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Possibly more victims in New York case



The murders of two prostitutes are being investigated as possible link to several bodies of other prostitutes found between Jones, Oak and Gilgo beaches since December 2010.

According to the New York Post, police have revisited the case of 39-year-old East New York resident, Tanya Rush whose dismembered remains were found stuffed in a suitcase. Rush’s remains were found June 27, 2008 along the Southern State Parkway in Bellmore on June 27, 2008. She was the mother of three.

The New York Post source would not disclose any details about the second victim. Suffolk investigators believe at least two killers have dumped the eight bodies found within the past few months.

The investigation into the suspected serial killer, who dumped his victims near Jones Beach State Park in Nassau County, New York and Ocean Parkway, and Gilgo and Oak Beaches in Suffolk County, concluded more than a week ago with police finding no additional human remains, Newsday reported.

Initially, police were searching for Jersey City resident Shannan Gilbert who vanished after arranging to meet a client from Craigslist on Fire Island when they stumbled upon the first four bodies. Gilbert, missing since May 1, 2010, still has not been found. She was last seen begging for help at the home of an Oak Beach resident, but disappeared after the man called 911.

In all, ten bodies have been found over the past five months. Six additional remains were found within the past two months. It remains unclear if the same person killed all of the victims.

I think that the baby and the male victim were 2 separate killings unconnected to the other victims.

As to the 6 females found the two that had been dismembered and scattered they might have been killed by a different killer than the other 4. I would need more details and a better timeline than the one I have drawn out for myself to give an opinion that mattered.

The full article links these bodies to the Atlantic City murders but I doubt they are connected.

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