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Frank Spisak to be executed

Frank Spisak Jr at his trial

A self-proclaimed Nazi who shot 5 people, killing 3 of them in an attempt to start a race war in Cleveland is set to be executed Thursday February 17, 2011.

Frank Spisak aka Frances Anne, was found guilty in 1983 of murdering Rev. Horace Rickerson, Timothy Sheehan and Brian Warford. He also shot John Hardaway several times and shot at but misses Coletta Darrtt.

Spisak told investigators that he went on hunting parties to kill black people. He also blamed blacks for his inability to get a job.

During his initial trial Spisak carried Hitler’s Mein Kampf into the courtroom. He also made a Nazi Salute to the jury.

Frank has claimed that his ‘identity confusion’ is a mental illness and tried get off on an insanity plea. Happily no one has bought that excuse from the man who described how good he felt killing Warford.

So, tomorrow at 10 am Cleveland time the man who has sat on death row for 27 years in Ohio will end his stay and be the last man in Ohio to be put to permanent sleep using sodium thiopental.

Goodbye Frank.




Frank’s whining in his own words.

Serial killer series prompts police to re-open investigations

Police in Ohio and Indiana have launched new murder investigations after a Scripps Howard News Service investigation revealed dozens of clusters of unsolved killings of women nationwide that are likely the work of serial killers. Also, authorities in Nevada acknowledge they are hunting a serial killer, although the public has not been told that the unsolved murders of up to seven women are connected. Through analysis of over 525,000 murders in America, Thomas Hargrove created a database that crime experts say is the most complete accounting of homicide victims ever assembled in the United States. Using the Freedom of Information Act, Hargrove obtained details about 15,000 murders never reported to the FBI. Hargrove also created a Serial Killer Detector, a computer algorithm that flags potential serial killings. Using the Detector, readers and viewers can sort through a database of 185,000 unsolved murders to determine for themselves if serial killers are at work in their communities.


This is the site for the Serial Killer Detector from Scripps News.

I am a bit skeptical about the SK Detector. I think intentions are good but I wonder how much can really be gained. I have to admit that I do not know enough about computer programs to really know how useful it could / will be.
According to this it has already helped maybe.
I tried to get results for New Orleans and it was confusing at best.

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