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Psychopath – Documentary, VERY in depth.

Self centered. Egotistical.Horrific crimes. Do not experience emotions, love, empathy the way most do.
They can sing the lyrics but do not know the melody….
They can kiss or kills without a thought, without conscience.
Most are not involved in criminal activity.
When it comes to their families, they typically abandon multiple children, move from relationship to relationship and commit spousal assault.
They are versatile in the crimes that they commit, violent crimes, sex crimes, property crimes, conning and manipulative crimes. They steal lie and cheat.
In the work place they are disruptive, always into what is in it for themselves, they might make a name for themselves but they ruin others in the process.
They are actually the minority of prison population but the enormity of the damage of their crimes compared to population is large.
They are also more likely to re offend.
Dr. Robert Hare is a pioneer, he created a unified psychopathy test used by many experts.
It has been proven that those in the medical field and law enforcement can and have been be blinded by psychopaths.
They are not crazy they know right from wrong. The are very careful, go to extremes to cover the crimes.
Psychopathic personality disorder is also often found in those involved in politics, business, academics, sports and religion, particularly in priests. They are often very successful in their chosen path.

Part 1

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4 Psychopathy in children?
Also, is it biological? I don’t think so, but some do.

Part 5 : Looks at other “causes” and also failures in treatment. Treated psychopaths actually re-offend more often.
Are microchip implants an answer? A possibility? Humane? IF they work…….

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