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Mark Goudeau Gets the Death Penalty

Jurors imposed the death sentence on 47-year-old Mark Goudeau, known as the Baseline Killer, for the murder spree that terrorized Phoenix-area residents for 13 months beginning that August.

The six-woman, six-man jury deliberated for about seven hours before reaching a verdict in the penalty phase of the trial. Goudeau had been found guilty last month of murdering eight women and one man, along with 58 other crimes.

I know that he will probably die of old age in prison but due to the sentence he will have tighter security. He is less of a threat to the many that work for the prison or are in there for some other reason.

Goudeau, already in prison for sexually assaulting two sisters at a south Phoenix park in 2005, also spoke in court for the first time, chastising his attorneys and assuring jurors he was not the “wolf in sheep’s clothing” he was portrayed as.

“I am no monster,” he told the court.

I disagree Mr. Goudeau, as does Phoenix Mayor Phil Gordon. You are a monster.  Only monster’s hide in human skin while hunting, raping and killing humans.

Prosecutors said the attacks began in August 2005 when Goudeau pulled a gun on three teens on Baseline Road. He took them behind a church and sexually assaulted the two girls.

The first murder came a month later, when he killed 19-year-old Georgia Thompson in a parking lot outside her apartment complex, police said.

Goudeau’s final victim was Carmen Miranda, a 37-year-old mother of two taken from a carwash as she was talking on her cell phone near Goudeau’s home in June 2006, prosecutors say. Miranda was later found dead inside her car. 

May your remaining years be filled with what you gave to your victims.


Take a Chilling Look Inside the Baseline Killer Case

The Baseline Killer was first dubbed the Baseline Rapist after Phoenix police announced that a sturdy, light-skinned black man was sexually assaulting females as young as 12 years old at gunpoint near Baseline Road.

He evolved into the Baseline Killer in the spring of 2006 after investigators began to link a series of murders and armed robberies to the rapist.

An excellent look into the crimes, the investigation and the trial of the Baseline Killer.

That police detective Mike Meislish led the search of suspected serial killer Mark Goudeau‘s home on October 7, 2006, was a godsend.

It covers what everyone did right and what they did wrong. It also goes through the evidence against Mark Goudeau.

Detectives had collected some startlingly incriminating evidence during their earlier search of Goudeau’s home within hours after the September arrest.

Among the many items seized were a pair of Goudeau’s white Nike sneakers. The detectives were focusing on white and black footwear because of earlier interviews with some of the assault and robbery victims.

Forensic testing between the September and October searches revealed that DNA from twoof Goudeau’s murder victims had remained on one of his sneakers, despite apparent attempts to wash away possible evidence.

(The analysts found a tiny bit of blood from the only male murder victim, George Chou, on the stitching around the familiar swoosh. The other DNA on the sneaker besides Goudeau’s belonged to Nicole Gibbons, murdered in late March 2006 about two weeks after Chou and, like all the other homicide victims, shot in the head.)

The article gives you a peek at Goudeau as well as discussing the victims.

Goudeau was an in-your-face murderer who interacted verbally with his victims before abruptly ending their lives with his potent .38.

His communications were basic: If you didn’t do what he wanted, he would kill you.

One woman who didn’t go along with Goudeau amazingly survived and later testified against him.

The 31-year-old Phoenix woman later described in chilling detail how, in May 2006, a man wearing a beige, human-like mask carjacked her near 32nd Street and Thomas Road.

I admit it is a bit long but I think it is worth the read.

Baseline Killer Trial Update

Some time around 9 p.m. on June 29, 2006, Jose Reyes was talking on the phone to his girlfriend, Carmen Miranda, who was vacuuming the inside of her car at a car wash on Thomas Road near 29th Street.

Suddenly, Reyes heard a deep voice on Miranda’s side of the call, but because he doesn’t speak English well, he could make out the words, “Give me,” but not what the man wanted her to give. Then he heard Miranda scream and the line went dead.

Reyes called her back, but when Miranda didn’t answer, Reyes called her son, Jaime Coronado Miranda, to see if he knew which car wash she’d gone to.

Jaime was at a store nearby, and he rushed to the car wash where he found one of the floor mats from his mother’s car.

He raced to the apartment he shared with his mother, and when she wasn’t there, he called police and then headed back to the car wash.

Hours later, police found Miranda dead in her car behind a barbershop a half block away.

She was sprawled on the backseat, with her pants pulled down to her knees and a bullet in her head. Her lip was split and there were grip marks on her arms and legs, showing she had struggled with her killer.

Miranda, 37, was the ninth murder by the “Baseline Killer” and last victim.

Both Reyes and Coronado took the stand Monday in Maricopa County Superior Court to testify in the trial of Mark Goudeau, who prosecutors believe killed Miranda and committed a 13-month series of rapes and robberies. He is charged with 74 felonies in the case and, if convicted of any of the murders, faces a possible death sentence.

He is already serving more than 400 years in prison for sexually assaulting two sisters in south Phoenix in 2005.

