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Self Proclaimed ‘Porn Star’ Famous for Animal Abuse Suspect in Murder Now

MONTREAL – Montreal police have issued a Canada-wide warrant for Luka Rocco Magnotta — a man with a disturbing online profile who is now accused of murder after the grisly discovery of a torso, whose severed foot and hand were mailed to the Conservative and Liberal party offices in Ottawa.

Police also confirmed that the suspect at large in the gruesome murder and dismemberment once dated notorious sex killer Karla Homolka, though in 2007 Magnotta denied he dated the notorious sex killer.

A video purporting to show Magnotta stabbing a man repeatedly on a bed has been circulating online and was sent to the Montreal Gazette. The Gazette has been unable to confirm that this is the same video that police received. The Gazette has not been able to confirm whether the video was staged.

Police have obtained a disturbing video of the crime and are taking steps to have it removed from a website where it was posted, The Gazette has confirmed. 

I did not see the video and I am not looking for it in order to post a link. Sorry, you wanna see you have to look. That does not sound like something pleasant to watch.

Investigators are seeking the public’s aid in locating the 29-year-old Magnotta, who may also go by the names Eric Clinton, Kirk Newman or Vladimir Romanov.

“We really need the public’s help on this,” said SPVM spokesman Ian Lafrenière. The assistance of residents in the area where the body was discovered had also helped the investigation advance quickly.

Magnotta is said to be a stripper and a porn star. The suspect was not previously known to police, Lafrenière said.

A headless, limbless torso was discovered in a suitcase with a heap of garbage Tuesday at Place Lucy and Decarie Boulevard in Montreal’s Snowden neighbourhood. At about the same time Tuesday, an employee of Conservative Party of Canada headquarters in Ottawa opened a package that contained a severed foot. A second parcel containing a hand was later located at a Canada Post sorting facility in Ottawa.

Wednesday, police linked the severed appendages to the torso and transferred the case to Montreal Police.

Montreal Police focused their attention on a second floor apartment in a building on Decarie near where the torso was found Tuesday in a suitcase on the curb with a pile of garbage.

The tenant of the building is being sought by police, said residents of the building.

The apartment smelled terrible and it appears the homicide was carried out on a bed in the small apartment. A reporter saw a mattress stained with blood Wednesday afternoon.

Residents also said police believe the torso belongs to an Asian man who is apparently missing. The police have been showing them a photo of the Asian man on Wednesday.

Residents described Magnotta as a very quiet man who kept to himself. The building’s superintendant joked about it.

“It’s like you see in the movies. It’s always the good neighbour. It’s the cliché,” he said.

He is right, it is usually the quiet ones.

Residents of the building said they believe Magnotta worked in the gay porn industry.

One said the only time Magnotta spoke to him was about five days ago. He asked the man, an actor, how he could get started in “legitimate” movies.

Residents of the building said they also saw Magnotta wearing a bizarre wig days ago and that they commented on his strange appearance.

Employees at a Canada Post office just a few blocks away from where the suspect lives said the police have not questioned them about the possibility of body parts being mailed from their location. Both employees were aware that a torso had been found near their location. But they said no one had asked them about the case until two reporters asked them about the strange story Wednesday afternoon.

Magnotta was known online for abusing animals not for his acting even in porn. He was known on message boards, like 4chan, especially for the video where he put a kitten (2?) in a plastic bag and filmed them as they died. There were other videos but I think that one was the first to get ‘popular’. (Not in a good way.)

Magnotta has also been the subject of an international social media campaign for allegedly killing kittens, videotaping their deaths and posting the videos online.

Animal rights activists around the world mobilized to identify him and offered a $5,000 to bring him to justice. The online efforts to find him may have fuelled some of Magnotta’s online writings defending his reputation and complaining about “cyber stalking” and “media propaganda” on his website

“I do not feel the necessity to address the specific accusations made in the posts since they are so far from my character that responding to them will give them more credibility than they will ever hold. If the readers of these posts can look behind the storyline that has been created, they will see that there is no reference to a concrete transaction or event that has taken place with any specific person in which I have committed any illegal activity,” he wrote on one of his eponymous web sites.

“Many hoax websites are created using my image and name, posing as me to seem more believable in respect to the type of audience these website have, I feel I don’t need to list them specifically but people need not be told, not to believe what they read and to take it as fact,” he write in one article entitled “Cyber Stalking” beside a photo of him shirtless and reclining.

It almost seems as if he is denying doing it, but the videos were there and people did see them. I think you can still find them just not on YouTube and I am not risking a virus to see poor kitties killed. Again, you want to see it (for proof or anything else) go find it yourself.

Perhaps if the authorities had stepped in when those videos went viral they would not be trying to identify a human victim. We, society, needs to start paying more attention to those that abuse animals.

Police have not released the victim’s name. An autopsy is expected to reveal how the man was killed and whether he was dead before being dismembered, police said.

