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”John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster.”

The attorney who defended John Wayne Gacy talks about the serial killer in a new book, ”John Wayne Gacy: Defending a Monster.”

Book signings:

August 9, 2011 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Barnes & Noble Old Orchard Mall
Skokie, Illinois

August 10, 2011 – 12:30 p.m.
144 S. Clark Street
Chicago, Illinois

August 12, 2011 6:30-9:00 p.m.
D’Vine Wine
742 E. Dundee Rd., Palatine, Illinois


When was the last time someone you knew asked you for a favor? What if that favor was defending a man who you later discovered to be guilty of crimes so grotesque they make your blood curdle? Can you guarantee him a fair trial without the influence of hate, revenge, media or an outraged public?

In the new book, JOHN WAYNE GACY: DEFENDING A MONSTER, (Skyhorse Publishing, August, 2011, ISBN: 978-1-61608-248-2) Judge Sam L. Amirante and writer Danny Broderick tell this fascinating story for the very first time. In a compelling first person account, Gacy’s defense attorney for the internationally reported trial of the century tells the chilling and gruesome tale of how Amirante came to defend America’s most infamous serial killer.

Writer Danny Broderick pens the story to rave reviews comparing his work to Stephen King and John Grisham combined. JOHN WAYNE GACY: DEFENDING A MONSTER grabs the reader with terrifying detail and makes them witness to the last horrifying hours of a madman’s final victim. Without a breath, the reader is thrust into a fast paced police investigation and trial drama rivaling any crime film, television show or documentary. Set against a ticking clock, in which our nation’s most dearly held constitutional tenants and protections are at issue, the case of the century puts our most basic core beliefs as Americans to the test.

With breakneck pacing, true-life dialogue, chilling photography, Amirante and Broderick propel us through a story so powerful that we often forget that it is one hundred percent true. The book includes never before seen drawings and photographs, along with shrewd insight into the man behind the murders that only his lawyer-the closest person to him during the trial-could have known. Among the fascinating, unexplored topics examined in this shocking courtroom drama are:

The true David and Goliath saga of a young lawyer, fresh from the Public Defender’s office, desperately trying to ensure a fair trial for the most hated and feared man in America. Authentic photographs, court documents, and letters and drawings by Gacy to his friends and family An insider’s look at the man who murdered over thirty young boys and was ultimately sentenced to death as the entire country watched. A deeper look at how the trial of this magnitude affected the young lawyer representing the worst criminal of our time and the toll it took on his family, his livelihood and his health. The creative approaches that were taken to ensure that even a mass murderer received the fair trial guaranteed to him by the U.S. Constitution. How Amirante sought to protect children with the Missing Child Recovery Act of 1984 (I-Search) to protect future abducted children from succumbing to a fate like Gacy’s victims. The lingering scourge of homophobia as it exists in American society and its worst case The current status of the death penalty in the United States.

JOHN WAYNE GACY: DEFENDING A MONSTER is a true crime story in which Broderick positions himself amongst other greats like Grisham, Turow, or Martini. It approaches the well-known genre of writing taking an angle never before seen, shedding new light on the trial itself, as well as the events leading up to and directly following it. Broderick’s success in creating a momentum that builds with the suspense, terror and intrigue of the original case, while adding Amirante’s passionate, driven, emotional, conflicted yet powerful voice, is spellbinding.

About the authors

Judge Sam L. Amirante is a retired judge and current lawyer with his own law firm, Sam L. Amirante & Associates. In 1978, his first case after leaving the office of the Public Defender was The People of the state of Illinois vs. John Wayne Gacy. He co-founded the law firm Amirante and Etchingham. In 1988, he was appointed to the bench as an Associate Judge of The Circuit Court of Cook County where he served until his retirement in 2005. Amirante authored the procedures adopted by the Illinois General Assembly as the Missing Child Act of 1984 (I-Search), which eliminated the twenty-four hour waiting period of initiate a search for lost children. A graduate of Loyola University (1970) and The Loyola University School of Law (1974), he also served in the United States Marine Corps Reserves from 1970 – 1976.

