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Serial Killer David Simelane To Be Hanged

David Simelane

By LINDA JELE on April 02,2011

Yesterday may have been the last day some people will ever see Simelane, as he was sentenced to a death penalty by Judge Jacobus Annandale. Simelane (55) will be hanged. This marked the end of the protracted criminal case of the serial murder convict. He was last week found guilty on 28 counts of murder, for killing 25 women and three children.

Simelane was dressed in brown casual shoes, purple track suit pants and a white striped short-sleeved shirt. He looked his usual calm self for the duration of the sentence as he sat in the accused dock, frequently drinking water from an Energade juice bottle.

Judge Jacobus Annan-dale ordered Simelane to stand up as he addressed him on the sentence. Throughout the period when Judge Annandale was handing down the sentence, Simelane stood with both hands on the counter.

He faced downwards when the judge said there were no extenuating circumstances in the matter. Meanwhile, as the judge read the sentence the courtroom was so quiet that one would have heard a pin drop and the tension could be cut with a knife. But soon after hearing the sentence members of the public consisting of mostly women, who filled the public gallery, applauded and ululated.

The judge had to call them to order as they clapped hands and shouted when he said Simelane would be given a death penalty and would be hanged. Simelane stood transfixed in the accused dock as Judge Annandale left the courtroom and his face was expressionless.

Correctional Services officers whisked him away to the steps leading to the underground cells at Court A. But just as he was about to disappear into the cells, Simelane did what surprised those who were present in court – he waved ‘goodbye’ with a bright smile.

Yesterday marked nine years and 24 days since Sime-lane’s arrest in Nhlangano on April 25, 2001. Before the sentencing, Simelane’s attorney Mduduzi ‘Tsotsi’ Mabila had submitted that there were extenuating circumstances in the case in that Simelane had admitted in his confession that he killed the women out of revenge for having been wrongfully convicted of rape.

He claimed he never committed the rape. Mabila further asked the court not to consider Simelane’s previous convictions when handing down its sentence.

When Mabila said the other cases were irrelevant to the murder case because they involved robbery and rape, there were murmurs from the public gallery.

The Director of Public Prosecutions Mumcy Dlamini said there were no extenuating circumstances that could prevent Simelane from being sentenced to death. She also wondered why Simelane killed the children if he said he murdered the women out of revenge following the rape case. Judge Annandale seemed taken aback when Mabila said he would not take Simelane to the witness-box to lead evidence in mitigation. Mabila briefly consulted with Simelane and submitted that the court should consider that he was a first offender in respect of murder.

He asked Judge Annandale to take into account that Simelane had committed the offences out of vengeance. “Sentencing is discretionary, but the court has to take into account the surrounding factors enshrined in the Constitution. In conclusion, it is in the hands of the court to decide the appropriate sentence,” said Mabila.

Simelane’s aunt Alexinah Simelane said if David eventually faces the noose, her last words to the killer would be: “Ubolala ngekuthula David, sitobonana kwelizayo. Nan-gabe bewukholwa, sitobo-nana ezulwini. Nangabe bowungakholwa, utawuya esihogweni.”

This loosely translated means: “You must rest in peace David, we will meet in the other world. If you were a Christian, we will meet in heaven but if you are not, you will go to hell,” she said.

His aunt said even if David is eventually hanged, she would not collect his remains from the correctional institution.

“I will ask government to take care of the corpse because David showed that he did not want to live with other people. We live on land that is administered by a chief, so we do not think the chief would ever agree to him being buried here too. Let him be buried like all the others who do what he has done,” she sternly said.

Alexinah said she did not feel pity for the man who killed 28 people because his victims were relatives of other people. “I think the death sentence will fit him well because there was no reason for him to stay in jail for ever,” she said.

When asked why she had no pity on David despite that he was reportedly a born again Christian preaching to the unsaved in prison, Simelane likened the serial killer to a cannibal. “If a cannibal lives on human flesh, it will always kill to eat,” she said.

David’s family has never visited him in jail since he was arrested because they were scared of being associated with his cases. Over a week ago before the verdict that found him guilty, they said they would not welcome him back home in the event he was found not guilty. Even the authorities in the area said Simelane was not welcome to come back to the area.