Miranda’s abduction was caught on surveillance video. It shows a blurry image of a man racing around the back of her car, grabbing her violently and throwing her in the backseat. Then her car can be seen exiting the car wash.

Police descended on the scene within minutes of the 911 call – they were on hair-trigger alert, given the Baseline Killer’s crimes and a serial-shooting spree that was going on at the same time.

But even though Miranda and her attacker were just 100 yards away, police did not find her in time. Her attacker had vanished.

Goudeau lived just two blocks away.

“Carmen Miranda had no way of knowing that the car wash was just blocks from where a serial predator lived,” prosecutor Patricia Stevens said.

Stevens told the jury Monday that the medical examiner extracted a bullet from Miranda’s head that matched the gun used in all the Baseline killings.

Shortly after the murder, police contacted Goudeau as they canvassed the neighborhood. They’d also culled his name out of thousands of tips that came in through Silent Witness.

He was arrested Sept. 6, 2006, after his DNA was identified on one the rape victims, though it took several more months for police to connect him to the murders.

The prosecution is expected to rest its case next week.
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Baseline Killer on Trial

The trial has begun for the man police and prosecutors believe to be the “Baseline Killer,” who terrorized Phoenix for 13 months in 2005 and 2006, committing rapes and robberies and leaving nine dead – all but one of them women.

Mark Goudeau, 46, is already serving a 438-year prison sentence for September 2005 sexual assaults against two sisters near 31st Avenue and Baseline Road in south Phoenix. The women, both in their 20s, were assaulted as they walked home from a park. One of them was six months pregnant, and she testified that Goudeau held his pistol between her legs and made her beg for her baby’s life. Goudeau was convicted of those rapes in 2007.

But he faces 74 more felony charges: nine counts of first-degree murder, for which he could face the death penalty; one count of attempted first-degree murder; 11 counts of kidnapping; one count of attempted kidnapping; 12 counts of armed robbery; three counts of attempted armed robbery; 14 counts of sexual assault; six counts of attempted sexual assault; five counts of sexual abuse; 10 counts of aggravated assault; and one count each of burglary and child molestation.

According to police reports, court documents and testimony, the Baseline Killer, so named because the initial attacks seemed to take place near Baseline Road, would snatch women off busy street corners, even in broad daylight. He wore hats, wigs and masks, and it seemed that the women who were shot to death were those who resisted his sexual assaults.

One survivor only lived because her assailant’s gun misfired.

Goudeau was arrested Sept. 6, 2006, after police got a DNA hit in the 2005 rapes.

His trial will take place in the courtroom of Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Warren Granville. Deputy County Attorneys Suzanne Cohen and Patricia Stevens will try the case; attorneys Randall Craig and Rodrick Carter will defend Goudeau.

And, after a trial expected to last the better part of a year, a jury will determine whether Goudeau committed the following crimes:

– Aug. 6, 2005 – Three teens were approached at 48th Street and Baseline Road; two were sexually assaulted.

– Sept. 9, 2005 – Georgia Thompson, 19, was shot to death outside a Tempe apartment complex where she lived.

– Sept. 28, 2005 – A mother and her adolescent daughter were abducted in their car outside a Mexican restaurant on Central Avenue near Baseline, driven to a secluded area nearby and sexually assaulted.

– Nov. 3, 2005 – A man robbed a lingerie and sex-toy boutique near 32nd Street and Indian School Road at gunpoint and then abducted a woman in her car from a parking lot across the street and sexually assaulted her.

– Nov. 7, 2005 – Two fast-food restaurants were robbed and a woman outside a check-cashing store was robbed at 32nd Street and Thomas Road.

– Dec. 12, 2005 – Tina Washington, 39, was taken from a bus stop at 40th Street and Southern Avenue, dragged behind some stores and shot to death.

– Feb. 20, 2006 – Romelia Vargas, 38, and Mirna Palma Roman, 24, were shot and killed in a lunch wagon they ran at a construction site near 91st Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road.

– March 14, 2006 – Chao “George” Chou, 23, offered a ride home to co-worker Liliana Sanchez Cabrera, 20, after her first shift at a restaurant at 24th Street and Indian School Road. They were abducted in the parking lot. Chou’s body was found in an alley near 32nd Street and Indian School, and Sanchez Cabrera was found dead in the car a few blocks west of 24th.

– April 4, 2006 – The body of Kristina Nicole Gibbons, 26, was found stuffed between a house and a storage unit on 24th Street, south of Thomas Road. Police believed she had been killed March 29.

– April 10, 2006 – Sophia Nuñez, 37, was found shot to death in her bathtub by her 8-year-old son. Nuñez apparently knew Goudeau, and the DNA found on her body linked Goudeau to the bullets that killed all of the victims, authorities say.

– May 1, 2006 – A woman was abducted at gunpoint at 32nd Street and Thomas Road and forced to drive to a secluded location, where she was forced to undress and was sexually assaulted. When she refused to cooperate, the assailant pulled the trigger, but his gun misfired, saving her life. She got out of the car and ran to a nearby house.