Danny Broderick is a graduate of Southern Illinois University (1977) and The John Marshall Law School (1982). He served in the United States Army, with commendations. (1972-1974) He is a former associate attorney with the law firm of Amirante and Etchingham. In 1988, Broderick founded his own firm The Law Offices of Daniel J. Broderick. During his twenty years of private practice, Mr. Broderick represented thousands of persons charged with felony and misdemeanor crimes. He is the author of the novel When Money Talks: Buford Tucker Listens

 Video here.

Zodiac Killer: Massachusetts Man Says He’s Cracked the Cipher


A Massachusetts man says he’s cracked the Zodiac killer’s cipher that has befuddled law enforcement agencies for the last 40 years since the enigmatic serial killer went on his Bay Area killing spree. The amateur sleuth says the 340-character code sent to the San Francisco Chronicle declares at the end “My name is Leigh Allen,” one of the principal suspects in the case who died in 1992.

Corey Starliper of Tewksbury, Massachusetts, became obsessed with the Zodiac case and decided he could break the code, according to news reports.

“It was just instinct,” he told the Burlingame Patch. “I have a gut feeling that it could be cracked.”

Not to say it wasn’t a complex process. Starliper did it in two sessions — one that was six hours long and another where he spent three hours on it.

According to the Patch:

According to Robert Graysmith, in “Zodiac” tips received by police after Darlene Ferrin’s murder indicated that the killing was connected to the U.S. Virgin Islands. Starliper believed that the “340” of the 340 cipher was significant, and had some tie-in with the U.S. Virgin Islands. It was then that he found out that 340 is the area code for a portion of the U.S. Virgin Islands — not an insignificant connection.

“So that’s what I started with,” said Starliper. “I thought, there’s no way … that Zodiac is going to be prosaic enough not to mention the U.S. Virgin Islands in this code. This is where it gets even creepier. 3+4+0=7. Right. So you get 7+0=7. 707… 707 are the area codes for Vallejo, Napa, and Solano. So I figured, why not start this with Caesar code using 3,4.”

We’re no cipher experts, but it Starliper’s result is at least highly readable:


















Starliper told the Patch that he’d contacted various Bay Area law enforcement agencies, but has only gotten a tepid response. SFPD Homicide Inspector Kevin Jones told SF Weekly he never heard from Starliper, but would send the code onto the FBI, which has the experts to check Starliper’s method.

“There’s people who over the years think they’ve come with answers to the cipher but the FBI hasn’t been able to validate it,” Jones says. Could this be the one?

I do not think that Arthur Leigh Allen is the Zodiac. I guess that means that I doubt this guy actually cracked the code.

Arthur Leigh Allen

Here is info on why I do not think Allen was the Zodiac:

The police sketch of the Zodiac Killer.

UPDATE: In October 2002, Allen’s DNA was compared to DNA obtained from a confirmed Zodiac letter. There was no match. In 2003, due to Allen’s alleged habit of having others lick his stamps and envelopes (he claimed the taste of glue made him sick), SFPD obtained a voluntary DNA sample from Don Cheney. The results were negative.
From Wikipedia:
Arthur Leigh Allen was the only suspect in the Zodiac murders to be served search warrants by police. He was never charged with any Zodiac-related crime and his fingerprints did not match those left by the killer of taxi cab driver Paul Stine. In 1991, 22 years after the shootings, survivor Michael Mageau identified Allen as the man who shot him, from a photo lineup of 1968 driver’s licenses. Mageau stated he had never been shown a photo line up prior to that appointment in 1991. Allen, who suffered from diabetes, died on August 26, 1992 from kidney failure.
In 2002, SFPD developed a partial DNA profile from the saliva on stamps and envelopes of Zodiac’s letters. SFPD compared this partial DNA to the DNA of Vallejo Police Department’s lead suspect, Arthur Leigh Allen. A DNA comparison was also made with Don Cheney’s DNA, who was Allen’s former close friend and the first person to suggest Allen may be the Zodiac Killer. Since neither test result indicated a match, Allen and Cheney were excluded as the contributors of the DNA, though it cannot be stated definitively that it is DNA from the Zodiac on the envelopes.Additionally in 2002, a partial palm print (called “Writer’s Palm”) was lifted from “The Exorcist” letter and then compared to a palm print of Allen’s. Again, test results showed the palm prints did not match. Even though DNA samples taken from the letters sent by the Zodiac ruled out Allen as the person who handled them, neither the Vallejo nor the San Francisco Police Departments have ruled out Allen as a suspect.
I kind of hope that I am wrong and that the cipher has been solved, meaning the killer is exposed. I just really doubt it.
I think that Mr. Starliper started out with Allen as a suspect and with that in mind (and believing the Hollywood hype) he fit his solution around that.
The Zodiac Killer was boastful. He enjoyed killing, tormenting , threatening the general public and he liked playing mind games, especially with the police.
This ‘solved’ cipher does not sound at all like the first. It sounds more like a Son of Sam letter.

