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Cuffe Parade Murder(s)

Note: This is actually about 3 children that were murdered. Their cases may or maynot be connected. Still waiting on more information.

Cuffe Parade murder case: Mumbai Police fail to make headway

Mahima Sikand

MUMBAI: The police, probing the rape and murder of a three-year-old girl whose body was found floating in the sea near Maker Towers in Cuffe Parade, seem to have hit a dead end. The footage obtained from CCTVs installed in and around Maker Towers has not shed any light on the identity of the killer. Said a senior officer involved with the probe, said on Tuesday that the police had checked footage from the area from the time the victim went missing late last Wednesday till her body was discovered the next morning.

“We checked the footage closely, but couldn’t spot anyone coming and dumping the body in the sea.” We will check how the accused managed to go undetected,” he said.

Such a sad case. They might be looking at a family member (seems dad is most suspected) or family friend. I do not think that they have said for sure that this option has become a dead end.

Cuffe Parade murder: Killer removed bulb before abducting kid


DNA / Preety Acharya / Saturday, April 21, 2012 8:00 IST

In the incident of rape and murder of the two-and-a-half Angel Sharma at Cuffe Parade, the killer apparently had the bulb in the house removed before kidnapping the baby, apparently to avoid detection.

Police are now taking fingerprints of Angel’s grandmother Rani, uncle Albert Fernandis, step-father Ashok Jadhav, grandfather James Fernandis and a few other neighbours. Confirming this, a officer from the the Cuffe Parade police said, “We are taking fingerprints of the people who had access to the child as well as those living close to the Fernandes home. We will match the fingerprints with those found on the bulb.”

The police suspect there is a big chance of some known person being involved in kidnapping the minor from her house. In fact, they interrogated Ashok and James for over 48 hours besides taking their DNA samples. Apart from checking the phone call records of all the male family members, the police have taken the DNA samples of nearly 20 other people, including relatives and neighbours. All 20 were first taken to the Colaba police and then to Nagpada police hospital before being taken to JJ Hospital for a medical check-up.

“As the child was raped, we will be checking for any matching of the DNA samples to identify the killer,” added the officer.

Mother of the deceased Suzan Sharma, however, has claimed harassment at the hands of the police. “I have already lost my daughter, and now the police are harassing me by not allowing my husband and father to go free. We don’t have an issue with the police collecting DNA samples as they are doing it for my daughter. But why torture my husband even before the results are out. On Thursday night, they beat up my father very badly,” she complained.

I have to wonder why they suspected the father, is it just because that does happen or was there another reason. Again, I don’t think this angle has been dismissed completley yet. I guess the DNA results will tell about the rape but not the kidnapping.

There are other reports that believe that there is a serial killer on the loose with 2 other little girls being murdered in the same way.

Joshua Patnigere
Mumbai : Having initially suspected the father of 3-year-old Angel Sharma for murdering her, officers part of the joint investigating team of the Colaba and Cuffe Parade Police on Saturday said the killer wanted for murdering two other girls in the area may be responsible for her murder as well.

Ambedkar Nagar resident Angel had gone missing from her house around 2 am on Thursday. Her body was found near the sea line close to Maker Tower L in Cuffe Parade around 8.30 am the same day. Post-mortem reports revealed that Angel had been raped and then strangled.

A joint team of officers from Colaba and Cuffe Parade police are probing the earlier murders of two minor girls from the area. The victims — Colaba resident Karishma Chavan and Cuffe Parade resident Jagruti Patel — were found dead near the Nariman Point Fire Brigade Depot. While Jagruti was found dead on November 13 last year, Karishma was found dead on January 18. Both girls were around three years old.

The police had said both murders could be the handiwork of the same person as the victims had died of a fatal blow to the head. However, no arrests have been made yet in either case.

An officer part of the investigation said there were many similarities in the cases. “Jagruti was kidnapped on October 20 and then killed. Karishma was found dead on January 18 and Angel was found murdered on April 19. The time between all three murders is nearly three months. This may not be a coincidence considering that the victims are all girls in the 3-4 age group,” said the officer.