The Gazette’s Jan Ravensbergen, Canadian Press and the Ottawa Citizen contributed to this report.

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Killer started with killing cats on YouTube.

25 States Considering Online Animal Abuser Registries

Lansing, MI – The Animal Legal Defense Fund is leading the campaign for online registries to list convicted animal abusers. Three New York counties, which have already approved the registries, will be the first in the nation to utilize them beginning May 7.  Twenty-five states in total have been considering similar laws since 2010.

Cotati, of the California based Legal Defense Fund, says a few of the other states considering similar bills include California, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Texas.

The bills being introduced throughout the country are meant to put animal abusers up for public scorn as well as notify the public of those involved in animal abuse/neglect.

Many backers of this legislation claim the bills recognize a growing awareness of animal rights, as well as the public safety benefits of stopping abusers. Many feel stopping animal abusers early is key as many studies have shown that animal abusers often go on to harming humans.

Representative Harvey Santana, of Michigan, says “There’s a mountain of evidence that says we need something like this. There is a strong correlation between people who abuse animals and graduate to abusing people.”

According to a 1997 study done by Northeastern University and the Massachusetts SPCA, a person who abuses or kills animals is five time more likely to commit violence against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes.  Serial killers who have abused or killed animals include the Boston strangler Albert Desalvo, ‘Son of Sam’ David Berkowitz and Carroll Edward Cole.

Stephen Wells, executive director of the fund, says “It’s frustrating to see repeat offenders commit these crimes and get away with it in the people’s eyes. The registries appeal to people’s common sense.”

Not all animal rights organizations agree or support the initiative.

According to Wayne Pacelle, chief executive of the Humane Society of the U.S., tracking abuse in FBI data would do more to prevent it. Pacelle continued by saying that many people involved in neglecting animals are mentally ill. “Shaming them with a public internet profile is unlikely to affect their future behavior,” says Pacelle. He believes it will only “isolate them further from society and promote increased distrust of the authority figures trying to help them.”

Stephanie Bell, associate director of cruelty investigations for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals says PETA supports the use of registries stating “community members have a right to know when a convicted animal abuser is in their midst.  People who abuse animals rarely do so only once.”

Roy Gross, head of Suffolk County’s SPCA, administer of Suffolk Country’s registry, says “If you had a convicted animal abuser next to you, wouldn’t you want to know?”


I wrote about the link between violence and animal abuse not to long ago.

I do realise that this (if anyone in the general public can get the information) could cause problems for people with mental conditions, but it might also force some to get help. It might also prevent someone from hurting animals or people.

I think that we need to do something, whether it be the FBI tracking or some kind of notification to the public. I want to know that my pets are safe as well as knowing if my neighbors have a history of abuse of any kind.

Maybe they do not have to go so far as to make the records 100% public, maybe make it available to local law enforcement and fire departments? That way if a complain or questionable action happens (pets start to go missing for example) the police know where to maybe start to look?

I do think that they need to have a system for local shelters so that people who have abused in the past can not go adopt there. From there letting local law enforcement know would be easy and responsible.


19-year-old Serial Killer in Training?

According to Pierce County Prosecutors, 19-year-old Matthew Garrett Williams is a textbook example of a budding serial killer.

The Lakewood teen was arrested on July 8 when police found him passed out in his car, an air rifle in his lap and a ski mask on his face. Earlier in the day someone had called police stating that someone matching Williams’ descriptions had fired an air rifle at a man waiting at a bus stop.

When police pulled Williams from his car, they say they found .22 caliber rifle ammunition and a large machete inside, along with a bag of “marihuana.”

Upon questioning, Williams allegedly told officers that he’d bought the rifle thinking it was deadly and that he wanted to kill many people. He supposedly told them that he has great respect for Ted Bundy, and that “he enjoyed the ‘God-like’ feeling he got when he tortured and killed an animal.”

During the interview WILLIAMS stated that he was preparing to murder people. He stated that he had been increasingly strong desires to murder people and that he had been taking steps to prepare himself to carry out the murders, including steps to “desensitize” himself to murder. These steps included:He had identified a particular victim type, to wit: homeless people and/or “average” white men with no family connections.

He had killed 5-7 birds and squirrels, mutilating their bodies.

He had gone online and watched videos of people being tortured and killed.


Furthermore, Williams apparently told police about how he’d previously killed his father’s cat while he was gone over the Fourth of July. Court documents say Williams said he’d tried to strangle the cat, but it was taking too long, so he bludgeoned it to death with a flashlight.

Later he kept the corpse in his car for several days before finally driving it to a remote cul-de-sac and setting it on fire.

Williams drew a map for officers to find the cat’s corpse, and they supposedly found a burnt mark on the road and a singed cat collar.

Williams also apparently told officers that he didn’t think he could contain the urge to kill people much longer, and he agreed to be voluntarily committed to Western State Hospital.

He now stands charged with felony harassment, animal cruelty, two weapons charges, DUI, and possession of marijuana.

He was arraigned today.

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