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Yorkshire Ripper will only get out in a casket


Peter Sutcliffe aka the Yorkshire Ripper aka Peter Coonan appealed his life sentence. He said that he was crazy when he killed and attacked all those women so that means he should be given a possible release date.

Thankfully the judges did not agree.

But Lord Judge ruled that he should get no credit for any progress, saying: ‘We are not, of course, suggesting that the man who perpetrated these crimes was in any ordinary sense of the words “normal” or “average”.

‘The sheer abnormality of his actions themselves suggest some element of mental disorder.’

But he added: ‘There is, however, no reason to conclude that the appellant’s claim that he genuinely believed that he was acting under divine instruction to fulfil God’s will carries any greater conviction now than it did when it was rejected by the jury.’


Lord Chief Justice dismissed Sutcliffe’s bid for freedom, saying his crimes were “at the extreme end of horror”.

Lord Judge added: “The interests of justice require nothing less than a whole life order. That is the only available punishment proportionate to these crimes.”


His own brother does not want to see him get out.

The brother of Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe backed a decision by some of the country’s most senior judges to dismiss his appeal against a ruling that he must spend the rest of his life behind bars.

He said: “It is the right decision. He knows he will never be coming out. For his own protection, he’s better off inside. He will have expected this decision.”


This decision did not come cheap for the tax payers.

The serial killer hired a team of leading barristers costing taxpayers around £400,000 to appeal against his whole life tariff, arguing that his mental disorder justified a minimum jail term.


I think that is insane! Think of it this way, the survivors and family members of those he killed paid part of that, they paid for him to try to get out! The courts have to find better ways to handle these things worldwide.

Peter could keep appealing and why shouldn’t he? It costs him nothing and gives him a hobby while serving his time.

At least he will not be getting out anytime soon.

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