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Winnipeg Serial Killer Caught

A Canadian drifter with an extensive criminal background is now accused of becoming a Winnipeg serial killer.

Shawn Cameron Lamb, 52, has been charged with three counts of second-degree murder for the deaths of Tanya Nepinak, Carolyn Sinclair, and Lorna Blacksmith, police announced Monday morning. Police are also investigating whether the accused could be involved in other unsolved cases of murdered or missing women, the source says.

All three women worked in the city’s sex-trade industry. Police said the bodies of Sinclair and Blacksmith have been located – reportedly in dumpsters and wrapped in plastic – while the search for Nepinak’s remains is ongoing.

Court records obtained by the Free Press show police believe Nepinak was killed Sept. 13, 2011, Sinclair was killed Dec. 18, 2011 and Blacksmith was killed Jan. 12, 2012.

Lamb has an extensive criminal history over the past 10 years, according to court documents obtained by the Free Press. They include dozens of convictions for robbery, carrying weapons, uttering threats, fraud, forgery, assaulting police officers, possessing stolen property, break-and-enter and breaching numerous court orders.

The revolving doors of justice really need to be nailed closed. It is sickening to hear that a serial killer has a criminal history like this. There were so many chances to stop him and save so many lives.

Winnipeg police Chief Keith McCaskill said Lamb was identified as a suspect in a serious sexual assault last Thursday. After he was arrested on that case, evidence came to light that tied him to the three killings.

That makes 4 recent victims, one survived in my opinion.

Guyader said a team of 24 investigators – 10 from the Winnipeg Police Service and 14 from the RCMP – are part of the ongoing investigation into the possibility other homicides may be linked to the same suspect..

McCaskill said Lamb has travelled extensively across the country and that investigators will be in contact with other police agencies to see if he is connected with any unsolved homicides in other communities.

Guyader said he could not confirm that any of the three women were involved in the sex trade. McCaskill said it’s irrelevant how the murdered women made their living.

“They are victims and they should never have been,” McCaskill said.


Guyader would not disclose where else Lamb has travelled across the country or why he travelled so much. Guyader said the bodies of Blacksmith and Sinclair are too badly decomposed to determine a cause of death or to know if they had been sexually assaulted, adding however that forensic work is being done to answer those questions.

Guyader said the families of all three women were spoken to by investigators in person late Sunday. McCaskill said AMC Grand Chief Derek Nepinak was briefed this morning.

In addition to the three killings and last week’s sex assault, Lamb is also accused of an Oct. 30, 2011 sexual assault, sexual interference and procuring of a child under the age of 18 to work in the sex-trade. He is also accused of failing to abide by a previous court order by abstaining from drugs and alcohol.

However, court records show Lamb wasn’t arrested on those charges until late May. It’s not immediately clear if, or when, he was granted bail. However, he was obviously released at some point since he was arrested in the community last Thursday.

If they had kept the bastard locked away after he was arrested the last time (not to mention al the other times) for sexual assault, sexual interference and procuring of a child under the age of 18 to work in the sex-trade there would be 3 women alive today.

Really he pimped out a child (according to the report above) and he was freed? Sexual assault still free. Not found guilty but let to walk the streets until trial!!!


Full story here.

Is Magnotta a Serial Killer?

R.I.P. Jun Lin

Besides an insighful comment made by wildninja 

I suspect that this is not his first violent crime against a human being, but probably the first that was noticed.

there are others that believe Luka may have killed before.

Cops fear gay porn star ‘cannibal’ fugitive may have murdered before

Montreal Police Cmdr Ian Lafreniere said when gay porn star Magnotta is caught, they will launch a review of all cold cases and unsolved murders.

Obviously this was written before he was caught.

The fugitive, who has a number of aliases, is wanted for first-degree murder, defiling a corpse and using the mail system for delivering “obscene, indecent, immoral or scurrilous” material.

The New York Observer is connecting Luka to the Hollywood Sign Murder that happened in California last year. Law enforcement is not saying he is a suspect but they have not ruled him out either.

Could Canadian killer and infamous internet villain Luka Magnotta be behind a Hollywood murder mystery? After an international manhunt, German police say they have arrested Luka Magnotta in Berlin over ten days after he allegedly killed and dismembered a man named Lin Jun, posted a gruesome video of the crime online and mailed the body parts to the headquarters of Canadian political parties. However, The Observer has uncovered information that could potentially link Mr. Magnotta to an infamous case from earlier this year where the severed head and hands of a man were found on a wooded trail near the Hollywood sign.