Scary Serial Killer Sympathizer.

Obviously this girl just wants to antagonize,  but it is still scary that she would even pretend to think this way.

That other people would ignore or agree with her.

That she would speak so publicly, freely and openly about not only something that she has never studied (even in the least bit since she considers Hannibal a  real serial killer) but something that could hurt so many others, victim’s families, the societies that the crimes were committed in and the killer’s families.

Does she (and so many others) just see serial killers as movie characters?

Does she (and others) not realize / care about the ripple effect of these killers?

Or is it simply that she (and so many others) does not really know that the monsters really do exist?

I hate to give link time to her, but at the same time I know that she speaks for so many. There are many naive kids and adults.

Please see the page, here or at the FBI site dealing with Serial Killer Myths.

Sorry, She deleted the video.

Here is another one to replace it.

I am looking for the rest of the show.

Laurie Depies Search

Police are searching in south-central Wisconsin for the remains of Laurie Depies in an effort to verify Larry DeWayne Hall’s confession that he abducted and killed the Appleton woman in 1992.

Town of Menasha Police Lt. Mike Krueger told Gannett Wisconsin Media that a team of plainclothes law enforcement authorities have spent three days digging for evidence of Depies — or other potential victims of Hall — at an undisclosed remote location. Authorities are using ground-penetrating radar and specially trained police dogs in the search.

“He told us there were four bodies in that location,” Krueger said last week, declining to specify where the site is or when it was searched. “We haven’t found what we’re looking for. We’re done for now but we’ll be going back again and doing more.”

Depies was 20 when she disappeared Aug. 19, 1992, from a town of Menasha parking lot where she had driven after working at the Fox River Mall. She never made it to her boyfriend’s apartment.

In mid-May, Gannett Wisconsin Media reported that Hall admitted buying a T-shirt from Depies at the Fox River Mall store where she worked and later following, abducting and killing her. Less than two weeks later, Hall told The Associated Press that he “picked up 39 women altogether between 1980 and 1994” and an undetermined number of them, including Depies, ended up dead.

Gossett said more specific and incriminating evidence is needed before charges could be filed.

“I’m not saying he did or didn’t do it,” he said. “If he did kill her and there’s a way to corroborate it, all is good. If we can’t (corroborate the confession), it makes me a little suspicious that it’s really the right person.”

Gossett, who was informed of Hall’s confession last fall, is hopeful that incriminating evidence will surface.

“Even without a body, he could be prosecuted,” Gossett said.

“But it really comes down to (the fact that) this guy has nothing to lose. He’s saying he did it — now give us the details.

“You don’t want to rack up (Hall’s) personal scorecard if (he) didn’t do it.”

Krueger thinks technology and science, especially DNA analysis, will be key to any cases advancing against Hall, a former bank janitor.

Authorities say Hall has been fastidious about not leaving behind any physical evidence or forensic residues, perhaps due to his fascination with True Detective and other crime magazines and to his familiarity with cleaning supplies and techniques.

“It’s kind of a needle in a haystack kind of thing,” Krueger said of the sizable search area that is concealed from view from any roadway or residence.

The police dogs picked up on the scent of human remains, a scent that can migrate over time. “We were explained to that when a body is buried, when it breaks down and decomposes, the gases will spread through the ground,” Krueger said.

Over the years, the gases or scents can make their way into root systems and into plants or trees.

“We could be a foot away (from a body) and never know it,” Krueger said.

Hall declined to provide specific information about the other three bodies he claims are at the same site.

“He gave us no names (other than Depies’),” Krueger said. “He just said four bodies and one is a boy.”

The boy, Krueger was told, died accidentally when Hall — who claimed he was driving and not paying attention — hit him and panicked, not knowing what to do.

“The boy died. Is that fantasy? I don’t know. He could have made that all up,” Krueger said.

