Ted Bundy’ s mother passed away

Ted Bundy’ s mother passed away

I always feel bad for the families involved, even the killer’s.

Louise had such a hard time accepting what Ted had done . I .can not imagine what it was like for her. I hope that she has peace now . 

  1. Heard this. Yeah, she never seemed to want to believe he did it, but she probably never saw much of that side of him. I do wish people would have left her alone.

    • Even after he confessed she did not admit it.
      I don’t fault her for that, he was her son.
      I hate to hear that she was mistreated. Even though she never admitted it out loud she had to know the truth and it had to be so painful for her.
      He was the killer not her.

  2. Agreed. One of the best thing about moms is how they can refuse to believe anything but the best for you.

    We lived in Tacoma, Washington around the time of Bundy’s execution. His mom, I believe, still lived in Tacoma at that time, and I heard that people were unkind to her.

    I still remember “Fry Bundy Now” buttons.

    • Moms are great at loving, forgiveness and selective sight.
      They need to be or none of us would make it through our teens.

    • I remember the local eating joint sold Bundy Burgers

  3. Bundy was probably as sweet as pie to her but probably blamed her for the way he was …so ironic.

    • He did talk about how he was originally raised (very young) to think his mom was his sister. You are right Loon, he did plae some blame and discontent (to say the least) on her.

      “Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell at the Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers (now the Lund Family Center[6]) in Burlington, Vermont on November 24, 1946 to Eleanor Louise Cowell (September 21, 1924 [7] – December 23, 2012 [8]), known for most of her life as “Louise”. The identity of his father has never been determined. His birth certificate assigns paternity to a salesman and Air Force veteran named Lloyd Marshall,[9] but Louise later claimed that she was seduced by “a sailor” whose name may have been Jack Worthington. [10] Investigators would find no record of anyone by that name in Navy or Merchant Marine archives. [11] Some family members expressed suspicions that the father may actually have been Louise’s father, Samuel Cowell, though there was no direct evidence to support such speculation. [12]
      For the first three years of his life, Bundy lived in the Philadelphia home of his maternal grandparents, Samuel and Eleanor Cowell, who raised him as their son to avoid the social stigma that accompanied illegitimacy. Family, friends, and even young Ted were told that his grandparents were his parents and that his mother was his older sister. Eventually he discovered the truth, but how and when is not clear. He told his girlfriend that a cousin showed him a copy of his birth certificate after calling him a “bastard”,[13] but he told biographers Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth that he found the certificate himself.[14] Biographer and true crime writer Ann Rule, who knew Bundy personally, believes that he tracked down his original birth record in Vermont in 1969.[15] Bundy expressed a lifelong resentment toward his mother for lying about his true parentage and leaving him to discover it for himself.[16]

      In 1950 Louise changed her surname from Cowell to Nelson, dropped her first name Eleanor,[23] and at the urging of multiple family members,[24] left Philadelphia with her son to live with cousins Alan and Jane Scott in Tacoma, Washington. In 1951 Louise met Johnny Culpepper Bundy, a hospital cook, at an adult singles night at Tacoma’s First Methodist Church.[25] They married later that year and Johnny Bundy formally adopted Ted.[25] Johnny and Louise conceived four children of their own, and though Johnny tried to include his stepson in camping trips and other family activities, Ted remained distant from his stepfather. He later complained to his girlfriend that Johnny wasn’t his real father, “wasn’t very bright”, and “didn’t make much money.”[26]


      She tried to be a good mom, supported him to the end.

  4. Hmm, didn’t she wonder where all the family pets went?

    • mosshedge
    • January 23rd, 2013

    Everyone complains about the insensitivity of the 34 people who saw the .attack. What about the of the parents who for DECADES, not 30 minutes, ignored the behavior of Bundy!
    All you family values people, it is is responsibility of the parents to rear their children, not onlookers from nearby apartments.

    That’s right when the kid does one wrong thing after another, hide behind the facade of phoney love.
    That’s why he was a psycho. If you feel that way about children, don’t have kids. Use contraception. For whom is it not painful, to see their child caused a traffic accident, beat up another kid, killed pets, disrespected you , lied..ect…??????????????????????

    The parents should be jailed also.
    Don’t have children you can’t support. Let alone 4 more. Not believing your kid can do anything wrong is phoney love. People who ascribe to that belief are phoney also. They do not to notice horrific murders because they couldn’t be bothered to put out the effort to rear the child.

    Too bad for him the mother thinks, I never liked him. Maybe she was raped. Maybe she hated the father. Who knows. The kid reminds her of the kid’s father she detests. Why should she do anything except pretend she likes the kid.

    All you people who are against contraception or abortion, did any of you preachers adopt this unwanted child? NO, I know you will have your excuses for that just like his mother did for for not caring/supervising him and letting him run wild. And run wild he did.

    • Mosshedge,
      I took your 3 comments and combined them into one since they were all on this post and it is easier to read like this.

      Alright. Bundy was never observed by 34 people during any of his killings. I think you are mashing two different crimes together. I am pretty sure that you are referring to Winston Moseley’s murder of Kitty Genovese.

      We should complain about the fact that people witnessed a crime and did nothing. Even if they did not know it was a murder they heard a woman’s screams, cries and pleadings for help so they knew she was in danger. For those that just assumed someone else should call the cops or who just tuned it out shame. I will call the police if I hear what sounds like a dangerous situation for someone else, I have. Parents should raise their children to be active and concerned about their communities and about the safety of others. It is a shame that we teach kids to scream fire and not help because other people are more likely to call for a fire than a violent act.
      The people in the apartments were not expected to raise anyone, they were just expected to be good citizens and call the police when they heard cries for help. Moseley was grown and had kids of his own by the time he murdered Kitty.

      I am not sure who you were referencing when you said ” That’s right when the kid does one wrong thing after another, hide behind the facade of phoney love.
      That’s why he was a psycho. ” If you were talking about Bundy his mother never turned her back on him. She was young when she had him and made mistakes but there is no evidence that she ever abused or neglected him.
      As for Moseley I am not sure about his parents.

      To your last statements about adoption, there are quite a few serial killers who were adopted into caring families and still they went on to kill as adults.
      Nobody but you mentioned abortion or contraception and no one was preaching anything.

      Bundy and Moseley were adults by the time they became serial criminals / killers. I do not care how awful their parents these men were grown and knew murder, rape and torture were wrong. They made the choice to do the crimes that they committed.

  1. January 12th, 2013

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