial, has refused to watch the first 90-minute episode of Appropriate Adult when it is screened at the weekend.

I do not think she should watch it.

She said: ‘I find the whole idea of this production sickening, but I have tried to be balanced in my criticisms.

‘I have enough emotional and mental baggage and I don’t need an actor to haunt or further remind me of the crimes my father perpetrated.

‘Many people think that it’s my perception there will be re-enactments of murder and gratuitous violence and that is why I am so disturbed. It is not.

‘My frustration stems from the resurrection of my father on screen, the re-enactments of dialogue between interviewing police officers and my father describing the circumstances surrounding my mother’s and sisters’ disappearances, their murders and his subsequent disposal of their bodies.

I can understand that and feel such sympathy for her. The fact remains that these things did happen, nothing will change that and nothing can take away the memories.

‘No doubt, the same treatment will be given to the other victims and the effect this will have on their families must be considered.’

She added: ‘I hadn’t spoken publicly for ten years until this drama was mooted. I have never put myself forward as a spokesperson for the victims’ families, and I never will.

In a way she is. She has the right to, she is even more so a victim than most.

‘Maybe, as a member of the West family, I shouldn’t have a view. All I can say is that I speak for my sanity.

I can not say it enough, she is a victim is so many ways.

‘It is indicative of our society that we haven’t moved on from the voyeurism that surrounds the ”Fred and Rose” branding and I suggest that ITV wouldn’t have invested so heavily in ”The Janet Leach Story” without it.

‘I congratulate them for finding their angle, riding high on the back of Mrs Leach. They have walked a tightrope, balancing the validity and compassion for Mrs Leach with the memory of the victims and their families’ grief – and they have opted to fall on the side of Mrs Leach.

“I would ask people to put aside that voyeurism for just a few minutes and consider the victims of all such crime, their families and the life sentences they have to serve – without choice.’

With out without movies, shows, books and web sites the victims serve their sentences. If they do not want to put back in that moment they should not be, they should not watch.

Pretending these crimes did not happen does not make them go away. Hushing it all up and closing our eyes just gives the predators the upper hand. People do not look for the little things that might help stop a serial killer while he is killing. People forgetting only protects the killers.

Ms Davis, who was sexually abused by Fred and Rose West and other men they brought to 25 Cromwell Street, managed to flee the family home when she was 15 in just the clothes she was wearing.

She said: ‘My mother Rena and my sisters Charmaine and Heather, are my heroes. I was an eight-year-old coward and I was still a coward when I ran away.

***Note from me: No, you were not and are not a coward*****

‘But my mother and siblings stood up to them and paid the ultimate price. To have an actor pretending to be my father and describing how he murdered and disposed of their bodies I find an insult to their memories because they were real people, not just a name on a page, who deserve a little more respect.’

 The mother of two described the lasting effect that the horrific experiences had on her own life.

‘There was no doubting the overwhelming sense of emptiness and loss. Justice had been served and now it was time to try and pack away the memories of past and present, except it was not that easy.

‘There was little support available locally and the NHS just didn’t know what to do with me and I am ashamed to admit that I attempted to take my own life on a number of occasions and I am lucky to be alive.

‘It would take years before I got the kind of counselling and professional support that I desperately needed.’

**note from me: I hope that she is still getting help**
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Anne-Marie is hard for me to write about. Her father made her a victim in every way possible. She is one of his victims directly, her mother and sister were killed by him and she lives the life of a survivor of his crimes.

She has every right to speak up when it comes to anything dealing with coverage of this crime.

She does not have the authority to stop the public from learning f these crimes though. Even if it causes pain.

Victims do have rights but the public also has a right to know. Also, stories like this remind people that monsters do not look like monsters and usually live next door to someone.

I hope that one day Anne-Marie forgives herself and that she does heal.

Here is an interview with her from 2000.

There’s nothing special about the path. Flanked by no-nonsense bushes, it serves as a cut-through from one scruffy street to another. At one end, a couple of slices of white buttered toast lie where they fell from a bin bag. At the other, an empty can of Strongbow rolls against a bollard. It looks nondescript, but staff at the nearby corner shop are often asked where the path is. For it was once the site of 25 Cromwell Street, the “House of Horrors” that harboured the remains of nine young women murdered by Fred West.