Krueger, however, is undeterred, convinced that Hall is providing investigators with information to the best of his memory about disposing of Depies’ body after killing her — rather than falsely confessing and fabricating stories.

Hall is known to have traveled extensively as a Civil War re-enactor and an old car enthusiast. Authorities said he used only cash and often stayed in his van, leaving behind few clues as to his whereabouts.

He has been in custody since November 1994, when he was arrested in connection with the 1993 abduction of Roach, the Illinois girl whose body was found in an Indiana cornfield several weeks later.

Hall was convicted on a federal kidnapping charge for crossing state lines in the Roach case and sentenced to life in prison.

A byproduct of Hall’s admissions in the Depies case is that Krueger is fielding calls from other police investigators.

“Now I have other police agencies calling with no evidence and people who just vanished,” Krueger said.

“That was a real big plus that we made it aware that some of these other local agencies in states are tuning in on Larry because they had nowhere to go on their investigations.”

Krueger said the 39 abductions that Hall told the AP reporter about was a “big number,” but he recalled that the handwritten list police seized from Hall in 1994 had “17 or 19 names” including one entry that read: “Lori – Fox River Mall.”

In other cases that Hall has been linked to, he told detectives he buried his victims with their clothes and belongings, along with the “means of death” such as ropes or belts, Krueger said.

When pressed by Krueger, Hall couldn’t remember if he buried Depies’ purse with her. The purse has never been found.

“I think he’s holding back on certain things,” Krueger said. “I don’t think he’s given us everything that he can on Laurie.

“At this point, he just doesn’t want to. (I’ve been told) these are his personal pieces of property and he doesn’t want to give them up. These victims are his.”

Full Article

That holding back is common with serial killers. It gives them a sense of power, it allows them to keep control and it adds to their fantasies.

Hall is probably also hoping to get to show them where he buried the bodies. It would be exciting for him. He not only gets attention and out of his cell for a while he also gets to go back to the area where he disposed of the bodies. Many serial killers return to where they killed or buried their victims. Sometimes they go there to masturbate and some even take girlfriends there and have sex on top of where the body is.

I am not say Hall did any of that, although I do not doubt it. I am just thinking of reasons for he might have began confessing.

Anthony Sowell Coverage

This site has complete coverage of the Anthony Sowell trial.

Videos, updates, news clips and more.


Dr. Drew Interviews Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore is the daughter of Keith Jesperson‘s (The Happy Face Killer) daughter.

In this video Dr. Drew and Melissa make comparisons between Casey Anthony and Keith.

I don’t know how to actually put the video up here so here is the link.

Dr. Drew interviews Melissa Moore.

Melissa also wrote a book, Shattered Silence.

Here is another interview with Melissa.

Mixed Bag Of Killers

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — Police have found the remains of a Walnut Creek woman who was kidnapped, raped and murdered by the serial killer known as the I-5 Strangler in 1977.

Walnut Creek police said Monday that a Napa County sheriff’s deputy found the body of 21-year-old Ellen Burleigh in a dry riverbed near Lake Berryessa.

Roger Reece Kibbe was convicted of murder of Burleigh and five other women in 2009. As part of a plea agreement, he agreed to help locate her body.

The Contra Costa Times reports Burleigh disappeared after meeting Kibbe to talk about a secretary job opening.

Kibbe was in prison for strangling a teen prostitute when San Joaquin County prosecutors charged him in 2009 with murdering six women and dropping their bodies along freeways between 1977 and 1987.
Read more

I hope that finding her body gives the family and friends some peace.

France police are on high alert since it is rumored that suspected serial killer / known rapist Larry Murphy is going to try hiding out there since hiding out in other places around Europe did not work.

SUSPECTED serial killer Larry Murphy has fled Ireland again after spending three weeks holed up in Dublin hotels.

Authorities here breathed a sigh of relief today after the rapist left the jurisdiction without incident.

But police in France are now on high alert after it was reported that Murphy (46) had decided to relocate to Paris for the moment.

Since being freed from jail last year he has moved around Europe staying in both Amsterdam and Spain for extended periods.

He is reportedly staying in the ‘red light districts’ and trying to avoid contact with people. I can not imagine why unless he is slightly afraid that someone might kill him.

Murphy remains the chief suspect for the disappearance of several Irish women in the 1990s.

He has been linked to the cases of Annie McCarrick (26), Jo Jo Dullard (21) and Deirdre Jacob (18) all of whom went missing without trace.

