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Possible Serial Killer in Memphis

Three prostitutes turned up dead and another was shot in the face multiple times, thrown from a car, and left for dead. All of these incidents happened within a 30 day span, from January until the end of February and all within the same area.

“We haven’t seen that kind of pattern in Memphis very often, but it does happen around the nation. Unfortunately, there are some very mentally ill individuals out there,” said Richard Janikowski, an associate professor at the University of Memphis’s Department of Criminology and Justice.

*Note from me: Most serial killers are not mentally ill. They are psychopaths with aggressive and anti-social characteristics. They know right from wrong and choose to do wrong.

Woman Lives to Give Description

Memphis police released a sketch of a suspect they believe is responsible for the shooting case that happened on Ledger Road on February 26th. That woman survived and gave police this description. After doing some digging, sources tell FOX13, the same person is responsible for the deaths of the three prostitutes.

44-year old Rhonda Wells and 28-year old Jessica Lewis were both shot. Their dumped bodies were discovered at the Mount Carmel Cemetery four days apart. Weeks before Lewis and Wells were found, 31-year old Tamikia McKinney was found murdered on Hemlock Street which is also close to the cemetery.

“This is a crime of violence and power and hate against women. It’s not vigilantism. This is the kind of crime that is not related to profit motive. This isn’t like a robbery or a burglary. This is a crime of violence against women,” said Janikowski,

Janikowski said it’s common for killers in these cases to favor a spot where they dispose of the bodies. He believes the killer either lives in the area or grew up in the area.

Police Still Search for Answers

No new cases have emerged or been reported since the deaths of Wells, Lewis or McKinney. Something Janikowski said is not surprising.

“Sometimes, they will desist for a period of time. But with this kind of pattern, they will start again,” said Janikowski.

Memphis police spokesmen still have not come out and said they’re looking for a serial killer. Janikowski said this is typical and said doing so could hinder an investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crimestoppers at 528-CASH.



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