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Peter Tobin Wants Sick Pay

Peter Tobin is unbelievable. This ‘man’ needs to be destroyed.

Monster Peter Tobin is demanding sick pay from the taxpayer to sit around doing nothing in jail.

The serial killer thinks he is entitled to more than £560 a year in prison “wages”.

And with Tobin, 64, certain to spend the  rest of his days behind bars, hard-up Scots could end up shelling out thousands of pounds to him before he finally dies.

Tobin has lodged a formal complaint with prison bosses in a bid to get his hands on the cash.

If he wins his case, he’ll get hundreds of pounds extra to spend on luxuries at the prison shop.

A source at Saughton jail in Edinburgh told the Record: “Tobin’s a complete chancer. Other inmates can’t believe his brass neck.”

At the moment, Tobin only gets £4.80 a week “wages” because he insists he is too old and ill to take a prison job.

The killer, who has a long history of feigning illness to get sympathy, spends his days lazing in his cell in a wheelchair while other Saughton cons go off to work.

Tobin whiles away the time playing poker with his pals, rapists Kevin “The Thing” Fyffe and psychopath Michal Marchlewski.

But our source told us: “He insists he is entitled to full pay – £10.80 a week – because that’s the amount he could earn if he was working.

“Tobin’s launched a complaint through the prison’s internal procedure.

“The staff think it’s a joke and the other inmates are going off their heads about it.

“They have to go to their jobs all week while Tobin gets wheeled about by Fyffe and other hangers-on.

“All he does is play poker during recreation time.”

The insider added: “Tobin’s claiming he’s not fit to work because he’s too old and unfit from a bad back.

“He’s always moaning about something being wrong with him, or something he wants.

“He had a job in the laundry, but that ended months ago when he took to his wheelchair.”

The Scottish Prison Service said: “We do not comment on individual prisoners.”

Tobin showed no mercy to his three known murder victims, Vicky Hamilton, 15, Dinah McNicol, 18, and 23-year-old Angelika Kluk.

But he’s spent most of his time since being caged for life whining in a bid to get special privileges.

He’s already allowed to eat his meals in his cell – where Fyffe acts as his waiter – because he’s scared he’ll be attacked if he goes to the canteen.

And in April, the Record told how he had demanded a cushion to make his wheelchair more comfy, even though guards are convinced he is perfectly able to get around without it.

An insider said at the time: “Tobin was greeting and moaning to the nurse in the prison surgery about his wheelchair being uncomfortable. The nurse told him that if he wanted a cushion, he’d have to pay for it himself.

“Tobin wasn’t happy. It makes everyone’s blood boil.”

The killer is waited on hand and foot by hulking thug Fyffe, who has at least 76 convictions, and Marchlewski, who snatched a young woman off the street in Edinburgh and raped her eight times in eight hours.

He has few other friends in Saughton. A source told us: “The other prisoners, even the sex offenders, think he’s a scumbag.

“They think Fyffe and Marchlewski must be as sick as him for helping push him around in his wheelchair.”

Tobin has refused to help police piece together his horrific criminal history.

The special operation to map his crimes, Operation Anagram, was wound down last week after helping to solve the murders of Vicky and Dinah. But police insist their effort to unlock Tobin’s secrets will never end.


This is ridiculous. He should not be getting paid anything. He is a frigging killer!

The families of his victims are not happy about his existence either.

THE father of murdered school girl Vicky Hamilton has hit out at her killer’s demand for sick pay in jail.

Whingeing serial killer Peter Tobin insists he is entitled to more than £560 a year in “wages”.

Sickened Michael Hamilton, whose daughter was raped and murdered by the monster in 1991, branded his pay bid “outrageous”.

He said: “It makes me sick.”

Tobin, 64, will spend the rest of his life in jail for murdering Vicky, 15, Dinah McNicol, 18, and 23-year-old Angelika Kluk.

Michael, 60, said: “He should be entitled to nothing. He never spared a thought for the girls he murdered or their families.

“I’m almost tempted to commit a crime so I can get put inside and deal with him myself.”


I can only imagine the pain all this causes the families.

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