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Parole Denied for New Zealand Serial Killer

A man labelled New Zealand’s first serial killer who killed two prostitutes and a massage parlour boss in Auckland in 1996 is on the verge of having his prison security risk reduced but won’t be released any time soon.

Hayden Poulter admitted raping and killing prostitute Natacha Hogan in October 1996 and confessed to stabbing sex worker Ladda Nimphet and her boss Herbert Richard Norris on the same night later that year.

Poulter, a 35-year-old labourer at the time of the murderers, became eligible for parole this month after being jailed for at least 15 years in 1997.

He told police that his second personality “Hell” drove him to commit the murders and also the attempted murder of another sex worker Angkana Chaisamret.

He still blames drugs and “Hell” for the murders. That means that he can not have real remorse.  He is still lessening his role, what he did. It means that he is also still lying.

Dissociative identity disorder is extremely rare and it comes with other signs and symptoms This sounds like he took a page from Kenneth Bianchi’s book.

His murders were violent brutal acts that according to Judge Carruthers had “marked aspects of planning”. These were not drug crazed murders. They were the murders of a predator.


At his first appearance before the parole board via video conference last month Poulter said he was deeply remorseful and sad about what had happened and that he felt strongly for the families of his victims.

Judge David Carruthers said the board has been told that Poulter was assessed as a low-medium security risk in prison and that was due to be downgraded to minimum.

Poulter, now 50, had gained a university qualification in prison and some of his artwork sold on online auction site TradeMe last month.

He admitted being a drug addict after undergoing a drug treatment programme and was now mentoring others on the programme. He was due to undertake a sex offenders treatment programme.

It is very easy for serial criminals to behave in custody. The schedules, the fact that they know that they are being watched and the fact that the possibility of future freedom will be based on their actions all lend to how they behave. It also allows them to learn to manipulate others better.

Look at Arthur Shawcross or Edmund Kemper. Both had been convicted of serious and violent crimes but did well in custody.  Of course once released they killed again and again.


Judge Carruthers said despite Poulter being offered a place to stay by a supporter upon his eventual release and doing well in prison he would not be granted parole any time soon.

That is a scary thought. How would you like to find out that your neighbor befriended a serial killer and they are going to let them move in?

“We have been at pains to tell him that that must be regarded as it is some distance away,” he said in the decision.

“There is no question that he cannot be released on parole.”

Why is it so hard to tell him that it will be a long while off? He is a killer.

Poulter will go before the board again in a year’s time.



Hopefully they keep him locked up for a very long time.


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