The officer said, “All three victims either stayed with their grandmothers or were with them when they went missing. Jagruti stayed with her grandmother, but was with her parents on the fateful night. Karishma was kidnapped from Sassoon Docks in Colaba on January 17 when she was with her grandmother. Angel was kidnapped while she was sleeping next to her grandmother. There is a possibility that the killer prefers such victims,” the officer said, adding that the suspect may be a local.

However, the officer added that if the same killer was involved, he strayed from his pattern when murdering Angel.

“The first two victims died of head injuries but Angel was strangled. The first two bodies were found in a secluded spot, while Angel’s body was found near the sea. The killer may have strayed from his pattern because of police presence near the crime scene,” the officer said.

Meanwhile, the police sent Angel’s father along with several other suspects to seek their DNA tests.

Is it sad that I hope that it wasn’t the father? That I would actually think in my head, “please let it be anyone other than the parent”?

RIP little girls and I hope that this is sorted out soon and that the killer rapist of these children is brought to swift, painful justice.

Serial Killer Trial Gets Attention in India

Curious case of ‘Cyanide’ Mohan draws advocates

Times Of India

MANGALORE: Advocates at the fast-track court are flocking to district and session’s court premises here since Monday, a day when the court took up hearing of cases against Mohan Kumar, the teacher-turned-‘serial-killer’. Their presence stems from fact that Mohan, who is accused of alluring and murdering at least 20 women, is defending the case himself.

Harish, an advocate who deals mainly with motor vehicles cases, was an attentive listener during the second day of the proceedings at the fast-track court on Tuesday. He was there to see how a person, accused of killing 20 women, would cross the prosecution witnesses after their examination in-chief. Uday Alva, a lawyer dealing with civil matters, was there to ascertain how intelligent the alleged killer is.

However, another lawyer from Kerala, sat through the morning session waiting for his client’s turn for hearing. “A case of my client is pending before this court. If the judge takes it up in my absence, it will get adjourned to a later date,” he said. Asserting that he has no special interest in the Mohan’s case, the lawyer said: “The accused is better off hiring a lawyer rather than making suggestions in the form of admission.”

Public prosecutor Sreeshail Taranhalli says it is the first instance in his professional career where he has seen a murder accused not availing professional legal help. “Judge Linganna Gouda Jantli offered to provide him one through the District Legal Services Authority, but he refused,” Sreeshail says.

Mohan, a PUC student who did his BEd to become a teacher, has picked up a few law tips reading books on law during his period of incarceration.

Ambika, lawyer practising criminal law, said Mohan is better off seeking professional legal help. “It is a good case for prosecution,” she adds.

Special PP Cheyabba Beary said the court on the second day heard deposition of four witnesses. The hearings are likely to go up to December 8.

A little background information on Mohan Kumar;

Married three times, Mohan divorced his first wife, whom he married in 1987. He presently lives with his second and third wives at Uppala and Deralakatte respectively. His tryst with criminality started in 2000 when he lured Rathna to marry him. When she refused, Mohan tried to push her off the Nethravathi Bridge at Dharmasthala. He was however acquitted in the court for lack of sufficient evidence against him, the SP said.

IGP (western range) Gopal Hosur, who as DySP had nabbed then famous serial killer Waddara Sankappa in 1985, described Mohan Kumar as a coherent person who knew what he was doing. His target was to ‘work on’ each of his potential victims for two months, while scouting for his next victim, Hosur said. The details of Mohan’s escapades with these women have been shared with the police authorities concerned, he noted.

With no direct contact with the victim’s family, the accused was never a suspect in any of these cases, he said. Investigations have led police to a person in Puttur who supplied cyanide to the accused, the IGP said adding that this person would be treated as an abettor. His unique selling proposition with his victims was his assurance to marry them without dowry and this was probably what lured most of them to his deathly embrace.

