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Russian Serial Killer

MOSCOW A former policeman suspected of raping and murdering 23 women in eastern Siberia in the 1990s has been detained after years of searches and hundreds of tests, Russian authorities said on Friday.

The man from Angarsk, a small industrial town in eastern Siberia, is believed to be behind the serial killings that occurred between 1994 and 1999, investigators said.

All the victims disappeared in similar circumstances and their bodies were later found in the woods just outside the city, in a local cemetery or on the roadside, said Moscow-based investigators. “Most of the women were naked, and their bodies bore signs of being raped,” the investigators said in a statement, adding that some of the victims had also been robbed of money and jewellery.

During a decade-long manhunt, the authorities conducted DNA tests on 3,500 individuals and questioned more than 1,000 people. The suspect was serving in the police at the time of most of the killings but retired in 1998.

Tests so far have found that his DNA matches biological material discovered on the bodies of three of the women, investigators said.

The suspect, who has not been identified, was detained on Saturday in the Far Eastern city of Vladivostok and taken back to Siberia, they said, adding that the investigation was continuing.  Police in Siberia’s Irkutsk region, which includes Angarsk, said the suspect’s involvement in all the murders has yet to be proved.

“Right now it is not that important who the criminal is at the end of the day: a former policeman, soldier, doctor or someone else,” the police said in a statement. “The most important thing is for the principle of inevitability of punishment to work.”

Full article

It is impressive that after all this time they are still working on the cases and solving them. It is also good to see them releasing information on the cases. There was a time when Russia denied having serial killers at all.

Serial killer Michael Hughes sentenced to death

As the judge handed down the death sentence for convicted murderer Michael Hughes, the room murmured in agreement. Heads nodded and a few people even smiled.

The 56-year-old South Los Angeles serial rapist and murderer was sentenced to death Friday for killing three women between 1986 and 1993.

Adell McKinley had been waiting four years for this day.

“It brings some closure in the fact that my sister has been vindicated and justice has been served,” said McKinley, who was notified by detectives four years ago that they had linked the death of her sister, Deborah Jackson, to Hughes.

I am so happy that she is finding some kind of closure.

Hughes was convicted in November of first-degree murder in the slayings of Jackson, 32; Yvonne Coleman, 15; and Verna Williams, 36. A month later, a jury ordered that he be sentenced to death. He was already serving a term of life in prison without the possibility of parole for four other killings.

4 other victims that we know of making 7 victims for this one guy.

All of the women’s bodies were found in public places, at least half-naked and posed in an explicit manner. L.A. County Superior Court Judge Curtis B. Rappe said these acts “show[ed] an intent to shock the public.”

At the sentencing, Rappe rejected an automatic motion to reduce the sentence to life without the possibility of parole, citing later that the “aggravating evidence substantially outweighs the mitigating evidence.”

I appauld this judge. There is no reason to let this predator off easy, or to put the staff of the prison at risk for the resrt of his life. Michael worked hard to earn that death sentence, let him have it.

Hughes is “nothing short of a sadistic sexual predator…. [We’re] looking at a man that is a serial killer,” Deputy Dist. Atty. Beth Silverman said in opening arguments.

Defense attorney Aron Laub argued that early life circumstances should be taken into account when considering punishment. Hughes was beaten as a child and witnessed his mother perform a forced abortion on his sister.

Several victims’ family members who arrived in the morning at the downtown courtroom said Hughes had to take responsibility for his actions.

“I’m not a serial killer,” said McKinley, who said she was sexually molested until she turned 12. “That’s his choice.”

Thank you Ms. McKinley. That is so important a serial killer makes the choice to kill. There are so many abused, mistreated, neglected kids that do not become serial killers as adults and it is almost insulting that someone would make that claim. That someone would say that they for some reason have a ‘right’ or excuse to kill others because of what someone had done to them.

“Everyone in here has been through something as a child,” said Jackie McFarlin, mother of one of the victims in the earlier case, Theresa Ballard. “I have no love for this man.”

