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Moors Murder Victim’s Mum Speaks Up

‘Hanging’s too good for Hindley’: Mother of last Moors Murder victim says she WON’T back return of death penalty


Last updated at 5:28 PM on 6th August 2011

The mother of the last victim of the Moors murders is refusing to back the return of the death penalty insisting ‘hanging is too quick’ and child murderers must be made to suffer.

Twelve-year-old Keith Bennett is buried on bleak Saddleworth Moor on the border of Yorkshire and Lancashire after being murdered by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley in 1964.

Brady only admitted Keith’s murder – along with Pauline Reade, 16 – while serving a multiple life sentence for killing three other children, but has always refused to reveal the whereabouts of his grave.

Keith Bennett's mother Winnie Johnson on Saddleworth Moor. She said hanging murderers is 'too quick'Keith Bennett’s mother Winnie Johnson on Saddleworth Moor. She said hanging murderers is ‘too quick’

The pair were jailed for life in 1966 after being convicted of the murders of three other children, Edward Evans, Lesley Ann Downey and John Kilbride. Myra Hindley died in jail in 2002.

Last night, Keith’s 77-year-old mother Winnie Johnson said hanging was too quick and child killers must be made to suffer.

It comes as almost 50 years after the death penalty was abolished there is an ever growing online petition calling on Parliament to hang child and police killers.

Ian Brady
Myra Hindley

Ian Brady and Myra Hindley were jailed for life in 1966 after being convicted of the murders of three other children, Edward Evans, Lesley Ann Downey and John Kilbride

The last hanging in Britain took place the year the schoolboy was murdered.


Winnie Johnson said hanging was too quick and child killers must be made to suffer

Until 1868 hangings were performed in public

In London, the traditional site was at Tyburn, but before 1865, executions took place outside Newgate Prison, Old Bailey, now the site of the Central Criminal Court

The death penalty was abolished in 1965 and renewed in 1969

The last woman to be hanged was Ruth Ellis on July 13, 1955, by Albert Pierrepoint who was a prominent hangman at the time

The last hanging in Britain took place in 1964, when Peter Anthony Allen, at Walton Prison in Liverpool, and Gwynne Owen Evans, at Strangeways Prison in Manchester were executed for the murder of John Alan West

But last night Ms Johnson insisted she would not be signing-up to the first controversial issue the man-in-the-street wants debated in Westminster under the Government’s new ‘let-the-people speak’ decree.

She said: ‘Hanging is too quick. Child killers like Brady must be made to suffer, in the way he hurt my Keith and all the other little ones.

‘The rope is too simple a solution for his sort. Serial killers like him need to be left to rot, for years, when hopefully they will reflect on their appalling crimes.

‘People could be forgiven for thinking I would be among the first demanding a return to capital punishment, but that is too soft a sentence for Brady.

‘I really hope that he has suffered over the years and now, maybe in the twilight of his life, he will display a single shred of sympathy by telling me where Keith’s remains are located.

‘The gesture would mean so much, especially as all police searches for Keith’s body have officially ended.

‘If Brady had swung for his crimes against my son and the others, there would have been no chance – however slim it is – of him relenting and putting me out of my misery by pinpointing Keith’s grave.’

The search for Keith's body on Saddleworth Moor has been going on for decades - but Brady has refused to reveal the grave's whereaboutsThe search for Keith’s body on Saddleworth Moor has been going on for decades – but Brady has refused to reveal the grave’s whereabouts.

I can understand her hope of finding her baby’s grave through Brady, I just do not ever see him giving it. Serial killers enjoy the games, the attention and the pain that they produce in the families, the living victims.

I understand her hoping that he has spent years dwelling in the death he caused, but I doubt that he did.

Most serial killers love re-living their crimes, many even return to the murder / burial sites to masturbate. Some bring lovers o these spots for sex because the memories excite them.

I wish that her ideas could be truth but there is no real reason to believe that she can / will / has gotten what she hopes for.

