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Cannibal Serial Killer, Alexander Bychkov

Russian police have arrested a man who admitted killing at least six people before eating their hearts and livers, media said.

Dubbed the “cannibal serial killer”, Alexander Bychkov wrote in a diary of his crimes that he turned to murder after his girlfriend left him for being “a wimp”.

Bychkov, 23, was arrested for shoplifting but then told police that he had buried bodies in his backyard in Belinsky, a town some 630 km (390 miles) southeast of Moscow, a spokeswoman for the investigative committee charged with the case told Reuters on Tuesday.

“Six bodies were found buried there,” she said, adding that the death toll might be higher still. She said investigators were looking into media reports the killer cut out his victims’ livers and hearts and ate them.

In passages from his diary leaked to Russian media, Bychkov said his girlfriend had kicked him out. “She said I was a wimp, not a wolf … I will show her … Maybe she will stop complaining and understand that I am a lone wolf.”

Daily Izvestia cited a law enforcement source as saying Bychkov had eaten parts of his victims. “Evidence of cannibalism was seen in some incidents,” it said.

In 2007, a Russian serial murderer convicted of killing 48 people was jailed for life. Alexander Pichushkin bragged he had no regrets and said killing was like falling in love.

Russian media called him the “chessboard murderer” because he said he planned to kill 64 people – one for each square on the board.

(Reporting by Alissa de Carbonnel; Editing by John Stonestreet)


Chicago Sheriff Wants to Dig for More Gacy Victims

Chicago Sheriff Wants to Dig for More Gacy Victims.

The anguish of the families continue, the questions as to how someone could commit such heinous acts are sometimes impossible to answer, and the possibility that more undiscovered victims could be out there . . . somewhere . . . lingers in the minds of those who investigated the crimes.

Excellent article. So well stated.

Serial Killer Admits Murdering N.C. Couple – Greenville News Story – WYFF Greenville

Serial Killer Admits Murdering N.C. Couple – Greenville News Story – WYFF Greenville.

Convicted serial killer Gary Michael Hilton pleaded guilty Tuesday to murdering John and Irene Bryant, a Hendersonville couple who had been hiking in the North Carolina mountains. 

Gary Michael Hilton pleaded to the murders of the retired couple and to robbery, kidnapping and firearms offenses in connection with the October 2007 deaths. 

According to the plea agreement, Hilton admitted killing John Bryant in Nantahala National Forest in Macon County. Hilton also admitted to killing Irene Bryant in the Pisgah National Forest in Transylvania County. 

Hilton’s plea agreement provides that he will receive a sentence of life in prison without any possibility for parole. 

He was already sentenced to death in Florida in 2011, after being convicted of killing and decapitating Cheryl Dunlap in 2007. 

Hilton also got a life sentence in January 2008 after pleading guilty to kidnapping, raping and killing Meredith Emerson, who was hiking in Georgia. 

In announcing the guilty plea, U.S. Attorney Tompkins said, “Our hearts go out to the Bryant family. No action by the criminal justice system can soothe the pain they must live with because of the actions of Gary Hilton. This is a just outcome, reached after consideration of all the facts and circumstances of this case. We trust that the fact that Mr. Hilton will spend the rest of his life in a prison, locked away from all civilized society, will bring some closure, if not comfort, to the Bryant family.” 

In April 2011, Hilton was convicted and received a death sentence for the murder of Cheryl Dunlap in Leon County, Florida. Hilton is also serving a life sentence for his convictions related to the 2008 murder of Meredith Emerson in Northern Georgia. 


Hilton remains in local federal custody.

Man Who Killed Family Was Planning Columbine-Style Attack – Trey Sesler

Man Who Killed Family Was Planning Columbine-Style Attack – Trey Sesler.

During his eight hour long interview with police, Wallace admitted to killing his family to save them from the embarrassment he would cause them after he carried out a Columbine-style mass-shooting at Waller High School where he used to attend. Sesler hinted that a another former Waller student was supposed to help.

Seslerm, who has YouTube posts of him firing one of his handful of weapons, confessed to committing several crimes in the area and had been working up the courage to kill humans by killing livestock.

“It’s a classic example that we’ve seen in our past, in our careers and training – he started as a young personkilling pets and some of his own animals that were given to him. He progressed to being able to get weapons and started shooting at buildings. Then he started setting a few fires. It’s a progression that, unfortunately, we’ve seen,” Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith said.

Racist Serial Killer On Loose In France

Killer Michael Keith Moon Released




Michael Keith Moon, “is a cold calculated killer,” says  Det. Chuck Gaynor.

Moon, 63, has been released from Donovan Prison and has been living in a half way house in downtown San Diego, reports CBS 8 News.

“It is appropriate for the public to be aware of the fact there are people like Michael Moon out there, and these people pose a risk to society,” said Gaylor.

Moon was raised in San Diego and his story is far from being an upstanding citizen.  He was convicted of killing Rhonda Salazar in Reno in 1978.  He plead guilty and was sentenced to life in prison with parole and was released in 1990.  
Moon barely managed to stay out of trouble for a year, before he attacked an elderly man in Woodstock, Illinois in 1991.  Moon probably would have killed him, if a passing citizen had not stopped him.  Moon was charged with attempted murder and was released in 2000.  Moon’s parole was revoked and was sent back to prison until 2005.