Very true, we all have our histories but none have a right to harm another because of our past.

At the time of his conviction in the current case, Hughes was already doing time for the slayings of Theresa Ballard, 26; Brenda Bradley, 38; Terri Myles, 33; and Jamie Harrington, 29. At the time the killings took place in the 1980s and ’90s, Los Angeles was facing a rash of violence. At least five serial killers were active in the South Los Angeles area, authorities said.

I know that this is California and that more than likely he will die of natural causes but the sentence fits and should be seen through.

Another Green River Killer Victim Identified

She vanished 30 years ago. Now, her disappearance is solved. It turns out she was a victim of the Green River killer.

The young woman’s remains were one of four sets King County detectives had yet to identify. For the last 27 years, she’s been known to detectives simply as “Bones, victim #16.”

Today, she finally has a name. Sandra Denise Major is victim #16 out of 49.

Sandra Denise Major

Detective Tom Jensen joined the Green River task force in 1984. He remembers Ridgway leading investigators the site of Sandra Major’s remains, along with two others.

“One of the places he took us was to Mountain View Cemetery and he described how he had left these victims there,” he said.

DNA analysis has come a long way in recent years, far enough to create a complete profile of the unidentified victims found at that cemetery, including Major.

In April, Major’s cousin in New York called Det. Jensen after seeing a TV show about the Green River killer. They knew Sandra had moved out to Seattle, and when they learned four women still hadn’t been identified, they feared she was among them.

They were right.

Det. Jensen remembers the phone call.

“They were still kind of in shock but prepared for the answer. I think there was just relief,” he said.

Relief and a reminder that despite Ridgeway’s life sentence, this case is far from closed.

“One down, three to go. Not done yet,” said Jensen.

Despite advancements in DNA, it may still not be enough. Jensen says the ultimate result will likely come the old fashioned way.

“I suspect if we do get an identification it’ll be because a family member contacts us,” he said.

Major’s family released a statement thanking detectives for their hard work, and saying they are “grateful to finally know what happened to Sandra after all these years.”

Full Story Here

Suspected Serial Killer Asks For Death Penalty

Suspected Serial Killer Asks For Death Penalty

William Clyde Gibson Writes Letter To Prosecutor, Newspaper

INDIANAPOLIS — A man suspected in a series of killings in southern Indiana said he plans to plead guilty and wants the death penalty.

In a letter written from the Floyd County Jail, William Clyde Gibson told the Louisville Courier-Journal that he will be plead guilty and accept the death penalty in the slayings of three women because “after all, I am guilty,” the paper reported.

Stephanie Kirk, 35, of Charlestown, had been missing for about a month before her body was found in a makeshift grave in the back yard of Gibson’s home in April, police said

Gibson was already charged with murder in the deaths of two other women — Christine Whitis, 75, and Karen Hodella, 45.

 Gibson told the paper he has written to the prosecuting attorney and told him, “I will pled (sic) guilty to the death penalty … just to save some more heart ache.”

 The Floyd County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to the newspaper that it had received a letter from Gibson.

 Indiana law does not allow defendants to plead guilty and receive the death penalty.

I see a game being played. If he really wanted the death penalty he would just help the defense build a strong case then let the jury sentence him to death.

 Not guilty pleas have been entered on Gibson’s behalf in all three cases. His first trial is scheduled for Aug. 27.

Personally I say grant his wish. He says he did it and he wants to die. ‘Nuff said.

Son of Sam Speaks of God

At 58, he’s balding, and his remaining hair is solid white. But the biggest difference is in his eyes.

Oh! Give me a BREAK! *Sorry, couldn't stop that outburst*

Do you see a difference?


When David Berkowitz made headlines in the 1970s as the serial killer “Son of Sam” in New York City, his bold glare was brazen and threatening. Thursday, on videotape from a prison in Fallsburg, N.Y., there was a near-peaceful glint in his eyes as he addressed the 28th annual Suffolk Leadership Prayer Breakfast.

