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Hilton and Rodriguez updates

Gary M Hilton

Gary Hilton has been found guilty in Florida. The jury is deciding his fate.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. — A jury convicted a drifter of murder Tuesday in the decapitation slaying of a woman in the Florida Panhandle, a case that resembles a Georgia killing for which the man is already serving a life sentence.

Gary Michael Hilton, 64, sat stone-faced as Circuit Judge James Hankinson read the verdict after the 12-member jury had deliberated for three hours and 40 minutes.

Hilton could get a death sentence for murdering 46-year-old nurse and Sunday school teacher Cheryl Dunlap of Crawfordville. He also was convicted of kidnapping and stealing the victim’s ATM card but acquitted of taking her car.

Jurors will return Thursday to hear testimony about whether to recommend death or life in prison, the only other penalty allowed for the murder conviction. Hankinson will not be bound by their decision, but he must give it great weight.

Hilton received a life term in Georgia after pleading guilty to murder in the January 2008 slaying of 24-year-old hiker Meredith Emerson

The bodies of both victims were found in forests, and each had been beheaded.

Hilton, who declined to testify, also is a suspect in at least three other killings in Florida and North Carolina.

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Another Link about HIlton

Antonio Rodriguez











Antonio Rodriguez aka the Kensington Strangler, might be facing the death penalty. The prosecutor plans to seek it in his case.

Prosecutors to seek death penalty against alleged serial killer

February 09, 2011|By the CNN Wire Staff

Philadelphia prosecutors plan to seek the death penalty against suspected serial strangler Antonio Rodriguez, according to District Attorney spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson.

Rodriguez appeared at a preliminary hearing Wednesday where two police detectives read confessions Rodriguez gave regarding three women he allegedly killed and sexually assaulted between November and December of last year, according to Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Bretschneider.

Nicknamed the Kensington strangler, the 21-year-old Rodriguez was arrested after DNA testing linked him to the attacks in the city’s Kensington district, according to Detective Justin Frank.

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I wish both sets of prosecutors luck!

A voice that needs to be heard.

Here are some more things people should know about Harvey Robinson, the Allentown serial killer who is fighting to have his remaining death sentence for a rape and murder changed to life in prison, as were two other death sentences.

I attended the hearing last month along with other victims, my family and friends because we want the judge to know we exist and whom the courts should be defending. Our system is spending a tremendous amount of money trying to get this serial killer off of death row. Why? So he can roam around in jail more freely? We want him on death row where the chances of him killing anyone else are reduced.

This last hearing we went through was a debate about Robinson’s mental capabilities. The serial killer had a team of eight, consisting of three lawyers, a psychologist and law clerks. They want him taken off of death row because he has frontal lobe brain damage. They brought in another man — who killed a woman by tying a rock around her stomach and throwing her in the river and also killed a police officer — to testify in Robinson’s behalf. The defense team members were really grasping at straws when they used this guy’s testimony. This other killer has to help Robinson with his legal briefs. It seems as though Robinson gets in trouble on death row and needs help to prepare his briefs because his brain is so damaged. A California psychologist was brought in by the defense to testify on behalf of Robinson’s brain functions. This is all paid for by our good, tax-paying citizens — you and me. I wonder if I can be reimbursed for the money I lost while sitting in this four-day hearing, three days before Christmas.

I can tell those defense lawyers that Robinson does not have any motor control or memory problems. When he sits in the courtroom sneering and snickering at my mother and me, he knows who he is looking at. When he motions to me that he is going to get me, he knows what he is talking about. When I motion back to him that he will soon die and he tries to jump out of his wheelchair, there is no evidence of motor damage. When he attacked me 18 years ago, he was fast, agile and strong, with no motor damage back then either. No memory problems when he returned to our home seven times before he had a shootout with an Allentown policeman in our home. He shows lots of calculation when he tries to blame the strangulation, near-death beating and my sliced face on my husband! The fact that this appeal was allowed to happen is shocking. We do not need doctors to testify that Harvey Robinson does not have memory and motor-control problems, not so long as I am alive.

Some more interesting facts: On death row, according to the Office of the Victim Advocate, prisoners can have food, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter medicine (he gets a sleeping pill, a pain reliever and an anti-depressant every day), clothing, art and art supplies, office supplies (pens, pencils, scissors, paper and envelopes), laundry soap, television, radio, fans, typewriters, cassette players and headphones.

Death row prisoners may get out of their cells to work on the unit, access law offices and make phone calls. They are allowed to exercise in a fenced-in area large enough to hold two inmates. They can have one visitor per week for at least an hour or more if the staff approves. They can make three 15-minute phone calls per week. They can mail up to 10 one-ounce letters per month at no cost and as much as they want if they pay the expenses. They can talk to other inmates on the unit so long as they are not too loud. Isn’t that nice?

No wonder Robinson shows no wear and tear after all of these years on death row. He came to court with a haircut and no gray hair. One more thing I learned during this hearing is that Harvey Robinson is narcissistic and diagnosed with an anti-social personality. He is self-consumed and a hypochondriac. He certainly would hate to have anyone damage his body and especially his face. He lacks remorse and only cares about himself. Well we already knew this. What other kind of human being can kill so savagely?

Perhaps if we did not waste all of this money on proving the already proven, we could concentrate on educating our youth. I wonder how long America can waste its resources and remain competitive in the world? Let’s eliminate these nonsense appeals. Maybe we need to limit the amount of attorneys, ensuring enough real work and money for them so they do not have to look for money trying to get serial killers off of death row. I hope Morning Call columnist Paul Carpenter is right, and our good citizens behind bars have the good common sense to do with Robinson what our legal system is too weak to do.

