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The Right To Die?

Right to die?


Should a serial killer be given the right to decide any part of his future fate? If they get life in prison should they be allowed to choose death instead?

I am a firm supporter of the death penalty, especially in the cases of serial killers, serial rapists and pedophiles. These people are not fixable, they can not be ‘saved’ and they will never become contributing members of society.

I can see no reason to keep them alive.

In my opinion if a serial killer says “kill me”, do it. Hell, if they don’t say it, do it anyway so that they can not hurt / kill other prisoners, guards, medical staff, visitors, maintenance staff and so on.

I have heard the arguments against it and I can not agree.

No, life in prison could be horrible, I do not care. Even if they do not ‘adjust’ they are a risk as I stated above and the risk is worse if they ever escape.

I do not want to make them suffer or “pay”, even if we could it would not be worth it. They are not worth it. Making them suffer while risking others is stupid and really most do adapt to prison. Some, many, come to enjoy the routine, the fact that they live on and they use their vivid imaginations to find pleasure even in prison. It is much better to just let them go, if it makes you feel better think of the afterlife they could endure.

It does not make us “like them” anymore than killing a guy running at you with a knife does. They are a threat to whoever comes into contact with them. Killing them could save many.

Anyway. Here is a decent documentary on Ian Brady and his fight to be allowed to die in prison. The video quality is not the best and I do not agree with some of the ideas but it is still very interesting.

Please, share your thoughts if you want.



I would like to read Ian’s book, The Gates of Janus. If you have read it  please let me know what you think.


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