Remains of Possibly 10 More Speed Freak Serial Killers’ Victims Found

Authorities on Sunday unearthed more skull fragments and other human remains in an area where a convicted serial killer said there may be 10 or more victims.

Sunday marked the fourth straight day that remains have been found with the help of a map prepared by death row inmate Wesley Shermantine, who, along with his childhood friend Loren Herzog became known as the ‘Speed Freak Killers’ for a methamphetamine-fuelled killing spree that had as many as 15 victims.

The search has already had a significant amount of success, as the bodies of two murder victims were found earlier this week.

Bargaining: Wesley Shermantine, 45, says that his former partner-in-crime killed Michaela and Shemantine knows where they used to bury their victims

Similarities: Shermantine says that Loren Herzog (right) looks very similar to the sketch of the suspect in Michaela's abduction case (left)

The remains of two women- Chevelle ‘Chevy’ Wheeler disappeared while skipping school in 1985 aged 16, and Cyndi Vanderheiden, a 25-year-old last seen in front of her Linden home in 1998- were found during the search, giving their families some closure.

The new bones and skulls that were discovered along with clothes, a purse and jewellery leads authorities to believe that there may be 10 or more victims.

The remains and other items were found 45 feet deep in the well on an abandoned cattle ranch near Linden, California, San Joaquin County sheriff’s spokesman Deputy Les Garcia said.

After two days of searching the site, investigators, public works employees and volunteers have found more than 300 human bones, Mr Garcia said. The search would resume Monday if weather allowed.

A piece of a human skull and bones found Saturday at the ranch will be sent to the Department of Justice in the hopes of identifying them through DNA testing, Garcia said.

Dental records identified remains found Thursday in Calaveras County as those of 25-year-old Ms Vanderheiden, who disappeared.

Chevelle Wheeler

Cyndi Vanderheiden

The bodies of Chevelle Wheeler and Cyndi Vanderheiden were found buried in California in the area identified by Shermantine

Another set of remains were found Friday in the same area, and the parents of a missing 16-year-old girl have said authorities told them that Shermantine said their daughter was buried in that spot decades ago.

Crews are expected to be searching the ranch in Linden for several days, at what Garcia has said would be a ‘slow and tedious’ pace.

The property, about 60 miles south of Sacramento, was once owned by Shermantine’s family.

Missing: Michaela Garecht, nine, has still not been found since her abduction in November 1988

Michaela Garecht, nine, has still not been found since her abduction in November 1988. She is a suspected victim of the Speed Freak Killers.

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