There’s nothing special about the path. Flanked by no-nonsense bushes, it serves as a cut-through from one scruffy street to another. At one end, a couple of slices of white buttered toast lie where they fell from a bin bag. At the other, an empty can of Strongbow rolls against a bollard. It looks nondescript, but staff at the nearby corner shop are often asked where the path is. For it was once the site of 25 Cromwell Street, the “House of Horrors” that harboured the remains of nine young women murdered by Fred West.

Several miles away stands another house, much like all the others on the modern estate – a smart four-bedroom affair with a touch of Cotswold stone. Bundled up against the cold, I ring the door bell. The woman who answers wears a short-sleeved summer dress. At the end of her bare legs is a pair of black flip-flops. Her face has been carefully made-up. But what is most striking about her appearance is the resemblance to Fred West, her father. “The spit”, some would say, except that Anne-Marie Davis has dyed her hair red. When, in 1994, her father was charged with 12 murders, and her stepmother Rosemary with 10 counts, her hair turned white.

We pass through the elegantly furnished lounge to the kitchen. Phil, Anne-Marie’s partner of eight years, appears from the garage in slippers with a pencil behind his ear. Anne-Marie disappears upstairs to finish her hair, and Phil, 35, makes the tea. We chat about the set of table skittles he’s making.

Then, in bounds Carol, the couple’s 12-year-old daughter, with a giggly friend in tow. They head for the fridge and disappear again with a bottle of Coke. Everything is spotlessly clean. I’m reminded of the stories of how, as a child, Anne-Marie was made to do all the housework at Cromwell Street. If it wasn’t up to scratch, her stepmother would beat her.

At 15, Anne-Marie ran away from home. Step-sisters Charmaine, eight, and Heather, 16, who stayed, both died. In November, Anne-Marie threw herself into a local stretch of the River Severn. She narrowly escaped death after she became caught up in overhanging branches. It was her fourth suicide attempt. “I don’t remember much about it. I get low and have mental blackouts. All I remember is being in the water, having this floating feeling and suddenly this warmth. I felt at peace and relaxed,” she says in her soft Gloucestershire accent.

It was a number of things piling up upon each other which brought on this particular bout of depression. There was the letter from Channel 5 about its plans to make a drama about Rose and Fred. Then The Mirror persuaded her to return to Cromwell Street with a reporter. The experience was deeply upsetting, and she was bitterly disappointed about the article, which she had hoped would portray her as a woman in her own right, not just the daughter of Fred West. Also, she was just plain tired, tired of the comments from the public in the supermarket where she works as a cashier. “They nudge and stare while waiting to pay. I know they’ve recognised me when they suddenly stop talking so loudly. I’ve had people call me a slut. I’ve had that when I’ve been shopping with my daughter. You hear it so much you start to think: ‘I must be like that’. I’m embarrassed and ashamed of who I am.

“There are a lot of feelings of guilt that I have got to live with for the rest of my days so I don’t need other people adding to it,” she says. “I just say to myself that maybe the reason it happens is because they can’t get to the people who did it. And I’m next in line.” Tears, coloured with blue eye-liner, slip down her face.

Anne-Marie’s natural mother, Catherine Costello, married Fred West in 1962 in Much Marcle. They lived for a time in Scotland, where Anne-Marie was born. The family moved back down to Gloucestershire, but Catherine frequently returned to Scotland. In 1970, during one of her long absences, Fred met 15-year-old Rose and invited her to move in. Catherine went missing the same year. In 1994, police found her body buried in a field in Much Marcle.

Fred and Rose first raped Anne-Marie when she was eight, in the specially soundproofed basement in Cromwell Street. Rosemary, who worked as a prostitute from home, forced Anne-Marie to have sex with her clients from around the age of 12. “I was told to do it,” says Anne-Marie quietly, tucked up in an armchair. “I wouldn’t answer back. I was very cowardly. I did what I was told. I just thought it was a normal thing. I was told it was happening all over the place.”

As a young teenager she was raped by her father’s cousin, John Hill. (Hill was convicted of the rape and sentenced to four years in 1998.) Fred himself regularly took Anne-Marie on building jobs, raping her in the back of his van or in customers’ homes. By 15, Anne-Marie was pregnant by her father and was taken in for a termination. It was after that that she ran away. Unknown to her, by that time there were already seven or eight bodies buried around the house.