Police seized 8 cyanide tablets, four mobile phones and jewellery belonging to Anitha. Hosur said a case of rape and murder has been taken up against Mohan Kumar at Bantwal, and all the remaining 17 cases against him would now have to be reopened and reinvestigated in light of the new evidence. The DGP Ajai Kumar Singh is likely to reward the team during his impending visit to the city over the next few days, he said.

This will be a speedy set of trials unlike many serial cases in the United States and elsewhere.


Serial Killer’s Wife on Reality Television Show

Asia’s notorious “Bikini Killer” is in the headlines once again due to the 22-year-old Nepalese girl he married secretly while serving a life sentence in Kathmandu, the Times of India reports.  The hook?  Reality TV, of course.

Nihita Biswas Sobhraj, who married the alleged serial killer under the nose of prison authorities, is appearing on India’s Bigg Boss, a reality show modeled after Big Brother.  And apparently, she plans to use the platform to do more than make bitchy comments: She’s hoping that TV’s bully pulpit will help her to clear her husband’s name and get him out of the clink.

Sobhraj was captured in Kathmandu in 2003 and convicted of the murder of Connie Jo Bronzich, an American backpacker who was killed in 1975, based on “a document described as Sobhraj’s confession to murder before Indian authorities in New Delhi,” according to the paper.

But his wife has said that the reports of mass serial killings against him are just rumors and that in many of the countries where he is said to have committed the murders, there is not even any police complaint filed against him.

Meanwhile, even in India, where Sobhraj’s crimes were the most well-documented, he was never convicted of murder despite the purported existence of a confession, and in Nepal the court convicted him based on photocopies of evidence, even though the law says they are inadmissible, TOI said.

With his wife planning to plead his case every chance she gets in front of millions of TV viewers, Sobhraj is now “planning to go ballistic, detailing the rampant corruption among police, courts and the prisons on his website this week,” TOI said.

Full article here

He is such an attention whore. She is either just as bad or she is stupid. I am thinking just as bad.

There is a list of crimes that he is accuse of so long it is astonishing. No, he has not been charged, they have him locked up and the courts want to move on is what I am thinking. Not only that but they do not want him to profit from his crimes any longer.

Crime Does Pay

Imagine that you could earn nearly a million dollars for every year you spent in prison with the understanding that you would likely get out in the prime of your life. Would you take that deal?

More specifically, suppose you could live like royalty behind bars, in almost total control, with guests free to come and go as they pleased, cellphones, TV, gourmet food and fine wine to eat and drink. Would that make the deal worth 20 years of your life?

Charles Sobhraj in France

Charles Sobhraj in France

For serial murderer Charles Sobhraj, the idea of retiring to Paris and making $15 million for a movie deal based on his life made spending more than two decades in a notoriously corrupt Indian prison worthwhile. Sobhraj, a Vietnamese-Indian by birth and French national by adoption, turned a sentence for homicide in India into almost a life of leisure while at the same time evading prosecution for a dozen murders in jurisdictions that should have brought a death sentence.

He was a con man, jewel thief, drug dealer and murderer, but one who lived a life of adventure and intrigue that made him a media celebrity. He amassed enough money to bribe his captors who provided him with amenities to make life in an Indian prison more bearable. For most of his incarceration he had access to typewriters, a television, refrigerator and a large library. That’s in addition to the drugs and food that he used to entertain and control his fellow inmates in the prison that was supposed to be the harshest in India.

Even more vexing  was the idea that, at 52 years old, Sobhraj could walk out of Delhi’s Tihar prison, sign a $15 million deal for his life story and then charge the media upwards of $5,000 an interview once he returned to Paris.

Not bad for a man who was convicted of one homicide and accused of committing at least 10 more. Some authorities believe Sobhraj killed more than 20 unsuspecting European and American tourists and pilgrims who journeyed to the Far East and the subcontinent. Some came east in search of drugs and others came in search of spiritual growth. Instead, they found Charles Sobhraj and his gang of killers.

Crime Library

Now his wife and him have found a new way to profit from the blood and loss of others.

This show should be ashamed but it isn’t.

Biswas’ arrival on the studio set was greeted with roars of approval from the live audience. She told the shows hosts, Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt that she had been married to Sobhraj for three years and was proud to have him as her husband.