“I came to prison with no hope, no direction, no reason to live,” he said from a screen suspended above the meeting room at the Suffolk National Guard Armory. “After 10 years in prison, I met Christ, confessed to God. I asked him to please forgive me.”

Berkowitz, who now calls himself “Son of Hope,” spoke at the breakfast that is held each year on the National Day of Prayer. Organizers typically don’t announce who the guest speaker is going to be, but this year’s video appearance by Berkowitz was more of a surprise than usual.

“It was different,” City Councilman Leroy Bennett said afterward. “I talked with people when it was over, and I think everybody was impressed. It was interesting. I think he has honestly changed his life and feels the Lord has blessed him.”

Through Norfolk lawyer Stephen D. Lentz, who was sent to New York to interview Berkowitz, the convicted killer said his message is that God can forgive anyone.

The selection of Berkowitz as speaker was a marked contrast to other recent speakers – people such as a retired Air Force colonel who was a POW in Iraq, the founder of Habitat for Humanity, and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell.

“No matter where you go or what you’ve done, you can’t get away from God,” said lawyer Randy Singer, who introduced Berkowitz to the capacity crowd at the early-morning event.

Berkowitz was born in Brooklyn, N.Y., and adopted by the owners of a hardware store. In the murders he was convicted of in 1978, he claimed a demon-possessed dog owned by his neighbors commanded the slayings. Berkowitz was arrested in August 1977.

The writer of this story does not say how Berkowitz later admitted to lying and that he actually killed because he hates women. We will get to that. I am curious as to why the writer does not mention all that though.

When finally captured, he said, “You got me. What took you so long?” according to a website about his history. Berkowitz, who killed six and wounded several others in eight total shootings, was known for using a .44-caliber Bulldog revolver.

In 1987, he became a born-again Christian after an invitation from another prisoner and now devotes his time to a prison ministry. He has in recent years refused to attend his parole hearings, saying he believes he needs to spend the rest of his life in prison.

“You are one prayer away from God doing something miraculous in your life,” Berkowitz said. “God bless each and every one of you.”

Pilot writer Jeff Sheler contributed to this report.


I can not believe that people are buying Berkowitz’s b.s.!

I know, you want to ask how can I know that it is bull? Isn’t it between him and God? How can another see inside a man’s heart?

Well, let’s start with the fact that his parole is coming up in May. He might not ‘fight’ for it but he still comes up for it. If he gets it he can not say “no thank you.” either. So it would seem like he was forced to leave prison. He can still get paroled and I believe 100% that he is hoping for it. He is posturing for the board. Every time that he has a parole date coming up he starts with some kind of outreach and his website becomes more active. He gets his “Christian” message out. His last parole chance was in 2010, it was the 5th time he had been denied.

Let’s also look at the fact that he has used religion repeatedly to try to get what he wants. Originally it was demons in dogs and his neighbors that made him kill. Remember?

Howling dogs in the neighborhood kept Berkowitz from sleeping and in his deranged mind, he turned their howls into messages from demons that were ordering him to go kill women. He later said that in attempt to quiet the demons, he began to do what they asked. Jack and Nann Cassara owned the home and in time Berkowitz became convinced that the quiet couple was in truth, part of the demon conspiracy, with Jack being General Jack Cosmo, commander in chief of the dogs that tormented him.
A Thirst for Blood:
When he moved away from the Cassaras into an apartment on Pine Street, he failed to escape the controlling demons. His new neighbor, Sam Carr, had a black Labrador named Harvey, who Berkowitz believed was also possessed. He eventually shot the dog, but that did not offer him relief because he had come to believe that Sam Carr was possessed by the most powerful demon of them all, possibly Satan himself. Nightly the demons screamed at Berkowitz to go kill, their thirst for blood unquenchable.

David later admitted that was bull.

While he was still active, Berkowitz was profiled as being a paranoid schizophrenic believing himself to be the victim of demonic possession. He later admitted in an interview conducted by FBI veteran Robert Ressler in prison that he had pretended to be insane to get a lighter punishment and that he actually killed out of resentment towards his mother and contempt for women in general.

