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Scary Serial Killer Sympathizer.

Obviously this girl just wants to antagonize,  but it is still scary that she would even pretend to think this way.

That other people would ignore or agree with her.

That she would speak so publicly, freely and openly about not only something that she has never studied (even in the least bit since she considers Hannibal a  real serial killer) but something that could hurt so many others, victim’s families, the societies that the crimes were committed in and the killer’s families.

Does she (and so many others) just see serial killers as movie characters?

Does she (and others) not realize / care about the ripple effect of these killers?

Or is it simply that she (and so many others) does not really know that the monsters really do exist?

I hate to give link time to her, but at the same time I know that she speaks for so many. There are many naive kids and adults.

Please see the page, here or at the FBI site dealing with Serial Killer Myths.

Sorry, She deleted the video.

Here is another one to replace it.

I am looking for the rest of the show.

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