She said she had a received a call to participate in the show and her husband told her she must do it.

Biswas’ mother, Shakuntala Thapa, is one of Sobhraj’s Nepalese lawyers. He was convicted seven years ago for the killing of Connie Joe Bronzich in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu in 1975.

Full story here.

Three teenagers, exorcist arrested in serial murder case

Three teenagers and an exorcist have been arrested in connection with a serial murder case, a senior police officer said in Aligarh on Saturday (09/10). Dhirendra, Daboo and Chunmum, aged between 17 and 18 years, were arrested in Shyampur village in Aligarh on Friday in connection with the killing of two children, SSP Satyendra Veer Singh told reporters in Aligarh.

He said an exorcist, Bablesh Varshney, was also arrested on the basis of information provided by the trio.

The exorcist had asked the teenagers to arrange blood of 11 children and in return promised them wealth and fortune through black magic, Singh said.

The trio had allegedly killed two children in Jawa area in Aligarh, one in Bulandshahr and were planning to kill one more child, the SSP said.

Police succeeded in cracking the case after kin of one of the victims raised suspicion over Varshney’s role, the police officer said.

Serial Killer in India Held

‘Serial killer’ held for murder of 15 women

Syed Rizwanullah, TNN, Mar 18, 2011, 05.29am IST

AURANGABAD: The Nanded police have arrested a 32-year-old man for the murder of 15 women over a span of one-and-a-half years in various places in Marathwada, Vidarbha and the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. The man, Aziz Khan Mohammad Pathan, killed the women with the intention of robbing them of their jewellery, the police said.

He had also allegedly raped five of his victims before killing them. Most of the women were in their 50s and 60s. Pathan was nabbed by the Nanded police from his native village Rupali in Vidarbha on March 11. He will be produced in court on Friday for an extension of his police custody. Nanded superintendent of police Sandeep Karnik said Pathan has confessed to not only having killed all 15 women but also attempting to kill six other women. Pathan, who is married a second time and has two children, hails from Javalgaon in Nanded district but moved to Rupali a few years ago.

His first wife, who was from Harsani in Nanded, had left him to live with another man. She had also lodged a complaint against him for dowry harassmentin 2006, for which Pathan had been arrested. At the Nanded jail where he had been lodged, Pathan met a serial killer, Vishnu Bhanu Rathod, who had murdered 10 women by strangulating them to death with his bare hands. Incidentally, Pathan has told the police that he used a rope to strangulate his victims. “Pathan has confessed to the Nanded local crime branch (LCB) that he strangulated seven women and attempted to kill six others in Nanded district alone,” said inspector B N Dole.

“He has also confessed to the murder of three women in Hingoli district, one each in Parbhani and Yavatmal (Vidarbha), two in Adilabad district and one in Nizamabad district of Andhra Pradesh.According to Dole, Pathan was a tractor driver in Waghala, Nanded. “Around one-anda-half years back, he quit the job and took to murdering women for their jewellery and other valuables. He grew bolder as every murder he committed remained undetected. Given the similarities in the murders, Sandeep Bishnoi, special inspector general of police (Nanded range), had announced an award of Rs 50,000 for anyone giving information about the killer,” Dole said.

Pathan would target women who were alone at home or in the farms, Dole said. He would approach them asking either for a glass of water or for a job as a tractor driver or if they had seen a bullock he would claim to have lost. Inspector M A Rauf of the Hingoli local crime branch told TOI that Pathan was wanted for the murder of three women in the district.

“In December last year, he killed a 52-year-old woman in Jamgavhan village who was alone at home. However, a 22-year-old woman saw the murder and was about to raise an alarm when Pathan killed her as well with a sickle. The third victim was a 62-year-old woman,” he said. After these three murders, the Hingoli police prepared a sketch of Pathan as described by people who had seen him near the places where the murders had been committed. “We prepared the sketch on December 18. On March 11, following a tip-off that Pathan was seen in Rupali village, a team of the Nanded police went there and nabbed him.


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