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Serial Killer Guilory Will Spend Life in Prison

At least that is what he was sentenced to.


Baton Rouge’s third suspected serial killer was formally sentenced to life behind bars Wednesday morning.

Jeffery Lee Guillory’s sentencing was postponed back in November due to a personal emergency involving one of the attorneys in the case.

He is already serving 50 years for attempted murder.

The life sentence is for the 2002 murder of Renee Newman. Guillory was not eligible to be sentenced to death.

“Renee’s murder occurred nine years ago and at that point in time, the death penalty wasn’t applicable for this type of crime,” said prosecutor Dana Cummings. “If it had happened this year, it would have been, because of the new serial killer statute.”

When asked by Judge Tony Marabella if he wanted to make a statement, Guillory declined.

He has also been accused in the deaths of two other women in the Baton Rouge area.

Investigators said fingerprints have connected Guillory to the killing of Sylvia Cobb and DNA has linked him to the murder of Florida Edwards.  


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