Denise Sam Cali lives in Allen Township.


I applaud this woman for speaking out. Her strength and openness are admirable.

I hope that the people that can make the discussion listen and that they do not commute this sad accuse for a human‘s sentence.

He raped and killed three women. He was linked to the murders by DNA evidence and convicted in November 1994. He was sentenced to death in all three cases. The murdered victims were:

  • Joan Burghardt, a 29-year-old nurse’s aide (August 1992)
  • Charlotte Schmoyer, a 15-year-old newspaper carrier (June 1993)
  • Jessica Jean Fortney, a 47-year-old grandmother (July 1993)

He raped and brutalized a fourth victim, Denise Sam-Cali, but she escaped. Robinson returned to her home several nights later and attempted to break in. A police officer was posted at the home, and when Robinson attempted to break in again, the police officer shot him. Robinson was tracked to a local hospital, and was arrested.

Harvey also had a fifth victim, who was only 5 years old when Harvey broke into her house. He intended to rape (and possibly kill) the child’s mother, but changed his mind when he saw her in bed with a boyfriend. Instead, Harvey crept into a room shared by the 5 year old and her younger sister. There, he raped the 5 year old, choked her, and left her for dead. It is believed that Harvey had stalked the mother for several days beforehand, as he did his other victims.

Harvey was suspected of attempting to kill yet another girl, Leslie Gerhart, in 1990. She was 13 and had a friend staying over for the evening when an intruder removed the screen from the bedroom window and began beating her with a brick.

From Wikipedia link.

Crime Library article.

Why is Robinson still alive?

What reason is there for him to exist?

Why is he allowed to still torment his victims?

Why is anyone even considering allowing him to continue to live?

What could he possibly contribute to society?

We need to stop allowing this type of ‘person’ to hurt others.

Kensington Strangler Suspect in Custody

Antonio Rodriguez


PHILADELPHIA – January 17, 2011 — A man recently released from prison and believed to have been wandering the streets and staying in abandoned homes was arrested Monday night after being linked by DNA to the sexual assaults and strangling deaths of three women in a gritty, high-crime section of the city, police said.



Antonio Rodriguez, 21, was taken into custody on an unrelated bench warrant after someone phoned in a tip, police said. The arrest came shortly after a news conference at which Capt. James Clark said Rodriguez was being sought as a “strong” person of interest in the murders in the Kensington section, a few miles north of downtown.

The attacks, in what’s called the Kensington Strangler case, had left the neighborhood shaken – and police fearing that outraged residents might take matters into their own hands.

Rodriguez, known in the area as Black, had not been charged with any crime in the stranglings case, and police had not even obtained an arrest warrant for him, Clark said. But the link made by state police in their convicted felon database was “a major break,” he said.


Rodriguez, who was sought on a bench warrant from a missed court appearance in an unrelated case police wouldn’t discuss, was in custody Monday night and couldn’t be reached for comment.


Rodriguez recently had been released from prison, Clark said, but he declined to say for what he had been incarcerated or to detail his criminal history. He said state police had contacted Philadelphia police about the DNA match earlier in the day.

A state police representative was not immediately available for comment Monday on why Rodriguez was in their database.

Clark said it appeared Rodriguez was wandering around Kensington alone.

“Right now, the information we’re getting is he’s homeless, he’s wandering in the area, he’s frequenting abandoned houses, sort of just walking around in the Kensington area, so right now we do not believe anyone is helping him out,” Clark said.

Police described Rodriguez as 5-foot-9 and 155 pounds with a large scar running from his left ear to the middle of his throat and two tattoos: “Kiera” on his left arm and “Scorpio” on his right arm.

Police investigating a string of assaults in the area dating to early October said last month that through DNA they had linked the deaths of three women: Elaine Goldberg and Nicole Piacentini, both of Philadelphia, and Casey Mahoney, of East Stroudsburg, about 100 miles north. The women, all in their 20s, had struggled with drug addiction.

The bodies of the three women were found between early November and mid-December in vacant lots within a 10-block radius.

Three other women reported surviving sexual assaults in the area. Two of them said they were choked into unconsciousness. None of the surviving victims had been shown Rodriguez’s photo, but Clark said that would be done.

The attacks took place in a stretch of Kensington known for open prostitution and drugs, although an influx of artists and young homebuyers has made parts of the neighborhood a bit trendier in recent years.

Earlier, authorities had only a composite sketch and grainy surveillance photo of a possible suspect in the Kensington Strangler case.

One of the hundreds of posts on a Facebook page titled “Catch the Kensington Strangler, before he catches someone you love” falsely identified a suspect, drawing an angry crowd to his house. He called police, who cleared him and scolded residents.

A year earlier in Kensington, a man suspected of raping an 11-year-old girl was severely beaten by angry neighbors who recognized him from a police photo. He later was charged and pleaded guilty.

In the stranglings case, Mayor Michael Nutter offered a $30,000 reward sponsored by the city and Citizens Crime Commission for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator. Separately, the local Fraternal Order of Police and Councilman Frank DiCicco offered $7,000 for help simply leading to an arrest with a DNA match.




UPDATE, 6:45 p.m.: Police just announced that they have taken into custody Antonio Rodriguez, identified tonight as the Kensington Strangler. Rodriguez was picked up in a home on Mutter Street near Westmoreland in Kensington.

Police said they received a tip about his whereabouts just a few moments after a press conference announcing he was a suspect.



Why am I not surprised that he was just released from prison?

We have to start re-evaluating our criminal sentencing and release programs.  Stop letting people out if they are still considered high risk, I don’t care if they “did the time”.



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