He has served 10 years in prison for the horrific rape and attempted murder of a Carlow businesswoman, but was released last August.

He did not undergo any significant rehabilitation treatment while behind bars and detectives feared that he may strike again.

Source for both quotes.

A video from when he was released.

Joseph Nasso’s preliminary hearing has been postponed until Sept. 9, 2011 so that he has more time to prepare his case.

Nasso is the 77 year old who is defending himself against charges that he killed  four women: Roxene Roggasch, 18, dumped between Fairfax and Woodacre in 1977; Carmen Colon, 22, found near Port Costa in 1978; Pamela Parsons, 38, found in Yuba County in 1993; and, Tracy Tafoya, 31, found in Yuba County in 1994.


A video about Nasso

In Germany a man being called only Jan O or the Cannibal Killer has been sentenced to life imprisonment.

(CBS/AP) BERLIN – German man Jan O., dubbed the “cannibal killer” after he confessed to eating the flesh and drinking the blood of one of his teenage victims, has been convicted of murder and sentenced to life in prison.

The 26-year-old, whose last name has been withheld in accordance with German privacy laws, was convicted in Goettingen state court of two counts of murder Monday for the November slayings of a 14-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy.

During the trial the defendant confessed to licking blood from a wound of the girl and biting flesh from her neck. He killed the boy five days later.

DAPD news agency reports Presiding Judge Ralf Guenther says the murders showed an “almost unimaginable dimension of criminality.”

According to Sky News , Jan O. had lured a victim identified only as “Nina B.” into the woods intending to rape her, but instead cut her throat. He returned to visit the body several times, and during one return visit, took the life of his second victim, named “Tobias L.”

The boy was allegedly sexually assaulted before being stabbed to death.

Jan O. admitted to committing “vampiristic” acts both before and after they died, Sky News  reports, adding that the perpetrator apologized to the victim’s families and said: “I don’t know what came over me.”

Defense attorney Markus Fischer says he’s considering an appeal.

Read more

How can there be an appeal when Jan O confessed to drinking blood and apologized the way that he did? Appeal What?

Another article has even more disturbing information.

Nina had gone missing in mid-November 2010 after she ran away from home. According to O.’s confession, he lured the young girl into the woods with the intend to rape her. But he instead hit her on the head with a beer bottle before slashing her throat.

As the girl died, according to the confession, O. ate flesh from her wounds and drank her blood. “I did not want sex anymore, just flesh and blood. The taste of it made me addicted,” O. wrote in his confession, details of which shocked the European nation.

In the days after the brutal murder, O. returned to the body several times and repeatedly took advantage of her. He also filmed several clips with his mobile phone as he touched the lifeless body.

In addition, a message was found on O.’s Facebook page in which he said: “Slaughtered a girl yesterday. One everyday until they catch me.” O.’s other online profiles indicated he was looking to meet girls between the ages of 10 and 16.”

In the days after Nina’s murder, during one of his visits to the corpse, O. came across Tobias who he mistook for a young girl. He kidnapped him and stabbed him to death when he discovered that Tobias was a boy, not a girl. Although there is evidence to indicate that Tobias was still sexually assaulted, O. denied this and said he rejects homosexual acts.


That article also goes on to state that even though he was given a life sentence he could be released one day if he is no longer considered a threat. That is insane.

Serial Killer Levi Bellfield Convicted Again

On 06/23/11 Levi Bellfield was convicted of the murder of  Milly Dowler. He was sentenced to life imprisonment.

Bellfield had already been found guilty of the murders of Marsha Louise McDonnell and Amelie Delagrange and the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy on 25 February 2008.

He is suspected in other crimes one going back to when he was only 12 years old.

After his 2008 murder trial, Bellfield was named by police as a suspect in connection with numerous unsolved murders and attacks on women dating back to 1990 – as well as the murder of a 14-year-old girl in 1980, when Bellfield was 12 years old and attending the same school as the victim.

From Wikipedia Article


Levi was a real lady’s man. His ex girlfriend tells of his abuse in an interview.

Miss Johanna Collings also said the twisted murderer would repeatedly rape and beat her during their relationship.

She also said she was also subjected to humiliating sex sessions in which Bellfield would tie a belt around her neck and sexually assault her.

