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Philadelphia Strangler may need the police!

Kensington Strangler aka Philadelphia Strangler might want to seek police protection. The people in that area have already beat the hell out of 1 suspected rapist.

Kensington Strangler

Philadelphia / Kensington Strangler

Philadelphia police are urging residents not to take matters into their own hands in the search for a serial killer who authorities say sexually assaulted and strangled three women, and possibly attacked three others.

Authorities said Tuesday that DNA linked the death of 27-year-old Casey Mahoney to the slayings of 35-year-old Nicole Piacentini whose body was found Nov. 13 in the rear of an abandoned building and Elaine Goldberg, 21, who was found beaten and raped in a trash-strewn lot Nov. 3.

Three other women reported surviving sexual assaults in the area, two of whom said they were choked into unconsciousness.

Residents of Kensington, who once severely beat a suspected rapist based on a police sketch, are outraged and have posted hundreds of comments and theories about the ongoing case on a Facebook page titled “Catch the Kensington Strangler, before he catches someone you love.”

One post falsely identified a suspect, which led to an infuriated crowd outside the man’s home. Police arrived at the man’s home moments later and stressed that residents should call authorities instead of becoming vigilantes.

This guy needs to turn himself in or he is going to end up hurt. Not that I am against that really, but that would get someone else in trouble.
A good ass beating before arrest might not be so bad. Richard Ramirez had to be saved from a group that caught him. I still giggle when I see his bandaged head.
So, if the crowd ‘detains’ the guy until officers get there and he gets a few boo-boo’s I will not cry, giggle yes, cry no.

Police have made 120 arrests with people involved in prostitution in Kensington since Nov. 19 and obtained DNA swabs from many of them, Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn said. More than 40 have been cleared, and tests are pending on the rest.

Lots of bases covered so hopefully this perverted killer will soon be in bandages on his way to jail.


Kensington Strangler

There seems to be another serial killer in the North East. This one is in Kensington Pennsylvania.
There have been 2 deaths and 3 other violent assaults. The murders have been linked through DNA.
The first Kensington victim – 21-year-old Elaine Goldberg – was found strangled on Nov. 3 in a lot on Ruth Street. On Nov. 13, 35-year-old Nicole Piacentini was discovered blocks away at an abandoned building.
Their families said both victims had struggled with drug addiction. DNA evidence determined the women were killed by the same man.

The FBI has gotten involved and are working on a profile as well as providing forensic assistance.

The police are doing all that they can, but as in many cases where prostitutes and the homeless are being targeted by a serial criminal, the public is reluctant to help the police.

Deputy Police Commissioner William Blackburn said police had arrested more than 100 men in the area on charges of soliciting prostitutes and had taken DNA swabs from many of them. Most of those results are pending.
Blackburn said the department had gotten calls from the public, but that police needed a major break in the case.
“It’s frustrating for the department,” he said. “It’s frustrating for the investigators. There are a lot of different units working on this, doing all they can, and we were hoping by this time we would have this person in cuffs.”
With the “no snitching” street ethos, good witnesses are rare, Shane said. Prostitutes and addicts are especially reluctant to speak to police, he said, even when they are potential victims.
“The perception isn’t that you’re trying to help catch a serial killer,” he said. “It’s that you’re diming somebody out.”

The Guardian Angels are also there helping. As Curtis says, maybe someone that wont talk with the police will talk with them.

There is a video that shows a person that the police say might be the killer.

Right now it sounds like the guy might want to turn himself in to avoid being killed by the locals!

He is being described as a black male early 20’s 5’7 170 lbs with a distinctive walk. He is supposed to have told a victim that his name is Anthony

There was also a false reporting on Facebook that said that he had been identified, he has NOT. The page has removed the photo that was published there.


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