There was a YouTube account set up named HollywoodLoveLetters that some that have been following the story think Magnotta himself set up.  There is no solid proof but the Observer does have some interesting circumstanal evidence.

HollywoodLoveLetters began directly referring to the Hollywood Sign killing by “liking” a video news report on the case. That day, HollywoodLoveLetters also posted another video about Mr. Magnotta entitled “The James Dean Killer – 1 Man 1 Icon – Luka Rocco Magnotta.” This second video features several purported personal photos of Mr. Magnotta including pictures described as showing his parents in the 1980′s and him at five months old that do not seem to have appeared online prior to the video’s release. In the purported photo of his parents, his mother is scrawled out. A distorted voice in the video also utters the words “The Nine Satanic Statements,” which come from the bible of the Church of Satan. Last April, a post titled “The Nine Satanic Statements, Sins and Rules Of The Earth” appeared on one of the many blog sites that seem to have been maintained by Mr. Magnotta. The naming convention of the newest HollywoodLoveLetters video also matches the title of the gruesome video of the Canadian killing that was posted online, which was “1 Lunatic 1 Icepick.” The account has shown no new activity since Mr. Magnotta’s capture this morning and the user did not respond to a request for comment last night.

In addition to the YouTube activity and the obvious similarities in the methodology of the Jun killing and the Hollywood Sign murder, which both involved severed body parts placed in prominent locations, Facebook postings on one of the many accounts attributed to Mr. Magnotta indicate he was in Los Angeles less than one month after the Hollywood Sign killing. In the postings, which were dated February 19, the Facebook user who identifies themselves as Mr. Magnotta tries to arrange a meeting with a friend and informs them he is “doing massages” in Los Angeles.

The severed head and hands were found by the Hollywood Sign by two women who were walking their dogs on January 17. Police later identified the victim as Hervey Medellin, 66. Mr. Medellin was reported missing by his boyfriend on January 9.

We have given this information to police in both Montreal and Los Angeles. Both agencies have told us they are reviewing our tip.

“For the moment we’re still working on what we have here. We have a lot of things to do on that,” Mr. Paradiso said. “Maybe tomorrow, or sometime this week, I’m going to call LAPD or speak with someone there to see if there’s a link between our file and their file.”

Also, more packages have been discovered, this time at 2 schools possibly linked to this case.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia — Police said Tuesday packages delivered to two Vancouver schools contained a human foot and hand.

Vancouver Deputy Police Chief Warren Lemcke said he could not immediately confirm if they were connected to the Montreal killing of a Chinese student who was murdered and dismembered.

Alleged killer Luka Rocco Magnotta is to be extradited from Germany for the killing of Jun Lin.

The British Columbia Coroner’s Service and the Vancouver police’s major crime investigators have been called in. One of Lin’s hands, a foot and his head are still missing.

Last week, body parts were mailed to the headquarters of the federal Liberal and Conservative parties.

Lemcke said Vancouver police are still investigating the two incidents. The first package containing what appeared to be a human hand was opened by staff at False Creek Elementary School after 1 p.m. local time Tuesday. Another package containing what appeared to be a human foot was found by staff at St. George’s School later Tuesday.

More here

It is hard to believe that Magnotta’s first time killing would be this one. From what I have seen and heard he did not act like a man killing and dismembering for the first time. Not that that is proof either but there is usually some kind of lead up to a crime like this. Most killers report that when they killed the 1st time it did not happen quite how they planned / expected and from what I hear Magnotta did not seem to have any ‘problems’ in the video. That could be why it goes from Jun being alive at the start to dead after a cut away.

Pure speculation on my part but I would more shocked if this was his first murder than if it was his 2nd or even 4th. I am just happy this jack a$$ was caught.

Photos and an article of his arrest here. Kudos to the internet cafe’ employee who called the cops.

He is going to be so popular in the yard!

Serial Killer Was Nice and Friendly

More in formation is coming out about Loujack Nougues Café . Some of  it is quite contradictory.

A neighbor of victim George Washington Burnett remembers Loujack from the area in an interview.