Keith was lured into a car by Brady’s lover Hindley while walking to his grandmother’s house four days after his 12th birthday in June 1964 – two months before Peter Allen, 53, and Wynne Owen Evans became the last murderers to be hanged in the UK.

Brady killed Keith and buried him on the Yorkshire-Lancashire moorland while Hindley kept look-out.

When the e-petition reaches the expected 100,000 signatures, MPs will be forced to debate a return to the gallows.

I can not see any reason to keep serial killers, child killers or pedophiles alive. Medical science, psychiatrists, criminologists, history and more have proven that these offenders can not and will not be “fixed”. They are and always will be threats to society in general, to the weak and to our children in particular.

For these kinds of criminals, the most brutal, repeat, killers and tormentors I support capital punishment.

They add nothing but fear, threats, pain and insecurity to our society, even in prison. Why allow that?

They will never be able to be productive members of society and will always be a threat to anyone that has to come into contact with them (including but not exclusive to guards, doctors, nurses, teaches, visitors, maintenance people, and other prisoners) so why allow this risk to all for the few?

Let me know your opinions and why.

If you want to sign the petition there is a link (a few others as well) below.

An article on the petition.

The Restore Justice Site

The Petition To Restore The Death Penalty In England For Child and Police Killers.

This just seems relevant. A petition to refuse child killers new identities.

If you do not support capital punishment but do support life sentences meaning LIFE this petition is for you.

Tobin case changing laws

Rights of accused under review in wake of Tobin case


21 Dec 2010
The ancient right of Scots to be judged purely on the evidence before them in court rather than their past could be about to go the way of other defences such as double jeopardy.

Parliament is considering an end to double jeopardy, the rule that someone acquitted of an offence cannot then be charged again of the same offence.

Now there is to be a fresh look at two other rights of the accused in the wake of the case of serial killer Peter Tobin.

Currently a Scottish jury must not know whether someone on trial has previous convictions but at the trial in England of serial killer Tobin the jury was told about his previous conviction in Scotland for the murder of Vicky Hamilton.

There are also strict rules in Scots Law requiring two witnesses to corroborate prosecution evidence, but this can be relaxed under the so-called Moorov doctrine allowing cross-corroboration of evidence in different cases to show a pattern of behaviour, and that too could now be formalised in law or extended.

The Scottish Law Commission is publishing a discussion paper asking whether the blanket ban on revealing past convictions should stay, and whether the rules on corroboration should be formally reformed.

Patrick Layden QC, the lead commissioner on the project, said: “The rules of criminal evidence should help ensure that innocent people are not convicted but they should not stand in the way of convicting the guilty. All relevant evidence should be admissible, unless there is some good reason for excluding it. Sometimes evidence of previous convictions would be highly relevant, but the prosecution is not allowed to refer to it.

“We ask whether this blanket rule remains appropriate, or whether it should be possible, in some cases, to refer to the accused’s record in proving the present charge.”

SNP MSP and Justice Committee member Stewart Maxwell asked the Lord Advocate to review the situation following last year’s Tobin case. Tobin’s conviction for the murder of Vicky Hamilton was introduced as evidence, helping to explain the crime scene and establishing a pattern of behaviour which led to Tobin’s conviction for the murder of Dinah McNicol. In Scotland a jury would not have known that Mr Tobin had prior convictions for murder.

The SNP has already introduced legislation which would reform the law of double jeopardy allowing someone to be retried for a serious crime they had been cleared of if new evidence emerged.

Mr Maxwell said: “The trial and conviction of Peter Tobin in England last year for the murder of Dinah McNicol exposes the problems of the law in Scotland.

“In recent cases like Peter Tobin or Angus Sinclair, these killers have a clear modus operandi that could be valuable to a jury. In Scotland, Peter Tobin’s previous convictions would not have been known to the jury – despite them directly relating to the case.”

Original article

I am all for them changing the laws. Criminals change and grow. Criminals learn the laws and use them to their advantage. Laws should protect society and should not be kept if they are being used and abused by predators.

Peter Tobin

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