Anne-Marie is desperate to escape the legacy of her infamous father, and desperate to be liked. She is open, warm and at times funny. She “loves people” – which is why she chose to work in a supermarket. She would like to help other victims of abuse. “I don’t feel that I’m giving anything to society and I want to be helping. I do feel I have a lot to offer.”

But then there are the days of binge-drinking, when the self-disgust just gets too much and she can no longer stand the feelings of guilt. Guilt that her testimony helped put Rose behind bars and deprived her brothers and sisters of their mother; guilt that her Uncle John hanged himself while on trial for raping her; guilt that she didn’t prevent the murders, particularly of her step-sisters; guilt that she helped mix the concrete used by Fred to cover the basement floor under which some of the bodies were eventually discovered. And guilt that she survived. “I had no bloody backbone. I was a coward. I’ve let those people down,” she says, one hand over the gold locket around her neck which contains some of the ashes of her mother and step-sister Charmaine.

“The difficult thing is that when I think about what happened when I was younger, in some way I still don’t think the way I was brought up was wrong,” she says. “I know it’s wrong. And I would never bring my daughters up that way. But look at me, I’m not a bad person. When you start talking to me you can see I’m genuine and how I am, so it couldn’t have been that bad.”

Michelle, 15, Anne-Marie’s daughter by her ex-husband Chris Davis, has been living with foster parents in Gloucester for the past year. After the trial, Anne-Marie felt unable to cope with her behaviour which had started to become unmanageable in 1992 when her parents split up. “I love her to bits, she’s my daughter, but I can’t ever see her living here with us. I’ve let her down a lot. I don’t feel that I have been a good mother – somebody else is looking after my daughter.”

Anne-Marie was the main prosecution witness at the trial in 1995 which found Rosemary guilty of 10 counts of murder and gave her a life sentence. As a consequence Anne-Marie’s brothers and sisters no longer speak to her. “I miss them to bits, I love them to bits, but I can’t make them talk to me. The majority of them blame me for where their mum is. The way they deal with it is to blame it all on my dad.”

The bitterness was such that both sides tussled for custody of Fred’s body. No one would tell Anne-Marie the date of the funeral, and she missed it. The spat reached farcical proportions when Anne-Marie stole Fred’s ashes. “They were going to bury him with my granddad in the family plot in Much Marcle at night, and I thought it was wrong,” she explains. “Some of my relatives’ graves had already been desecrated. Nor did I want people to make it into a shrine.” She says she will never reveal where the ashes are.

Anne-Marie’s affection for her father and stepmother is bafflingly undiminished. “I will always love my dad and Rosemary. And in a strange way I miss them,” she says. She shows me a beautifully-made wooden gypsy caravan, with her name painted above the door. Her father made it for her while on remand. New Year, the anniversary of his death, is hard. She saw the new millennium in with tears.”Dad just seemed so friendly and well liked. He always helped people. He wanted to be liked. I suppose the way he showed me love was the sexual abuse, which I didn’t realise at the time was abuse. It was a large family and to get a bit of attention was lovely.”

While she saw her father in prison, she has never visited Rosemary behind bars. It is not, however, something she rules out. Much to her surprise, after her latest suicide attempt she received a letter from Rose’s solicitor passing on her stepmother’s concern. “I’ll be honest, one day I would like to see her, to give her a cuddle and say everything’s all right. She obviously isn’t very well.”

Does she forgive Rose?

Anne-Marie suddenly turns and asks: “What have I got to forgive her for?”

The beatings, the abuse?

“I’ve never really thought about it. I don’t see that I have to forgive her for anything. She brought me up to the best of her ability, and I don’t think I’m a bad person.” 

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I think that this also explains why she is so angry at a film that is exposing all that went on.

Very sad in so many ways.

The film, which stars The Wire’s Dominic West (as Fred), Oscar-nominated Emily Watson (Janet) and Stanley Townsend (as myself), does not dwell on the murders which horrified the world.

Instead, it focuses on Janet’s struggle to do her job, care for her children and cope with the terrible secrets that Fred burdened her with.

Back in February 1994, Liverpool-born Janet was living in Gloucester and doing social work. As part of her job she had become an Appropriate Adult – someone who could be called upon by the police to sit in on their interviews with youngsters who were not represented by a parent, for whatever reason, to see there was fair play.
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