Other times he would burn her with lit cigarettes and once beat her for ironing the wrong pair of work trousers.
Read more

His past acquaintances also have horrible stories about this ‘man’.

Ricky Brouillard, who had worked for Bellfield, told police that his former boss had even offered to sell sex with his “naïve” girlfriend, 16, and her sister, 14.

“I would describe Levi as an animal,” Mr Brouillard told police. “I remember being disgusted. I met his girlfriend on one occasion and he said ’Do you want to buy her off me?’.”

Read More Here


Levi Bellfield’s first child (he has 11), Bobbie-Louise made a documentary about her father called “My Dad the Serial Killer” that was shown in January of 2009. It also had 3 of his other children in it.

I found the video online but I am unable to watch it since I live in America. For those of you that live in areas where it can be viewed here is the link.

I feel so bad for his children. He has made them victims as well.

Update on Anthony Sowell Trial

The jury toured Anthony Sowell’s house.

Here is the 6pm follow up.

This is a pretty good article on the tour as well.

News 5 Article

During Bombik’s hour-long presentation Rufus Sims, one of Sowell’s two attorneys, sat with his eyes closed and his hands formed in a steeple.  It was unclear whether Sims was praying or sleeping.

Sims would not have to sit through another long opening argument.  Co-counsel John Parker took only 10 minutes.  Parker tried to convince the jury that 11 bodies on the Sowell property was not enough to convict his client.

“There are no eyewitnesses. There are no fingerprints.  here’s no DNA linking Mr. Sowell to any of the homicides,” Parker said.

I am guessing that Sims was praying. It will take divine intervention for Sowell to be found not guilty.

As to the statement by Mr. Parker I think the bodies link Sowell to the homicides pretty well.

In September, 2009  Sowell invited a woman he knew to his home for a drink. On September 22, 2009 she reported to police that after a few drinks, he became angry, hit her, choked her and raped her as she passed out. On October 29, police arrived at his home with a warrant to arrest him for the alleged rape. He was not there, but they found two bodies on the floor in the living room.  He was located and arrested two days later.

The bodies of four other women were found throughout the home, buried in a shallow grave in the basement and in crawl spaces in the house.  After digging in the backyard, investigators found three more bodies and the remains of a fourth. Police also found a human skull in a bucket inside the house, which brought the body count to eleven.


I guess the that same person that John Wayne Gacy claimed hid the bodies under his house is back at it?

I respect the law and the justice system but I have a hard time figuring out why some cases go to trial.

A few updates

Michael Wayne McGray has been charged in connection with the death of Jeremy Michael Phillips.

On the morning of Nov. 23, 2010, Phillips, 33, was found dead in the prison cell he shared with McGray–who had been previously convicted of six murders and recently moved from maximum-security Kent Institution to medium-security Mountain Institution.

Phillips had been serving a six-year, nine-month sentence for an aggravated assault that took place after a failed drug deal.

McGray has been moved to a new federal prison and is no longer in British Columbia.

Full Story

I just hope this time they have him in a cell by himself!! I also hope that they have put him into a maximum security prison.


The trial of Anthony Sowell is beginning. Jury selection has started.

About 200 prospective jurors are being divided into groups of 15 and brought to the courtroom for orientation. Individuals in each group are then being interviewed privately about their views on the death penalty, according to court officials.

Anthony Sowell, 51, a former Marine, stood at military attention to face jurors as they entered. He was dressed in a white golf shirt and wore a goatee. He has been charged with the murder of 11 women in an 85-count indictment.

If Sowell is found guilty, the jury must then decide whether to sentence him to death. The decision must be unanimous.

Sowell was arrested on October 29, 2009, two days after the initial discovery of bodies in and around his home. The decomposing bodies were found by police who were responding to a report by a woman who said she had been attacked in the home.

Full Story


If Sowell is not found guilty I hope we make the jurors share custody of him..

Here is a page with video clips regarding the Sowell trial. 

In New York police are searching the beaches of Long Island again.

Police in New York say they will resume a search for bodies in the ongoing investigation into a possible serial killer on Long Island.

State police say recent FBI aerial photography is prompting a return to the area on Tuesday. State police did not specifically say if the photos, taken in April, yielded additional evidence.

Full Story

I am going to take a guess and say that the photos showed them something. Maybe not more bodies but something had to be seen if they are going back out there.


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