Judge Annandale said Simelane only submitted an excuse that he killed the women out of revenge after he was wrongly imprisoned for having raped a woman. “I have not heard, in the trial, one word of apology or remorse from Simelane. There was not even a half-hearted attempt to show apology. Each of the 28 victims had relatives, or friends, but to none of them did he show remorse,” Judge Annandale said.

“You also killed the innocent souls of infants. You have shown no iota of remorse and the court cannot find that you are sorry for what you did.”

This full story at this link.

EZULWINI – “If you kill, you will be killed, local Muslims have said in reference to David Simelane’s death sentence.

They said the sentencing of Simelane to death was natural justice that was in force since creation.

Hamidullah Dlamini, based at Swaziland’s main mosque in Ezulwini, said the Islamic faith was in full support of convictions and sentences based on overwhelming evidence, especially when human life was involved.

He said although Muslims based their judgment on dictates of Quran and Shari a Law, judges like Justice Annandale were at liberty to exercise secular law to the satisfaction of the Islamic Faith and the general populace.

He said based on the evidence used by the judge to send Simelane to the noose, the Muslim community would have no reason to grumble or scoff at the death sentence.

“We do say that if you kill, you will be killed also,” he insisted.

He said he was personally worried about delays in concluding the case as Simelane was arrested in 2001.


The article above is a long one and it discusses the death penalty, not just Simelane. Some Christians in the area are opposed to the D.P. even in this case.

Bishop Stephen Masilela, the President of the Conference of Swaziland Churches, said Simelane should be forgiven because there was no one enjoying the right to kill others. Masilela said Simelane deserved a second chance in life after committing his life to Jesus Christ.

I disagree. This man is a threat, a killer, a predator. Just because he claims to have found religion he is not and should not be excused or forgiven.

Anyway, only his victims can give that forgiveness.

Even if his victims could and did (in this case not possible as he killed them), he is a threat to others and that must be taken into consideration.

He is and always will be a threat to society in general and (for as long as he lives in prison) the prison population / staff / visitors. There is no reason to keep him alive and due to the risk he poses there are reasons to put him to death.

Of course Amnesty International is discussed

In the event David Simelane is finally executed, Swaziland would join countries, including USA, considered executors by Amnesty Internationale.

In my opinion all the members of Amnesty Internationale should have to live in the same place that the killers are in. Seriously, set up an island and put the members there and they can then live there by some giant super max prison. When they protest for the release of someone give that person an apartment on that island. I bet the members would think a bit more.

The article also discusses that there are only 3 death row inmates and they do receive ‘special treatment’ although no one will say what that means.

Superintendent Vusi Kunene, Correctional Services assistant PRO, said Simelane had already joined the two inmates.

“They are resident at the Matsapha Central Prison’s maximum section where they live in different cells,” he said.

Kunene said Simelane joined a number of prisoners who are serving life sentences in the maximum section.

These inmates share space with the two condemned inmates.

He said special treatment awaited Simelane at Matsapha.

“Just like all inmates on death row, he is going to enjoy some special privileges that are accorded all condemned inmates,” he said.

He declined to disclose these privileges but said Simelane would be closely monitored and supervised.

The serial killer is not going to do any menial work.

Instead, he will be given time to bask in the sun and exercise.


The article also discusses the future of the D.P. in Swaziland

The minister said Swaziland last implemented the death penalty about three decades ago.

He said the country was reluctant to implement it yet it embraces the sentence in its statutes.

He stated that the nation should decide on this subject.

The minister said most countries had since done away with the death sentence but in Swaziland, it existed in law.

“The country has to take a decision on this issue. There are many considerations that could go with such a decision,” he said.

He said if the country were to abolish it, the constitution would have to be amended such that the section on the death penalty is removed.

Despite the death penalty’s long abeyance in the kingdom, Swaziland has been obstinate about not repealing its statute on this subject.

I agree with the comment at the end of the ariticle. It says, in part:

It is wrong to say people who proffess Christianity should automatically escape the consequences of their wrong doing and there is basis for that even in scripture; it is true Christ forgives sinners who repent but the consequences of their sins they always have to endure, eg when Adam sinned he was then forgiven but had to endure the consequences, so was Moses, Samson etc. If a person commits a public sin or offence and repents he should also publicly confess his sin which has not been the case in David Simelane’s matter there are claims he repented and preaches in prison but he never publicly acknowledged his sin nor showed remorse for it, if the judgement went another way he would have said he never committed the crimes even when he did. ……..