More here

I know, you are thinking he was still “messed up” then. David could have changed since then. He really could have found God and changed. The problem there is that he is still lying and he still does not accept full responsibility for what he has done.

A while back David was contacted by a writer named Maury Terry. Mr. Terry was jumping on the Satanic Panic  boat that was sweeping the world at that time. His book basically blamed Satanists for almost every crime ever committed. In just a quick search can you find quite a few links showing how wrong Mr. Terry was. He even settled lawsuits out of court due to the misinformation in his book.

There was 1 church that Terry (and an associate Ed Saunders) really had their minds on, The Process Church. Now I am not saying that I know all about them but they are really not a secret organization and getting information is not hard at all.

The Process Church combined community activism with a peculiar set of beliefs: Jehovah, Christ, Satan and Lucifer were not enemies, but all equal parts of Creation

For an in-depth article on the Process Church (and splinter groups) as well as a good look at the conspiracy theories this next site is excellent!

In The Ultimate Evil, Terry attempts to paint a picture (with a very, very broad brush) of a super-secret, underground Satanic network of serial killers, rapists, drug dealers and child pornographers running amok on the American landscape, including an “Occult Superstar” he calls Manson II. Most of Terry’s claims that the Process splintered and went underground to form a bloodthirsty group of gore gangsters, are simply too absurd to be believable and he offers almost no credible substantiation for his claims. More here

Once Mr. Terry spoke with Berkowitz he (Berkowitz) decided that he had done some (not all) of the killings and was a look out for the Process Church in NY. Oh! He also became a Satanist. Just like other serial killers. He was part of the cult and the killings were rituals (because ALL cults sacrifice people using guns, have for ages!) Yep, that’s the ticket. Not the old lie of Demon Dogs and Demonic Neighbors. It was really Satan himself and his minions in the evil Cult that did the murders. David only went along out of fear, I guess.?  Maybe he wanted to be one of the cool kids and since all the other cool kids were killing people?

 He still makes these claims (in various forms) to this day, on his sites. Yes, he has sites and an online journal! Of course he does not have internet in prison but he has people on the outside that run the sites for him.

Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

In 1975 I met some guys at a party who, I later found out, were heavily involved in the occult. I had always been fascinated with witchcraft, Satanism, and occult things since I was a child. When I was growing up, I watched countless horror and Satan-type movies, some of which totally captivated my mind.

Now I was 22 and the forces of Satan were becoming more and more evident in my life. I felt as if something was trying to take control of my life. I began to read the Satanic Bible by the late Anton LaVey who founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco in 1966. I began, innocently, to practice various occult rituals and incantations.

I am utterly convinced that something satanic had entered into my mind and, looking back at all that happened, I realize that I had been slowly deceived. I did not know that bad things were going to result from all this, yet over the months the things that were wicked no longer seemed to be such. I was headed down the road to destruction and I did not know it. Maybe I was at a point where I just didn’t care.


That all started right after he met Maury Terry. Neither of them were very good at getting facts straight about things that they were either involved in or that they were supposed to be experts about.

More recently, a book was published that claimed a second mass murderer, David Berkowitz, the “Son of Sam” was also a member of The Process. The book stated that The Process was a network of killers and that Berkowitz was a look-out who did not take part in all of the killings. This conflicts with the police investigators who believed that Berkowitz was operating on his own. If they thought otherwise, the police certainly would have investigated the Church. Berkowitz claimed to have been a Satanist, and to have converted to Evangelical Christianity in prison. He claimed that the “Sam” in “Son of Sam” came from the name of the Celtic God of the Dead, Samhain (which he pronounced “Sam-hane”). His story is suspect, because:

bullet his pronunciation of “Samhain” is incorrect;
bullet the Celts never worshiped a God of the Dead;
bullet there is no Celtic God by the name of Samhain;
bullet Satanists do not worship Celtic Gods, and
bullet the Process Church no longer existed at the time of the Son of Sam murders.

In reality, Samhain means “end of summer.” It was a Celtic seasonal day of celebration, and remains a Wiccan Sabbat.


