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New lead in West Mesa Murders

Albuquerque Police Chief Ray Schultz said recent events have brought new attention and maybe new leads to the famous west mesa serial murder case.

One of the victim’s fathers also told News 13 Tuesday that he thinks he knows who ended his daughter’s life.

It’s been two and a half years since that first bone was discovered, but police still haven’t made any arrests, or even named a suspect for that matter. But the family of one victim isn’t hesitating to say who the killer is.

“I think Lorenzo Montoya was involved in the west mesa murders,” Dan Valdez said.

Sources have said Lorenzo Montoya is one of the guys police are looking at. Montoya was caught picking up prostitutes on Central three times. At one point, police followed him and caught him raping and strangling the woman in his truck. But for some reason, that 1999 case was dismissed.

Montoya strangled a prostitute in his south valley home in 2006. He was then shot and killed by her pimp when he caught Montoya carrying her half-naked body to his truck.

Three years later, in February of 2009, the 11 women were found on the west mesa. All went missing before 2005; before Montoya was killed.

Michelle Valdez was one of those missing prostitutes. Tuesday her father told News 13 he thinks Montoya wasn’t acting alone.

“I don’t think he was the mastermind,” Dan Valdez said. “I really think that he was possibly the gofer or the guy that took them out there and buried them, because he only lived a mile from there.”

Police Chief Ray Schultz said the short list of suspects is constantly revolving. The chief said recent cases have opened up new doors.

“Recent prostitution arrests have come to light involving prostitution and organized prostitution obviously those types of cases bring now new lists of johns,” said Schultz.

That case: the high profile, highly secretive, online prostitution site Southwest Companions. That led to the arrest of ex-UNM President Chris Garcia.

This isn’t the only new lead. Remember Ron Erwin?

Albuquerque Police raided the photographers’ Joplin, Missouri home and business a year ago, confiscating thousands of pictures.

Erwin’s mother told me he used to visit Albuquerque during the state fair to take photos, but stopped coming here, right about the time the murder’s stopped.

Shortly after the raid, police released disturbing images of women who looked drugged or dead. Police wouldn’t say if the photos were Erwin’s.

Investigators thought they got everything they needed in Joplin. Then, in May, a tornado ripped through the city of 50 thousand, uncovering something that had Joplin police quickly calling APD.

“They have found some suspicious items, not necessarily connected to Erwin, but they wanted to know if this could somehow be connected to our case,” said Schultz.

The items were bones, but the chief said they don’t believe they’re related to the West Mesa murders.

After two and a half years, the chief knows people want answers but says this case has to be handled with care.

“We know that when a suspect is named that will be looked at very, very closely,” said Schultz.

News 13 asked the chief, “Do you really think that day will come though chief, that you will name somebody?” He responded, “I sure hope so.”

Dan Valdez said he’s also confident that day will come.

“It bothers me not how long it takes, as long as they get the right suspects,” said Valdez. “If it takes 5 years than so be it, if it takes 10 years then so be it.”

Valdez said he does find some solace in Montoya’s murder. He said justice comes to everyone in the end when they meet their maker.

 Article, video and photos here.

LAPD detectives reveal two new Grim Sleeper cases

Short article. There does not seem to be much info released yet.

Detectives said Wednesday night that they are investigating two additional killings that may have been committed by  Lonnie Franklin Jr., the Grim Sleeper serial slaying suspect.

The revelation came during a meeting with about 100 residents at the Bethel AME Church in South Los Angeles.

Franklin, 57, is charged with 10 counts of murder and one count of attempted murder — crimes that occurred in South L.A. and spanned three decades, prosecutors have said. Franklin has pleaded not guilty.

Detectives have released about 180 photos of women whose pictures were found on Franklin’s property after investigators served a search warrant in July. As a result of those photos, 72 women were identified and ruled out as victims. Detectives still need to identify about 62 women, Kilcoyne said.

Scores of calls and tips from the photos resulted in the LAPD developing four missing-person cases.

L.A. Now article

Photos here, warning, some are disturbing.

Grim Sleeper Photos

Some of the Grim Reaper's Victims

Some of the Grim Reaper's Photos

I hate to just copy articles but I think this article says it all and this case and all these women are important enough to forget opinions and focus on facts only.

LAPD investigates 4 missing persons cases as a result of Grim Sleeper photos

Authorities say two of the women appeared in the photographs found in a search of Lonnie Franklin Jr.’s property. The two other cases surfaced as a result of the publicity surrounding release of the photos.

By Andrew Blankstein, Los Angeles Times
January 7, 2011

Los Angeles police detectives said Thursday they are investigating at least four missing persons cases as a result of publicizing photos seized from the South Los Angeles property of Lonnie Franklin Jr., the Grim Sleeper serial slaying suspect.

The Los Angeles Police Department received hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and other tips last month after releasing about 180 photographs of unidentified women that were found in a trailer and garage belonging to Franklin.

Franklin, 57, is charged with 10 counts of murder and one count of attempted murder — crimes that occurred in South L.A. and spanned three decades, prosecutors said. Franklin has pleaded not guilty.

Thus far, at least 53 women depicted in the photos have been identified by LAPD Robbery-Homicide detectives.

At least 79 photos have been removed from the LAPD website after relatives, friends or the women in them contacted police to confirm their identities.

LAPD officials would not discuss details of the four missing persons cases other than to say they dated back to the early 1990s. Two of the missing women appeared in the photographs found in Franklin’s possessions, and the two other missing person cases surfaced as a result of the publicity surrounding release of the photos, police said.

“We know who they are. They can’t be located. They haven’t been seen in a substantial amount of time,” said Det. Dennis Kilcoyne, who is spearheading the investigation.

In addition to the missing women, police are examining at least 30 unsolved killings for any links to Franklin.

At the time of Franklin’s arrest in July, authorities found about 1,000 photographs and hundreds of hours of video of women.

Some of the images appeared to have been innocent snapshots, but many showed women in more risque poses. The materials spanned several decades, dating back to the 1980s, and included video and digital camera images, Polaroids, conventional prints and even undeveloped film.

The primary motivation for releasing the images was to find out whether the women were alive and well, Kilcoyne said. But detectives also have received more than 200 tips that ultimately could prove important to prosecuting Franklin, he said.

Franklin’s attorney, Louisa Pensanti, was critical of the LAPD for releasing the photos and said more than a dozen of the women were relatives or friends. Pensanti returned a call but did not immediately comment on the case.

Los Angeles Times

I hope that more of these women are identified. Please take a look at the LAPD site here. The police are updating the photos and removing those that are identified so even if you took a look before peek again.

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