Moors murderer Ian Brady discharged from hospital – Telegraph

Moors murderer Ian Brady discharged from hospital – Telegraph.


His victims families do not believe he was even actually sick.

Serial killer Brady was discharged after spending two nights in hospital following a suspected seizure.

The 74-year-old was sent back to high-security Ashworth Hospital in Sefton, Merseyside, where he has been held for 27 years.

But last night Alan Bennett — whose brother Keith was killed by Brady in 1964 — insisted it was a cynical attempt to get sympathy ahead of his mental health tribunal next week.

Alan, of Longsight, Greater Manchester, said: “I want to hear about his medical condition from somebody at the hospital before I take this seriously.

“That coward is capable of anything. The timing is perfect if he is hoping to seek some form of sympathy.


It is such a shame that they are still having to deal with his games.

  1. He’s never going to be released and they refuse to let him take his own life, I’m thinking they know the best way to punish this devil spawn….keep him alive

    • I would love to agree but I just hate the fact that he can still play games with people.
      I can not help but think the world is safer and happier without him in it.
      Just my opinion though.

  2. This guy is evil incarnate. The families of the victims have had to put up with years of this kind of rubbish from Brady and Hindley who has constantly campaigned for release on the grounds that she’s ‘sorry’ for her crimes, and converted to religion etc. Luckily each Home Secretary has quashed any parole appeal and generally upped her sentence, hopefully the same will apply to Brady, who is if anything, even more evil.
    Your site continues to terrify me 🙂

  1. July 6th, 2012

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