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Zimbabwean Serial Killer Slices and Dices Self

Zimbabwean murderer slices-off own penis with razor in Botswana

A ZIMBABWEAN man has sliced-off his private parts into pieces with a sharp razor blade, while in police custody in Botswana awaiting murder trial, it has been reported.

Cleopus Nkomo aged 27 incarcerated in a Botswana high security prison is a suspected rapist and serial killer facing four murder charges.

Bleeding profusely, Nkomo was rushed to Nyangabwe Referral Hospital where a surgeon sewed-back the pieces of his penis which were picked up by prison warders. However, some parts including the testicles are said to have gone missing.

They do not pay the warders enough.

He is now in a serious condition in hospital after attempting to commit suicide by slashing his penis into pieces.

Nkomo who for years masqueraded as a prophet sliced-off his penis while he was at the prison clinic where he was admitted after complaining of medical problems. He is said to have slashed-off his penis into pieces in the prison clinic toilet where he had gone to relieve himself.

He was due to appear in court for the killings of Omponye Phetso, Tidimalo Jameson and Lebelelang Tabengwa together with her seven month old toddler in 2010.

Nkomo is under guard in Nyangabwe  hospital in Francistown.

While the Public relations officer for Botswana prisons, Wamorena Ramolefhe was not ready with an official comment at the time of going to press, inside sources confirmed that the man used a razor blade he somehow had in his possession. He was attending the prison clinic where he had been admitted complaining of illness.

Nyangabwe Public relations officer Caiphus Gabana confirmed the bizarre incident. He said, “From what I can gather some of the parts were missing, but the surgeon who attended the patient tried to put together the pieces though the man was critically injured. It’s just unbelievable he did all this to himself.”

The officer said the prisoner was currently at the male surgical ward where his condition was being monitored. He said, “The prison officers who brought him in said that he tried to commit suicide. It is still very difficult to comment about his condition, but I understand the man’s private parts were severely damaged.”

Suicide by penis mutilation. ?

I hope it hurts like Hell.

I also hope that they can not actully save it so that it functions. Rapists do not need working sex organs.

He killed a 7 month old.

I have no sympathy for him.


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