There is this as well

I first learned in 1987 that some of the conspiracy literature regarding The Process Church was either dishonest or was poorly fact-checked. After hearing a rumor that Robert de Grimston was listed in the Staten Island phone book under his given name Robert Moor, I called him up—that is, after certain hesitation. After all, Maury Terry’s

The Ultimate Evil informs us that de Grimston is a diabolical mystery man who had removed himself from the world at large to pursue the practice of evil. What was he doing so easily reached in the phone book? And how confident could I be of Maury Terry’s research if he couldn’t even bother locating Robert de Grimston by calling the Information operator?

More Here

Yeah, so forgive me if I am doubting his authenticity now.  David Berkowitz has a history of trying to use religion to get himself whatever he wants.

He apologizes all the time now. They are obviously empty. Let’s just take a second to think about those apologies.

Either Berkowitz killed all those people himself, no cult or occult directives or he knows who actually did the killings that he did not through the cult connection.

He could give the families closure, he could have the bad guys taken off of the streets, he could but he hasn’t and he won’t.

His apologies are empty without truth and this ‘man’ is a liar.

Liars are not Christians.

Berkowitz (imo) can not be a Christian since he can not be truthful.

Berkowitz: “I made a lot of bad choices. I made a lot of bad mistakes. I’m truly sorry for the lives that were destroyed. I’d like to say that I’m very, very sorry.”

He is just not sorry enough to either testify before a grand jury and move the whole supposed conspiracy case forward or close it forever by admitting once and for all, he was in fact the lone gunman responsible for the Son of Sam shootings.


I do wonder what else he gets for being a “Good Christian Leader”. There have to be little perks, if not from the prison than from all the actually good (and naive) people who write to him, the write for him, that add to his commissary and accept his calls so that he is not lonely. I am sure some even visit. It is sad that he is being allowed to do all of this.


Robert Picton Police Videos

Convicted serial killer Robert Pickton claimed he was innocent as recently as last August, telling an Ontario police officer tasked with preparing a report ahead of a public inquiry that he never did anything wrong.

Jennifer Evans, deputy chief of the Peel Regional Police, interviewed Pickton in August in preparation for a report she was commissioned to prepare for the inquiry. The inquiry is examining why police in B.C.’s Lower Mainland did not catch the man — ultimately convicted of the murders of six sex workers — sooner than they did.

Evans told the inquiry Wednesday that she asked Pickton during their 90-minute interview at the Kent Institution near Agassiz, B.C., how he had been able to evade police for so long.

An artist’s sketch shows Robert Pickton in the prisoner’s box on the first day of his trial in B.C. Supreme Court on Jan. 22, 2007. (Felicity Don/Canadian Press)”His answer essentially was, ‘Because I never did anything wrong,”‘ said lawyer Cameron Ward, representing the families of several murdered and missing women.

“Because he didn’t do anything,” Evans said.

“He maintained his innocence?” said Ward.

“Yes, he did,” said Evans.

“And did you think he was telling the truth?” asked Ward.

“No, I did not.”

Admits picking up women
Pickton said he did pick up sex workers in Vancouver, but said he did not kill any of them, Evans said.

Pickton was convicted in 2007 of six counts of second-degree murder.

Investigators found the remains or DNA of 33 women on his farm.

“Did he strike you as someone capable of murdering 49 people by himself, given your police experience?” asked Ward.

“Yes,” replied Evans.

Pickton did not testify at his trial.

Evans was commissioned to prepare a report for the Pickton inquiry which examined the timelines and contents of the various investigations into Vancouver’s missing women prior to Pickton’s 2002 arrest for murder.

For $33,000 Shermantine Will Talk

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A convicted serial killer claims he can lead police to the remains of dozens of murder victims, but he has demanded thousands of dollars before he will give out the information.

Sacramento-based bounty hunter Leonard Padilla and Calaveras County Sheriff’s deputies began searching a remote area Thursday in an attempt to find the remains of 16-year-old Stockton girl Chevy Wheeler, who disappeared in 1985 and may have been buried in the area, if a letter from death row inmate Wesley Shermantine is to be believed.

