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Jack the Ripper Case Solved Again

This theory claims Jack was actually Carl Feigenbaum. It starts out talking about the theories of  Ripper expert Trevor Marriott, a former murder squad detective.  Feigenbaum‘s lawyer thought he was Jack the Ripper as well. Supposedly Carl said to his lawyer

“I have for years suffered from a singular disease which induces an all-absorbing passion, this passion manifests itself in a desire to kill and mutilate every woman who falls in my way, I am unable to control myself”

This was while he was on trial for murdering his landlady, Juliana Hoffman,  in New York State and his lawyer did not mention it until his client had been put to death for that murder.

In the murder of Ms. Hoffman Feigenbaum killed her in front of her son and the motive was robbery.

Makes me a bit suspicious. Perhaps the lawyer was looking for fame?

If you want to read more I think Casebook: Jack the Ripper has great information.

Mr. Marriott’s  side can be found in part here.

By the end of the BBC article you are left wondering if  Jack the Ripper was actually a serial killer at all.

At the time, everyone believed all five women had been killed by the same man.

But having reviewed the evidence, Elizabeth Stride may have died at the hands of another killer, as everything about her murder is different to the others.

“Firstly the time the murder took place, and the knife used to cut her throat was much smaller than all of the other victims, hence the knife wound to her throat was much smaller and she had no other mutilations,” says Marriott.

“The location was different to all of the others. The murder was right by the side of a workers’ club which was packed with men at the time.”

And now a serious question mark hangs over the death of Mary Kelly too.

“Fresh material has come to light which may suggest she was not Mary Kelly but someone else,” says Marriott. “If that is the case, there is a motive and likely suspects for her murder.”

As a forensic anthropologist, to review the ultimate cold case is a privilege. Initially, I thought Carl Feigenbaum was that serial killer. His profile fit.

But further evidence, outlined above, may show these murders were not all committed by the same person. Feigenbaum could have been responsible for one, some or perhaps all.

It is a different take on the Ripper case than I am used to reading.

Even if you have a favorite Ripper suspect this article and all the links provided should interest you.

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