I am sorry

I have not been able to post much.

First there were major issues at my job that I had to take care of. I was working double shifts, going in at all hours and just going crazy with all the little issues and problems.
Finally that settled down and I tried to get back to normal life but the universe had other plans.

Hurricane Isaac.

Not really a big deal but it did made drama pop back up at work and in my day to day life.

Then I loss power for a week or so.
So, hopefully once I clean up around the house and get my crew at work back to their normal schedules and calmed down I will be back reading all of the great blogs and writing about the monsters that lurk around us.


  1. I hope everything is ok now? DId you have any damage?

    • Hi Emily!

      Yes, things are coming together.
      No major damages, 2 broken windows, 3 very hot and (eventually) smelly dogs, turtles and fish whose tanks became, oh, what’s the word (? oh yeah!) icky and a house that smells of said dogs, turtles and fish.

      Cleaning the house (3 people and 3 dogs in a house with no power for a week creates a LOT of dirt and grime) and fixing the windows are my biggest personal problems. I can not complain. So many others loss more and my heart goes to them.

      Really, power outages (until they get all the lines and transformers working) are our main issues now. You just never know when you might lose power for a few hours, or a day.
      Again, not so bad. Shop day to day so that if it is gone for a while you do not have chunky milk.

      Over all we are beyond lucky and I am grateful.

      I hope everything is good with you. I can’t wait to read about what has been going on with you and your clan. I love the adventures you all have in Japan.

  2. Hey, I am sending positive thought to you.

    • Thank you so much!!
      I will take all the positive energy I can get and try like crazy to pass it along.


  3. Glad you are okay 🙂

    • frigginloon
    • September 4th, 2012

    Sending my thoughts and prayers to you, your family and of course your dogs. Admire your positive outlook 🙂

    • Thank you so much. we need prayers, not due to the storm, just because we are us!
      The puppies are now fine and smelling better (Thank God!!!) and they also send thanks.

      As far as being positive, lol, you did not hear the phone calls to the electric company. They would disagree! ;D
      Still, thank you again and I am looking forward to reading all of your Friggin posts!

  4. Hang in there & see you soon!

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