“I buried Chevy on my parent’s property, out where Chino lived on the other side of the dam,” Shermantine wrote, including a crude hand drawn map to the location.

Shermantine further claimed in the letter that more than two dozen cold case murders could be solved if he reveals the location of a “bone yard” belonging to his childhood friend and convicted killer Loren Herzog, who was released on parole in the San Joaquin Valley earlier this year.

“Once Chevy is recovered, I expect my restitution to be paid, then I will take the next step in recovering Herzog’s bone yard,” Shermantine added.

Shermantine wants a total of $33,000 for the information — $18,000 to pay off his victim’s restitution and another $15,000 to buy headstones for his parents and provide spending money in prison.

Shermantine was convicted along with Herzog for a 15-year-long methamphetamine-fueled killing spree that earned them the name “Speed Freak Killers.” Herzog was originally sentenced to 78 years in prison but had his sentenced reduced to 14 years after an appeals court ruled that his detailed confessions were illegally coerced.

“We believe that now we can find the bodies,” Padilla said. “He’s on death row. His whole world right now is the next candy bar.”

Padilla has been offering Shermantine cash for the last 12 years in an effort to crack the cold cases, arguing that the closure of knowing what happened to missing persons would be priceless for the victims’ family members.

Shermantine has maintained his innocence against all accusations of murder, but witnesses have stated that he bragged about killing as many as 19 people.

According to published reports, the family of Chevy Wheeler does not believe Shermantine has any useful information.

There is a slight chance that Shermantine will eventually tell the truth and even release the information about the bodies. It has to be killing him that Herzog is out. Herzog betrayed him and was then released. Shermantine’s anger and his desire for Herzog to ‘pay’ might push him to talk.

I doubt (hope there won’t be) there will ever be an agreement to give him the money that he is asking for. I don’t care what he claims the money will be for. He has pulled this before, asking for more money, art supplies or to be released. It is a game to him.

The only way that he will get that money is if those bounty hunters give it to him in the hopes of fame and glory. I doubt that they would get what they pay for though. If he gets the money he will be comfortable for a while and probably not tell them anymore information. He enjoys the attention, the cat and mouse game he gets to play. He feels powerful and knows that he is causing pain to the families and he gets off on that.



Serial Killer Guilory Will Spend Life in Prison

At least that is what he was sentenced to.


Baton Rouge’s third suspected serial killer was formally sentenced to life behind bars Wednesday morning.

Jeffery Lee Guillory’s sentencing was postponed back in November due to a personal emergency involving one of the attorneys in the case.

He is already serving 50 years for attempted murder.

The life sentence is for the 2002 murder of Renee Newman. Guillory was not eligible to be sentenced to death.

“Renee’s murder occurred nine years ago and at that point in time, the death penalty wasn’t applicable for this type of crime,” said prosecutor Dana Cummings. “If it had happened this year, it would have been, because of the new serial killer statute.”

When asked by Judge Tony Marabella if he wanted to make a statement, Guillory declined.

He has also been accused in the deaths of two other women in the Baton Rouge area.

Investigators said fingerprints have connected Guillory to the killing of Sylvia Cobb and DNA has linked him to the murder of Florida Edwards.  


Only 1 Serial Killer for all 10 Bodies Say Police

NEW YORK (CNN) — After a nearly year-long investigation, police say they now believe 10 sets of human remains uncovered along a desolate stretch of Long Island, New York, beach are linked to a single killer.

“The theory is now that we’re dealing with one serial killer,” Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer told CNN affiliate WABC on Tuesday.

He noted the killer did not “necessarily do the same thing all the time.”

“What’s common here is the dumping ground,” he added.

There has to be more than just the dump site as a connection. The police know something that they are not releasing.

Dormer previously said that only the bodies of four females uncovered in December were thought to be the work of a serial killer or killers.

It is not clear what prompted the change.