Christianity is a life not just a name to use when hiding filth and as proffesed Christians we ought to talk and act like Christ by whom we are called. So no sympathies for David Simelane the wages of sin is death the bible says.

Amen to whoever wrote that.

West Side Serial Rapist / Killer Gets 7 Life Sentences

John Floyd Thomas JR

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A 74-year-old man pleaded guilty Friday to the killings of seven women in the Southland in the 1970s and 1980s and was immediately sentenced to seven life prison terms, one without the possibility of parole.

John Floyd Thomas Jr. pleaded guilty to seven counts of first-degree murder. His victims ranged in age from 56 to 80 years old. Los Angeles police also believe Thomas is responsible for two dozen or so sexual assaults.

Thomas was initially charged April 2, 2009, with murdering Ethe Sokoloff, 68, on Nov. 25, 1972, in her Mid-Wilshire home, and Elizabeth McKeown, 67, in Westchester some time between Feb. 15-18, 1976.

Los Angeles police said then that he had been linked to the two killings through DNA evidence, but were looking into as many as two dozen other murders and rapes that occurred between 1955 and 1978.

Later in 2009, Thomas was charged with five additional killings involving three women who lived in Inglewood, one who lived in the Lennox area and one who resided in Claremont — killed between September 1975 and June 1986, according to the District Attorney’s Office.

Thomas was arrested March 31, 2009.


Police believe John Floyd Thomas Jr, 72, may be responsible for up to 25 killings in two waves of sex murders that terrorised southern California in the 1970s and 1980s.

Mr Thomas, a claims adjuster with two previous convictions for sexual assault, was arrested at his flat in South Los Angeles on March 31 after police used newly available DNA technology to solve “cold cases”.

He was charged with the murder of Ethel Sokoloff, 68, in 1972 and Elizabeth McKeown, 67, in 1976.

But officials say that his DNA has been traced to at least five murder scenes spanning two waves of sex killings that were previously thought to be unrelated.

In both waves, the victims were elderly white women.

The first wave of killings, attributed to the so-called “Westside Rapist,” claimed the lives of 17 women ranging in age from the 50s to the 90s.

The women were attacked in a swathe of Los Angeles running from Hollywood to Inglewood. The killer strangled his victims as he raped them and left them dead with pillows or blankets covering their faces.

The murders stopped in 1978 – the same year a witness copied down Mr Thomas’s car licence number after he raped a woman in Pasadena and was sent to jail.

The second wave began after his release in 1983. Five more elderly white women were raped and strangled in the Claremont area, about 40 miles east of Los Angeles, and left with their faces covered.

The killings stopped the same year that Mr Thomas took a job with the state workers’ compensation agency in Glendale.

Even though more than 20 women survived attacks, police did not link the two waves of killings because witnesses gave differing descriptions of the assailant and DNA technology was not in use.

The investigations languished until the Los Angeles Police Department established a Cold Case Homicide Unit in 2001 and began using new DNA techniques to examine 9,000 unsolved killings dating back to 1960.

In 2004, the crime lab matched male DNA taken from the McKeown and Sokoloff killings but could not identify a suspect in the state database.

The break came in October when Mr Thomas was required to give a DNA sample as part of a programme to swab convicted sex offenders. His DNA was allegedly matched to the McKeown and Sokoloff samples as well as a 1975 Los Angeles murder, a 1976 Inglewood murder, and a Claremont killing in 1986.


Police said the former insurance claims adjuster who was born in Los Angeles and attended Manual Arts High School, targeted women ranging in age from their 50s to their 90s, breaking into their homes at night to rape and choke his victims.

After being dishonorable discharged from the U.S. Air Force he was sent to jail for nearly ten years after being convicted of burglary and attempted rape, Following his release, “authorities noticed a string of assaults on elderly white women, reports the LA Times. In 1978, when Thomas was convicted and sentenced to prison again, this time for the rape of a Pasadena woman, the Westside attacks appeared to stop. He moved to Chino after his release in 1983, “coinciding with a wave of rapes and killings that began in the Pomona Valley area.”

Deputy Dist. Atty. Rachel Moser Greene described Thomas’ sentence as “an act of pragmatism” rather than “an act of mercy,” notes the LA Times.