– June 29, 2006 – Carmen Miranda, 37, was abducted from a car wash at 29th Street and Thomas Road, just blocks from where Goudeau lived. The abduction was captured on surveillance tape, showing a man in a Gilligan-style hat and a dreadlock wig shoving Miranda into her car and driving off. Though police arrived in minutes, Miranda was found dead in her car just a hundred yards away.
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Another article

Prosecutor: “Suspect in Baseline Killer case a wolf.”

By AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press

Prosecutor Suzanne Cohen said in her opening trial statement that defendant Mark Goudeau was a wolf who hunted his victims.

“The only thing that matched his hunger to rape was his determination to not get caught and not be sitting in this chair,” Cohen said. “Those innocents did nothing wrong but cross his path while he was hunting.”

Goudeau, 46, is accused of killing nine people and committing dozens of other crimes, including rape and child molestation. If convicted of the murder charges, he could face the death penalty.

In his opening statement, defense attorney Randall Craig said there was a serious lack of DNA evidence in the case. He also questioned the integrity of the investigation.

“The Phoenix Police Department suffered from a severe case of tunnel vision,” he said. “The key result of all this was they apprehended the wrong guy.”

As prosecutors laid out their case against the former construction worker, Goudeau sat quietly, wearing a suit and tie and listening closely as the 74 charges were read.

Cohen told the jury to “beware of the predator that comes to you wrapped in sheep’s clothing because he is a ravenous wolf. Mark Goudeau is that ravenous wolf and you shall know him by his deeds.”

She said DNA, ballistics and other evidence tied Goudeau to the crimes. For instance, Cohen said police found a ring belonging to murder victim Tina Washington inside one of Goudeau’s shoes when they searched his house. The ring had three birth stones and the phrase “we love mom” inscribed on the side.

Washington, a 39-year-old preschool teacher, was found shot to death in an alley on Dec. 12, 2005. She had been waiting at a bus stop after a Christmas party when her attacker struck.

Later Monday, Cohen called the first witness — an 18-year-old woman whom Goudeau is accused of sexually assaulting along with another girl when they were 12. The Associated Press has a policy of not identifying the victims of sexual abuse.

The young woman cried and wiped her eyes as she told jurors how she and her friend were forced to take off their clothes on Aug. 6, 2005, and how they were sexually assaulted.

She also said the assailant put a gun to her head and threatened to shoot her if she looked at him. When Cohen asked the woman who had assaulted her, she said it was Goudeau.

Under cross-examination by Craig, the woman said she never saw the suspect’s face and based her in-court identification of him on a picture of Goudeau that she saw on television when he was arrested.

She said it was dark outside, and the assailant wore a baseball cap and kept his head constantly lowered. The woman said she was able to observe the assailant’s mannerisms and physical characteristics, and that she was positive Goudeau was the person who sexually assaulted her.

In opening arguments, Cohen detailed every crime Goudeau is charged with in graphic detail.

She showed the court images of the bodies of the victims — all shot in the head and lying in pools of blood.

Some people attending the trial had to leave the courtroom as the pictures were shown, including that of a 37-year-old woman whose 8-year-old son found her body at home in a tub of water.

Cohen said the boy turned off the water and unsuccessfully tried to pull her out of the tub before attempting to perform CPR on her lifeless body.

The picture showed the woman’s arm dangling over the edge of the white tub, with blood running down the side.

Goudeau has pleaded not guilty. His trial is expected to last nine months.

He already is serving a 438-year prison sentence after being convicted in 2007 of 19 counts in a 2005 attack. In that case, police say he raped a woman while pointing a gun at her sister’s belly.

The killings started in August 2005 and ended with the murder of Carmen Miranda of Phoenix in what police described as a “blitz attack” on the mother of two on June 29, 2006. She was vacuuming her car and talking on her cellphone at an east Phoenix car wash when a man kidnapped her then shot her in the head and shoved her body in the back seat.

The other eight people who were killed also were attacked while going about daily activities, such as leaving work or cooking lunch.

The victims were shot in the head, and many of the bodies were left with their pants unzipped and partially pulled down. The victims — eight of them women — ranged from 19 to 39 years old.

Defense attorneys contend there are likelier suspects than Goudeau and discredit the DNA tests.

Before handing down the sentence in the 2005 rape, Superior Court Judge Andrew Klein said Goudeau must have two “diametrically opposed” personalities — one calm and respectful in court, and the other sociopathic and brutal.

Goudeau also has been imprisoned for 13 years after being convicted of beating a woman’s head against a barbell. The Arizona Board of Executive Clemency paroled him eight years early in 2004.

Goudeau previously acknowledged being a recovering drug addict and once blamed his history of violence on a weakness for crack cocaine.

Police named the series of killings and other crimes after Baseline Road in south Phoenix where many of the earliest attacks happened. Goudeau lived only a few miles from many of the attack sites, and Miranda was killed just around the corner from his house.


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