Authorities have sifted through more than 1,000 tips related to the case. But it’s unclear whether they have shed any light on an investigation that has drawn state and federal agents and garnered national attention.

In June, police upped the ante in their search for a culprit.

The reward for information leading to an arrest — once topping out at $5,000 — was raised five-fold, making it the largest offered in Suffolk County history. It was an apparent bid to fill out a case that some fear has gone cold.

“We’re hoping the increased reward money will encourage somebody to come forward by calling the police in respect to the families and to (the) victims,” Lt. Robert Donohue said at the time.

At least 10 sets of human remains have been found in Nassau and Suffolk counties since December. But the woman whose disappearance triggered the searches, 23-year-old Shannan Gilbert, remains missing. The New Jersey woman was last seen in May 2010 at a private party at a home in Long Island’s Oak Beach community.

The first four bodies have since been identified. They, like Gilbert, had advertised for prostitution services on websites such as Craigslist.

Their remains were found among bushes along a quarter-mile strip of beachfront property, according to police. More human remains were found on March 29 and April 4.

Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota said in May that the newly found remains were not believed to be connected to the first four victims. In September, authorities released composite sketches of what two unidentified victims might have looked like.

Authorities at the time said the evidence suggested two other killers dumped bodies along Ocean Parkway in Gilgo Beach, about 40 miles east of New York City.

“This investigation is not an episode of ‘CSI’ or ‘Criminal Minds’ that is going to be solved in a one-hour period,” Spota said of the serial killer probe. “Most likely, it … is going to take a very long period of time to complete.”

Spota was not immediately available for comment Wednesday regarding police statements that the killings are now thought to be the work of a single killer.


“Because of the dumping ground, the sex trade business, the dismemberment, we have people in the police department that have other theories, but we are leaning towards that theory,” Suffolk County Police Chief Richard Dormer told WCBS 880′s Sophia Hall.

CBS Local

Perhaps there is some type of ritual aspect to the dismembering?

The remains of 10 people — eight women, a man and a baby — were found strewn mostly along a remote beach parkway, but some body parts from those victims also were found on eastern Long Island and nearly 50 miles away on Fire Island. Police have identified only five of the 10 victims. Those five were all women working as escorts. The oldest remains are linked to a case 15 years ago.

Dormer believes nine of the 10 were somehow involved in the sex trade. The other, a female toddler, was linked by DNA to a woman believed to be her mother, Dormer said Wednesday. Their remains were found seven miles apart.

The remains of the Asian man have yet to be identified, but police have previously said he was found wearing women’s clothing, leading them to theorize he was a male prostitute.


Mark Goudeau Gets the Death Penalty

Jurors imposed the death sentence on 47-year-old Mark Goudeau, known as the Baseline Killer, for the murder spree that terrorized Phoenix-area residents for 13 months beginning that August.

The six-woman, six-man jury deliberated for about seven hours before reaching a verdict in the penalty phase of the trial. Goudeau had been found guilty last month of murdering eight women and one man, along with 58 other crimes.

I know that he will probably die of old age in prison but due to the sentence he will have tighter security. He is less of a threat to the many that work for the prison or are in there for some other reason.

Goudeau, already in prison for sexually assaulting two sisters at a south Phoenix park in 2005, also spoke in court for the first time, chastising his attorneys and assuring jurors he was not the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” he was portrayed as.

“I am no monster,” he told the court.

I disagree Mr. Goudeau, as does Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. You are a monster.  Only monster’s hide in human skin while hunting, raping and killing humans.

Prosecutors said the attacks began in August 2005 when Goudeau pulled a gun on three teens on Baseline Road. He took them behind a church and sexually assaulted the two girls.

The first murder came a month later, when he killed 19-year-old Georgia Thompson in a parking lot outside her apartment complex, police said.

Goudeau’s final victim was Carmen Miranda, a 37-year-old mother of two taken from a carwash as she was talking on her cell phone near Goudeau’s home in June 2006, prosecutors say. Miranda was later found dead inside her car. 

May your remaining years be filled with what you gave to your victims.


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