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Serial Killer Ivan Milat’s Great Nephew Convicted of Murder

POEMS written by a relative of serial killer Ivan Milat have given a chilling insight into his thinking at the time he killed a teenager in the Belanglo State Forest in NSW.

David Auchterlonie

David Auchterlonie was found murdered in the Belanglo State Forest.

Matthew Milat, 19, and Cohen Klein, 19, are facing a sentencing submission hearing in the Supreme Court over the murder of David Auchterlonie in November 2010.

Court documents tendered during today’s proceedings include several poems penned by Milat, the great-nephew of backpacker murderer Ivan.

In one he writes “clouds roll over in light blue skies/like darkness in a killer’s eyes”.

In another he wrote “I am not fazed by blood or screams/nothing I do will haunt my dreams”.

One is written in a rap style and called “your last day“.

Earlier today, the family of David Auchterlonie told the Supreme Court they remain “terrified” of the knowledge of how he died at the hands of a relative of serial killer Ivan Milat.

Matthew Milat 19, and Cohen Klein 19, have pleaded guilty to the teenager’s murder at the Belanglo State Forest in November 2010.

Also where Ivan Milat killed.

The parents and grandparents of Auchterlonie have today read victim impact statements to the Supreme Court, where the pair are facing a sentencing hearing.

His father David Auchterlonie told Acting Justice Jane Mathews that his son “received a life sentence, but it’s a curse for those of us let behind”.

“I wanted to kiss him goodbye (when they saw his body) but he was a (court) exhibit now,” he said.

His mother Debbie Locke told the court she often wears her son’s jackets and hooded tops to feel close to him.

“I have learnt to live with this agonising pain,” she said.

Acting Justice Jane Mathews formally convicted the pair this morning ahead of a sentencing hearing in the Supreme Court.

Court documents say Milat said in doing the killing he was just “doing what my family does” and that as they ventured towards the bush said “we’re going to Belanglo, someone’s going to die.”

The court heard the murder and 15 minutes of dialogue were captured on Klein’s mobile phone.

The 17-year-old Auchterlonie was killed using an axe,with court documents say Milat hovered over him for 10 minutes before the murder, saying “you move, I chop your head off.”

The hearing continues.

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So this pitiful excuse for a human is claiming that he killing is in his blood? Bull! He is a sadistic twerp who is using that as an ‘excuse’ of sorts. He has probably used it his whole life for various reasons. His way to get attention, to intimidate some, impress others. It was his claim to fame.

As I said, pitiful.

From what I have read they tormented and tortured David and really had no reason to. They also recorded it.

These ‘men’ are killers and if they had not been caught this time there would have been more bodies.

The boy coaxed Auchterlonie out of the car and swung the axe into his torso. Mr Day yelled, “Don’t do this shit.” The boy responded, “Shut up, c. . .t.”

Auchterlonie pleaded with the boy,saying: “Please, mate, please, mate, I didn’t do nothing.”

The boy replied, “You’re a f. . . king dead c. . .t, ‘Auchto’.”

He accused Auchterlonie of telling people about money that he stole from his mother’s house, but Auchterlonie denied the accusation. he forced Auchterlonie to lie face down in the dirt. “I warned you that I was a bit of a f. . . king nut lately,” he said. After the final blow, “the sound of the air leaving his body is also captured on the recording”.

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Belanglo State Forest
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Serial Killer Dying For a Playstation

The Sony Playstation is so popular that even geriatrics enjoy some of the intense gaming offered by the console. For instance, a 67-year old serial killer in Australia wants one so bad he’s staging a hunger strike. Guess he hasn’t been daunted by the recent PSN crash and his desire for the gaming console is becoming a need; If he doesn’t get one, he’ll possibly starve to death.

Ivan Milat

For those of you who don’t know who Ivan Milat is, well, consider yourselves lucky for one thing. He’s possibly one of Australia’s most notorious serial killers and is responsible for the “Backpacker Murders,” having claimed seven or more victims throughout the 1990s, and possibly prior. Most of his victims were international backpackers who traveled the world and were between the ages of 19 and 22. He preyed on young girls and men, deriving pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering.

Ivan Milat methodically bound his victims, sometimes stretching their arms above their heads and gagging them. Once they were bound and rendered defenseless, he would then unleash what can only be described as “frenzied” attacks on the victims. The first two bodies discovered, two young girls, indicated he had bound them both in this manner. He shot one several times, and stabbed the other to the point that some of her ribs were severed. The shocking details of the backpacker murders can be read further here.

Ivan Milat is apparently bored, since he is serving more than seven consecutive life sentences for his crimes, so he probably really does want that Playstation console. In fact, he’s downright stir-crazy and has not eaten in nine days, reports one source. Officials in the High Court in Australia aren’t surprised, because this isn’t the first time Milat has pulled a far-out and crazy stunt to get attention. He’s kind of an attention-whore like that. Back in January of 2009, Milate sawed off one of his own fingers with a plastic knife and attempted to mail it to the High Court in Australia. Doctors were not able to sew the digit back in place. He has also swallowed razor blades and other metallic objects to both harm himself and garner attention.

“There’s no inmate on my watch who would ever get anything close to a Playstation, particularly Australia’s worst serial killer,” said Woodham. “I knew he’d start eating again because he likes his food too much. He can stage as many protests as he likes, but there’d be no point if he got one because he needs two hands to use it.

Prison staff are currently observing Milat closely, with intravaneous means of feeding him in case he collapses. They are not going to allow him to starve to death in their prison, nor are they going to entertain his desires to have a Playstation console.


This is ridiculous. He wants s a frigging PlayStation?

Let him die already. How much did it cost the tax payers to attempt to sew his finger back on after he sawed it off? How much did it cost when he swallowed the blades? How much is this latest stunt costing the tax payers? For what? Why are they keeping him alive?

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