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Suspected Serial Killer Asks For Death Penalty

Suspected Serial Killer Asks For Death Penalty

William Clyde Gibson Writes Letter To Prosecutor, Newspaper

INDIANAPOLIS — A man suspected in a series of killings in southern Indiana said he plans to plead guilty and wants the death penalty.

In a letter written from the Floyd County Jail, William Clyde Gibson told the Louisville Courier-Journal that he will be plead guilty and accept the death penalty in the slayings of three women because “after all, I am guilty,” the paper reported.

Stephanie Kirk, 35, of Charlestown, had been missing for about a month before her body was found in a makeshift grave in the back yard of Gibson’s home in April, police said

Gibson was already charged with murder in the deaths of two other women — Christine Whitis, 75, and Karen Hodella, 45.

 Gibson told the paper he has written to the prosecuting attorney and told him, “I will pled (sic) guilty to the death penalty … just to save some more heart ache.”

 The Floyd County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to the newspaper that it had received a letter from Gibson.

 Indiana law does not allow defendants to plead guilty and receive the death penalty.

I see a game being played. If he really wanted the death penalty he would just help the defense build a strong case then let the jury sentence him to death.

 Not guilty pleas have been entered on Gibson’s behalf in all three cases. His first trial is scheduled for Aug. 27.

Personally I say grant his wish. He says he did it and he wants to die. ‘Nuff said.

Serial Killer’s Boss Speaks

Suspected serial killer’s last known boss says he’s shocked

By Katie Bauer

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) –Neighbors say William Clyde Gibson was always willing to lend a hand, mowing lawns and helping with home repairs. Gibson’s last known employer says he is shocked at how everything has unfolded.

For more than a year and half, David King says Gibson worked for him at his flooring company in southern Indiana. “It’s just mind blowing,” said King.

King says his father met Gibson at church. “He was 54 years old, I was
giving him a chance, it’s hard to find work out there so, I thought I was doing a good job,” said King.

At first he was very impressed. He says Gibson worked incredibly hard and was always dependable, up until about two months ago when he had to let him go because he kept calling in sick.

“I can’t believe that I sat next to him that long and knowing what I do know now,” said King. Now, the man he thought he knew is charged with last month’s murder of Christine Whitis and the 2002 murder of Karen Hodella. Charges are expected to be filed soon against him in the death of Stephanie Kirk, who was found buried in his backyard last month. That’s a lot to take in about someone who seemed harmless. “I was scared for my customers and my family and my neighbors, he knows where I live, and I feel very blessed that nothing happened,” said King. Thinking back, King says there were some odd things Gibson did that now stand out. “You know hooting and hollering at women and stuff, you know guys do that, but him being who he is a whole new, yeah,” said King. King admits, he never did a background check on Gibson, a policy he has changed moving forward. “I should have done the background check on him,” said King. “I failed at that point because he came recommended by somebody.” King says Gibson did not have a temper and was never violent.


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