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Unknown Serial Killers in Florida

Daytona Beach and Ft Meyers serial murders unsolved.

Video here

Dr. Sidney Merin has interviewed dozens of serial killers. He says they have many different characteristics. But one fact ties them all together: they were abused physically or psychologically during their childhoods by family of friends.

That is just not true.
Not all serial killers were abused as children.
There are many cases of serial killers who were not abused.
Dr. Merin might have interviewed ‘dozens’ but he has bought into a common misconception and is spreading misinformation.
He has to realize that they lie. Yeah, imagine that, serial killers lie and exaggerative the truth. They jump on ‘band wagons’ and try to illicit attention and sympathy.

It is sad when so called experts ‘buy into’ this sort of thing, it gives a blanket excuse to these killers. It does buy them some sort of sympathy in some minds.

The actual story is interesting although a bit fractured and confusing in the video.
The Dr. is just very uninformed. Or worse, he is trying to become another talk t.v. bobble head.

I got a chance to see the reconstructed faces of eight men whose remains were found in a makeshift graveyard, just four miles from downtown Ft. Myers.

Police say they were all the victims of a serial killer.

The remains were found along an isolated road. Now profilers tell me some serial killers choose to hide their victims, others like to display them.

But this killer chose to hide his victims deep in the woods, a place he probably revisited many times to relive the kill.

Investigators have never released the cause of death for the victims in this case, nor have they ever named a prime suspect. But one thing is certain: this killer, like any others, doesn’t value life……….

Daytona Beach is know for it’s great car races and beaches. But a serial killer is on the loose there, too.

All of the women were assaulted, and then shot to death point blank range. Investigators say this killer is very dominate, and according to police, this serial killer targets prostitutes, especially along a stretch of highway called Ridgewood.

Unlike the Ft. Myers case, police say they have tons of physical evidence and they know the killer used a 40-caliber handgun.

Police say this serial killer has been profiled as a white male with no criminal record. They say he is probably a professional in a stable relationship or married.

But so far, Daytona Beach Police have not one lead to follow and fear he will strike again.

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