I am betting that there are women sleeping much better now.

Thomas’ prosecutor, Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney Rachel Moser Greene, said the decision to not seek the death penalty against Thomas was approved at the highest levels of her office.

She said that because of Floyd’s advanced age and the lengthy appeals process for inmates sentenced to death, Floyd would likely reach age 100 before being executed.

A sentence of life without parole “achieves the same end, pragmatically speaking,” as a death sentence, Greene said.

“He’s going to be denied his liberty until nature takes its course,” Greene said.

I understand that. It makes sense to not push for the D.P. in this case. He will still be a draw on tax payers maybe even more so because of his age, but hopefully his heart will give out soon.

Before people think I am too hard and too cold remember what he did.

Prosecutors eventually charged Thomas with seven counts of murder for slayings committed between 1972 and 1986. Most of the the victims, who ranged in age from 56 to 80, were also sexually assaulted.

Police said Floyd targeted older women who lived alone. He would break into their homes, rape them, then strangle them to death while obscuring their faces with bedding such as a sheet or pillow.

Floyd’s DNA sample was obtained in October 2008 by investigators who were building a DNA database of sex offenders.

Floyd had twice been convicted of sexual assault, most recently in 1978 for the rape of a Pasadena woman.


This is not some sweet old grandpa here.  This is a cold blooded killer who targeted weaker older woman. He is a predator. Society tried to ‘reform’ him before and it did not work.


Bonnie’s Blog of Crime has more links. It is also where I got the list of known victims from.

Known Victims

Elizabeth McKeown, 67 [1976]
Ethel Sokoloff, 68 [1972]
Cora Perry, 79 [1975]
Maybelle Hudson, 80 [1976]
Miriam McKinley, 65 [1976]
Evalyn Bunner, 56 [1976]
Adrienne Askew, 56 [1986]


Baltimore Serial Killer William Brown


Arrested in 2008 after 5 women strangled

By Stephen Janis
William Vincent Brown, a petty drug dealer and one-time bus driver pleaded guilty to a string of murders that left at least two women dead and one disfigured over a 10-month stretch between 2003 and 2004, according to online court records.

The plea directly links the murders of two women and the vicious beating and rape of another to Brown, making him a full-fledged serial killer who haunted Northwest Baltimore, leaving in his wake the broken bodies of women and fears of a man terrorizing city streets, that police dismissed.

Brown entered the pleas just before facing trial for the murder of Emma O’Hearn, whose head was crushed against a sidewalk after she was raped in June 2003. O’Hearn was in a coma for six months before she died in December of that year.

He also pled guilty to the rape and murder of Antania Mills, a 15-year-old Northwest Baltimore girl who was sodomized, strangled, and left for dead in a North Baltimore schoolyard in March 2004.

Last month Brown was found guilty of raping and then disfiguring a Baltimore woman he picked up on Poplar Grove Street in the summer of 2003. The victim testified in court that Brown drove her to Leakin Park, raped her in the back of his car and strangled her before cutting off her ear.

Brown was convicted of attempted murder and rape by a city jury.

The admission of guilt, along with the conviction handed down last month, ties Brown not only to the string of murders and rapes that occurred in Northwest Baltimore in 2003 and 2004, but gives credence to claims made by other women that Brown assaulted them as well.

In 2008 shortly after Brown was arrested, several sex workers in the Wilkins Avenue area said they had violent encounters with a man they identified as Brown.

One of those woman, Dawn Wolford, identified Brown as a man who had beaten her shortly before he was arrested.

Wolford was questioned by police and allegedly identified Brown from a line-up but he was not charged with her assault.

Brown’s arrest occurred in 2008 shortly after five women with records of prostitution were strangled in the Northwest and Southwest areas of the city.

Four of those cases remain unsolved.

Brown told police that he frequented the Poplar Grove area, where he would drink with friends and then cruise the streets searching for drug-addled women, the same area where a mysterious phone call alerted police to the

whereabouts of the body of Brenda Hatfield, the last victim of the five women who perished in the summer of 2008.

Hatfield’s body was left at the end of a secluded trail on a secondary parking lot of a West Baltimore Church. She had been raped and strangled.