Adam Bomberry knew the young man as RJ and believed he was a friend of Burnett. His wife Angel, who often brought the 82-year-old Stirton Street man food and did his laundry, said the young man was seen in the neighbourhood all the time, sometimes on a bike, and described him as “quiet and friendly.”

That’s why they were shocked when the saw a picture of the young man on TV — the man who Hamilton police say killed Burnett and a well-known panhandler and is the random stabber who terrorized central Hamilton late last year.

The Bomberrys also recall the accused showing up at their home, which is across the street from Burnett’s, when police were searching the crime scene last September.

“He asked permission to come on our property,” Adam Bomberry said, adding the young man was polite and wanted to know what happened.

“He looked like he was concerned, that’s all. I’d seen him conversing with George. I thought they were friends.”

From Here

It is common for serial killers to be around crime scenes, they like to immerse themselves into their crimes in as many ways as possible.

Another article paints a very different view of Loujack from the statement above.

He calls himself Apollyon Vetis Mastema. King of the Demons of Hell.

And he is accused of being a serial killer.

His real name is Loujack Nougues Café and he is charged with fatally stabbing two people — leaving a knife in the throat of George Washington Burnett, who was found in his own bed, and dumping the body of Laura Young in a back alley snowbank. He is also charged with randomly knifing three pedestrians on the sidewalks of our city. Those attacks — perhaps even more so than the murders — sent a chill over the community for nearly three months.

Café’s Facebook pages paint a portrait of a man interested in demonology, gangstas and Marxism.

On one page The Spectator has learned belongs to Café, he draws from a lexicon of demon names from various cultures and dubs himself Apollyon Vetis Mastema and “Hansom Dvil” (sic).

One photo of Café, digitally manipulated, shows him with red eyes, blood dripping from his mouth, a pitchfork-carrying devil on his shoulder and two handguns placed near his head in a way that evokes horns.

Words superimposed on the doctored photo say “Blood King,” “Blood Killa 666,” “Great Original Devil (GOD)” and “Beast Blood.”

Rap lyrics on the page say “Redrum/Pouring out some redrum for my fall soldiers/Tdot (sic) eastside Scartown to downtown redtown/Regent Park, the Parkers/It ain’t just pouring liquor it’s repaying with murder.”

Redrum is murder spelled backwards.

Café is facing two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder.

Photos and more information here.

Two sides of the same coin. 

Another Canadian Serial Killer

Hamilton police have charged an alleged serial killer with the murders of two people and the random stabbings of three others last year.

Loujack Nougues Café, 25, of no fixed address, was arrested Friday in and charged with two counts of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder.

Laura Young, 37, was the first victim, found stabbed to death just after 9 a.m. dumped in a snowbank behind 116 Cathcart St. on Feb. 16. She was a well-known panhandler in the downtown, whose death sparked a community-organized vigil.

Her mom, Fay McPhail, said she was “smiling” and “happy” when police came to her home to share news of the arrest. But when she found out he is charged in four subsequent attacks she was horrified but not surprised her daughter’s alleged killer may have struck again.

McPhail calls Young her “angel.”

It was seven months after Young’s murder, on Sept 6., that George Washington Burnett, 82, was found lying in his bed, with a knife in his neck, at 55 Stirton St. His son David and concerned friends had come to check on him and found his body.

The next three attacks took place between Nov. 7 and Dec. 12, when three people were randomly stabbed on city streets. Police had been looking for a “random stabber” associated with all three incidents.

“I believe it’s probably a relief in our neighbourhood,” said Adam Bomberry of the arrest. Bomberry kept an eye on Burnett along with his wife Angel, bringing him food and doing his laundry.

“Every day I look across the street and think of my friend.”

A member of Burnett’s family reached by The Spectator did not recognize Café’s name.

The random stabbing caused widespread fear among many in central Hamilton, as police had warned residents to be vigilant.

Staff Sgt. Steve Hrab would not comment on how Café allegedly chose his victims.

Hrab said police continue to believe Burnett’s murder “wasn’t a random act.”

McPhail said her daughter didn’t know Café.

The arrest happened after police received new information in the last 48 hours, Hrab said.

Café briefly appeared by phone in a Hamilton courtroom Saturday morning. He spoke quickly and clearly, with no emotion, indicating that he understood the charges against him.



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