In 2007, Moon was arrested for the the 1977 murder of Liborio Lindin, a migrant worker who he beat to death in a garage at a home under construction on Falconer Drive in Escondido. 

Lindin’s murder case remained unsolved for 30 years until Gaylor, who was hired as a reserve officer in 2007 to be part of a cold-case homicide team reopened the case, which tied Moon to Lindin’s murder, reports the San Diego Union Tribune

One partial bloody fingerprint processed by the Dept. of Justice came back as a match to Moon, according to the North County Times.  The team began their long tedious investigation by gathering information and interviewing people that should have brought justice to Lindin’s family with the arrest and conviction of Moon, but it seems to fall short.  

You would think that after the latest conviction that Moon would never be allowed out of prison, but instead he was sentenced to 8 years and after serving four, he was let out of jail again.  It is hard to understand why, after killing two people, and according to Gaylor, probably more that he got away with, that Moon is allowed any freedom at all.  

Even more sobering is that the justice system valued Rhonda Salazar’s life so little that Moon only served 12 years for her murder, but it is even more upsetting that Liborio Lindin’s life was only valued a little over four.

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There is another article about this insanity here.

There is a video report here but it comes with this:

WARNING: Some of the video and photos in this video report may be extremely disturbing.

Well, maybe after he kills his next victim the state will keep him locked up.

The Serial Suicide Killer Melchert-Dinkel appeals his conviction (Part 1)

The Serial Suicide Killer Melchert-Dinkel appeals his conviction (Part 1).

Possible Break In Jennings Murders

Police may be one step closer to solving the so called Jennings Eight Case. Relatives of one of the victims, Laconia Muggy Brown, said they believe officers were on Spencer Street investigating Brown’s murder Monday night.

Gail Brown said since her sister Laconia was murdered in may of 2008, it’s been tough to find closure with a suspect still on run.

“It gets harder and harder because we have to deal with this the rest of our lives,” she said. “That is my sister and I love her. Me and my grandmother are raising her son.”

Brown’s body was found in the middle of a Jennings Road. Gail said after neighbors spotted police at a home on Spencer Street Monday, they called her right away.

“They called us and told us they had a lot of cops out there investigating, ” she said.

Police can’t tell us exactly why they were out investigating on Spencer Street, but residents said there were both officials with the Jennings Police Department as well as the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office Forensic Unit.

Laconia’s grandmother, Bessie Brown, said “well it kind of surprises me a little bit because she used to be there all the time. She used to go there and visit with him.”

We don’t know who he is and investigators are tight lipped about details. Bessie is ready for this to come to a close.

“I’m hoping justice will be done,” she said. “Not just for our family, but all the families of the victims who were murdered.”

The Jennings Police Chief said police are continually following up on leads in the Jennings Eight Murders. All the victims were female, found nude or partially clothed and all lived a high risk lifestyle. The murders happened between 2005 and 2009.

Video and more here

Zimbabwean Serial Killer Slices and Dices Self

Zimbabwean murderer slices-off own penis with razor in Botswana

A ZIMBABWEAN man has sliced-off his private parts into pieces with a sharp razor blade, while in police custody in Botswana awaiting murder trial, it has been reported.

Cleopus Nkomo aged 27 incarcerated in a Botswana high security prison is a suspected rapist and serial killer facing four murder charges.

Bleeding profusely, Nkomo was rushed to Nyangabwe Referral Hospital where a surgeon sewed-back the pieces of his penis which were picked up by prison warders. However, some parts including the testicles are said to have gone missing.

They do not pay the warders enough.

He is now in a serious condition in hospital after attempting to commit suicide by slashing his penis into pieces.

Nkomo who for years masqueraded as a prophet sliced-off his penis while he was at the prison clinic where he was admitted after complaining of medical problems. He is said to have slashed-off his penis into pieces in the prison clinic toilet where he had gone to relieve himself.

He was due to appear in court for the killings of Omponye Phetso, Tidimalo Jameson and Lebelelang Tabengwa together with her seven month old toddler in 2010.

Nkomo is under guard in Nyangabwe  hospital in Francistown.

While the Public relations officer for Botswana prisons, Wamorena Ramolefhe was not ready with an official comment at the time of going to press, inside sources confirmed that the man used a razor blade he somehow had in his possession. He was attending the prison clinic where he had been admitted complaining of illness.

Nyangabwe Public relations officer Caiphus Gabana confirmed the bizarre incident. He said, “From what I can gather some of the parts were missing, but the surgeon who attended the patient tried to put together the pieces though the man was critically injured. It’s just unbelievable he did all this to himself.”

The officer said the prisoner was currently at the male surgical ward where his condition was being monitored. He said, “The prison officers who brought him in said that he tried to commit suicide. It is still very difficult to comment about his condition, but I understand the man’s private parts were severely damaged.”

Suicide by penis mutilation. ?

I hope it hurts like Hell.

I also hope that they can not actully save it so that it functions. Rapists do not need working sex organs.

He killed a 7 month old.

I have no sympathy for him.


Susan Atkins Tells A Tale



Graphic Crime Scene Photos show what she helped create.

I am happy that she only worries about Christ’s forgiveness since so many will never forgive her and many more will never forget.


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