In 2005 police linked the DNA found on the bodies of O’Hearn, Mills, and the victim who survived, to a single person. However police did not make a positive match to Brown until July 2008.



Just an hour before Judge Timothy Dory sentenced William Vincent Brown to consecutive life sentences for the murders of two women and brutal beating and rape of another, Brown heard from his only living victim one last time.

“You tried to take my life!” said the woman who Brown was convicted of raping and strangling on a dark and desolate stretch of road in Leakin Park, and leaving for dead in the summer of 2003.

“But God let me live,” she said, tears streaming from her eyes.

“And God is telling me to pray for you.”

It was one of several dramatic confrontations between the 43-year-old Brown and his victim, encounters that left jurors in tears during his trial for strangling and disfiguring her — he cut off part of her ear before leaving her for dead — confrontations that seemed to evince the raw edges of inchoate anger that lingered in the courtroom as a phalanx of nearly a dozen corrections officers surrounded Brown in a circle of institutional muscle.

In pre-sentencing arguments prosecutors read details into the record about the deaths of O’Hearn and 15-year-old Antiana Mills, who Brown pled guilty to brutally raping and strangling.
“She was left naked on the side of the road next to a trash can, with underwear around her neck,” said prosecutors of the teenaged Mills

Brown’s mother, Viola Lindsey, also spoke, telling the court that the man with 14 lifetime convictions, including four violent crimes against women, was raised in a loving home.

“He is a decent man,” she said.

“I pray for both sides.”

But it was the testimony of the one surviving victim that transfixed the packed courtroom yet again.

Fixing her gaze upon Brown the victim described how he turned into a monster the evening he raped her on a deserted stretch of road in Leakin Park.

“There is something inside you,” she said. “There is something wrong with you.

“But standing here I can’t hate you, I can only pray for you.”



America’s Most Wanted Daytona Beach S.K.

Lonnie David Franklin Jr. Indictment Unsealed


Prosecutors unsealed an indictment on Thursday charging an accused serial killer dubbed the “Grim Sleeper” with murdering 10 girls and women during a Los Angeles-area crime spree that spanned three decades.

The suspect, Lonnie David Franklin Jr., 58, who worked as a neighborhood mechanic, has been jailed without bond since he was arrested outside his home on July 7, partly on the basis of DNA evidence linking him to the killings through genetic material of his son.

He is accused of shooting to death or strangling seven of his victims between August 1985 and September 1988 and three others between March 2002 and January 2007. The suspect was dubbed “the Grim Sleeper” because of a gap of more than 13 years between the killing sprees.

The girls and women he attacked ranged in age from 14 to 36, and many were prostitutes. Some were raped before they were slain. Their bodies were dumped in alleys and trash bins and covered with debris.

The indictment spares prosecutors the need for a preliminary hearing to determine whether sufficient evidence exists to take their case against Franklin to trial.

“The families of the victims should be accorded timely resolution of the allegations of the murders of their loved ones,” District Attorney Steve Cooley said in a statement.

Franklin is due in court April 4 for a pre-trial hearing.


CNN Article

Link to an article about familial DNA.

Since 2008, California has allowed so-called familial DNA searches, in which investigators look for close-but-not-exact matches between DNA evidence collected at crime scenes and the state’s data bank of DNA collected from 1.3 million convicted felons. The method has a longer history in the United Kingdom, where it led to a conviction in a murder case in 2004. In Colorado, the only other U.S. state to allow it, the method led to a guilty plea in a car-theft case in Denver last year.

California allows familial DNA searches only for violent crimes in which the perpetrator is still believed to be a danger to society. Sims and Myers say they have run 10 searches so far. The first nine came up empty, including a 2008 search with DNA evidence from the Grim Sleeper crime scene. “We did not find anybody in the database who we thought was a potential relative,” says Sims.

However, a second search in April 2010 did turn up a potential match: a young man named Christopher Franklin who was convicted last year on a felony weapons charge. The DNA search, along with the dates of the murders cast suspicion on Christopher Franklin’s father. After an internal review of the evidence, investigators at the Bashinski lab notified the L.A. police, who followed the elder Franklin and eventually got a DNA sample from a discarded piece of pizza. Lonnie Franklin’s DNA matched DNA from the crime scenes, and police arrested him at his home last week.


I am not even going to try to state that I understand all the details of familial DNA searches. Even this article only seems to scratch the surface. Science is not my strongest subject.

