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Serial Killer’s Wife on Reality Television Show

Asia’s notorious “Bikini Killer” is in the headlines once again due to the 22-year-old Nepalese girl he married secretly while serving a life sentence in Kathmandu, the Times of India reports.  The hook?  Reality TV, of course.

Nihita Biswas Sobhraj, who married the alleged serial killer under the nose of prison authorities, is appearing on India’s Bigg Boss, a reality show modeled after Big Brother.  And apparently, she plans to use the platform to do more than make bitchy comments: She’s hoping that TV’s bully pulpit will help her to clear her husband’s name and get him out of the clink.

Sobhraj was captured in Kathmandu in 2003 and convicted of the murder of Connie Jo Bronzich, an American backpacker who was killed in 1975, based on “a document described as Sobhraj’s confession to murder before Indian authorities in New Delhi,” according to the paper.

But his wife has said that the reports of mass serial killings against him are just rumors and that in many of the countries where he is said to have committed the murders, there is not even any police complaint filed against him.

Meanwhile, even in India, where Sobhraj’s crimes were the most well-documented, he was never convicted of murder despite the purported existence of a confession, and in Nepal the court convicted him based on photocopies of evidence, even though the law says they are inadmissible, TOI said.

With his wife planning to plead his case every chance she gets in front of millions of TV viewers, Sobhraj is now “planning to go ballistic, detailing the rampant corruption among police, courts and the prisons on his website this week,” TOI said.

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He is such an attention whore. She is either just as bad or she is stupid. I am thinking just as bad.

There is a list of crimes that he is accuse of so long it is astonishing. No, he has not been charged, they have him locked up and the courts want to move on is what I am thinking. Not only that but they do not want him to profit from his crimes any longer.

Crime Does Pay

Imagine that you could earn nearly a million dollars for every year you spent in prison with the understanding that you would likely get out in the prime of your life. Would you take that deal?

More specifically, suppose you could live like royalty behind bars, in almost total control, with guests free to come and go as they pleased, cellphones, TV, gourmet food and fine wine to eat and drink. Would that make the deal worth 20 years of your life?

Charles Sobhraj in France

Charles Sobhraj in France

For serial murderer Charles Sobhraj, the idea of retiring to Paris and making $15 million for a movie deal based on his life made spending more than two decades in a notoriously corrupt Indian prison worthwhile. Sobhraj, a Vietnamese-Indian by birth and French national by adoption, turned a sentence for homicide in India into almost a life of leisure while at the same time evading prosecution for a dozen murders in jurisdictions that should have brought a death sentence.

He was a con man, jewel thief, drug dealer and murderer, but one who lived a life of adventure and intrigue that made him a media celebrity. He amassed enough money to bribe his captors who provided him with amenities to make life in an Indian prison more bearable. For most of his incarceration he had access to typewriters, a television, refrigerator and a large library. That’s in addition to the drugs and food that he used to entertain and control his fellow inmates in the prison that was supposed to be the harshest in India.

Even more vexing  was the idea that, at 52 years old, Sobhraj could walk out of Delhi’s Tihar prison, sign a $15 million deal for his life story and then charge the media upwards of $5,000 an interview once he returned to Paris.

Not bad for a man who was convicted of one homicide and accused of committing at least 10 more. Some authorities believe Sobhraj killed more than 20 unsuspecting European and American tourists and pilgrims who journeyed to the Far East and the subcontinent. Some came east in search of drugs and others came in search of spiritual growth. Instead, they found Charles Sobhraj and his gang of killers.

Crime Library

Now his wife and him have found a new way to profit from the blood and loss of others.

This show should be ashamed but it isn’t.

Biswas’ arrival on the studio set was greeted with roars of approval from the live audience. She told the shows hosts, Bollywood stars Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt that she had been married to Sobhraj for three years and was proud to have him as her husband.

She said she had a received a call to participate in the show and her husband told her she must do it.

Biswas’ mother, Shakuntala Thapa, is one of Sobhraj’s Nepalese lawyers. He was convicted seven years ago for the killing of Connie Joe Bronzich in Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu in 1975.

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