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Serial Killer Colin Ireland Dead

Let’s not all cry at once.

It seems that the ‘Gay Slayer’, Colin Irleand has died from natural causes meaning he did serve his whole life term.

Known as the ‘gay slayer’, he reportedly posed as a homosexual to be taken to each of his victims’ homes, where he tortured and murdered them after making a New Year’s resolution in 1993 to become a serial killer.

But Ireland, who terrorised London’s gay community, was caught later the same year when CCTV footage showed him with his last victim.

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I am trying to contain my grief.  He killed 5 men just so he could be a famous serial killer.

When he thought his first murder had gone unnoticed, Ireland, then of Southend, rang both the Samaritans and The Sun newspaper to tell them what he had done as he sought to achieve his resolution to become famous for being a serial killer.


Before killing his fifth victim, 41-year-old Emanual Spiteri on June 12, Ireland called police four times to ask why they had not linked the four murders, telling them he had killed them all.


A Prison Service spokeswoman said: ‘Colin Ireland died in HMP Wakefield’s healthcare centre today (actually on Feb. 22)  at 9.20am. He is presumed to have died from natural causes; a post-mortem will follow.

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At times like this I really hope that there is a Hell just so he can rot there forever.

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