I do know that it has been helpful in catching a few criminals.

Some people are against using familial DNA but I think in violent cases we, society, and the law must do everything to try to catch the offender. Law enforcement should be able to try new things, even if it is a little invasive. In violent, especially serial, murders the public has to give a little if they want law enforcement to be able to catch the criminal.

Serial killer photos

Grim Sleeper Unidentified Photos

Jack Mogale; Multiple Life Terms

Judge Frans Kgomo sentenced Mogale, 42, to 16 life sentences which are to run concurrently. He will serve another 23 years thereafter, without the possibility of parole.

This was because Mogale was a danger to society, Kgomo said.

As Mogale left the court on Friday, he shouted in Sepedi at the families of his victims, saying “You are also coming, I pray I will be out soon.”

Kgomo said Mogale was evil and should be kept away from women and society.

Mogale was found guilty on Wednesday of nine kidnappings, 19 rapes, 16 murders, attempted murder, three robberies with aggravating circumstances, fraud or theft, assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, sexual assault and escape from lawful custody.


I hope that the courts in Africa do not ever let this monster out.

I also hope that they hold to the no parole.

It sounds to me as if he threatened the families and I bet he’d at least try to follow through if he got out.

Family helps to catch a predator

Imagine waking up to a man standing over you in bed with a knife.

Imagine hearing your 15 year old child making a noise in the other room. You get up to see why and find a man standing over her with a knife.

Imagine finding out that that man has killed before.

A very brave and lucky family in Massachusetts does not have imagine any of that. It happened to them.

Adam Leroy Lane entered a home through a door that had been left unlocked.  He held a knife to the throat of a 15 year-old girl, threatening to kill her if she made any noise. The teenager did make a few muffled cries that were heard by her parents. Her parents entered her room and found Lane over their daughter with a knife, he was attempting to rape the 15 year old girl.

Kevin McDonough seized Lane and held him in a headlock on the floor. Jeannie McDonough  grabbed the knife cutting herself in the struggle.  Shea ran out of the house and called police.

While Jeannie McDonough’s husband struggled to hold down the masked intruder who had attacked their sleeping daughter, the man tried to convince the mother to let him walk away.

“He said he was nobody and to just let him go,” McDonough said.

But McDonough knew she couldn’t let Adam Leroy Lane escape. What she wouldn’t learn until later was that her family had helped capture a man suspected in a string of unsolved crimes along the East Coast.

In court, Jeannie McDonough glared at Lane as she described the psychological trauma the attack caused.

“Realize this, Adam Leroy Lane, that someday you will be held accountable — not only in a court of law,” she said.

About a month after Lane’s arrest in Massachusetts, he was charged in Massaro’s killing. Pennsylvania authorities said they were investigating Lane in connection with the July 13 fatal stabbing of Darlene Ewalt, 42, in her West Hanover Township house, and the July 17 slashing of a Conewago Township woman who survived.

Wikipedia has very little on him but you can read it here.

CBS News Source


Bloomsbury killer Adam Leroy Lane sentenced to life in Pa. murder


BLOOMSBURY — A former trucker already sentenced to decades in prison for the murder of a Bloomsbury woman and the stabbing of a Massachusetts girl was sentenced in Harrisburg, Pa. on June 28 to life plus up to 20 years for similar attacks in Pennsylvania.

“He will die in prison,” Francis T. Chardo, Dauphin County’s first assistant district attorney said Wednesday.

Adam Leroy Lane, 45, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and other charges for the July 2007 murder of Darlene Ewalt outside her Harrisburg area home and the attempted slashing murder of Patricia Brooks while asleep in her York, Pa. area home. The plea deal spared Lane from the state’s death penalty.


The Pennsylvania attacks began a 17 day string of attacks by Lane in three states during July of 2007. In all four cases, prosecutors said the former North Carolina trucker picked his victims at random near the interstate highways he traveled, attacking them at their homes.

Lane was sentenced in October 2008 to 50 years in New Jersey state prison for the murder of Monica Massaro of Bloomsbury during a July 2007 home invasion. Prior to that sentence, Lane had been extradited from Massachusetts where he was serving at least 25 years for the knife attack of a 15-year-old girl just days after Massaro’s attack.

Full story here

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