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“So, here’s a question: How many reminders do we need before we have a conversation about capital punishment in Canada? How many Magnottas’, in whatever form they take, will rape, defile and kill before we acknowledge that there is such a thing as pure evil.”


I am not Canadian so I do not know how much I can contribute to this conversation on that blog so I’m talking with myself about it here.

I do believe in and support capital punishment. I do think that there are certain people (serial killers, serial rapists, child molesters, so on) that can not be ‘fixed’. They can not contribute to a society in any meaningful way. They are and always will be a threat to anyone around them. Much like rabid dogs (and I love dogs) they should be removed from society in a permanent way. The only way that protects all of society 100% is the death penalty.

India Serial Killings: More Female Body Parts Recovered; Possible Copycat Killings

KARACHI: The police made another distressing recovery on Tuesday as they collected a female’s upper and middle torso from Surjani police precincts, the sequel of serial killings that have been disturbing the citizens for past two months.

According to police, unidentified culprit or culprits chopped the woman down into pieces and then disposed of the body parts at different areas of the metropolis. They said that two legs and hands were recovered from Manghopir on Monday whereas the remaining organs, except head, were recovered from Surjani Town Tuesday.

Police said that the culprits adopted a recently arrested serial killer’s approach, adding that another group or the nabbed serial killer’s accomplices might be involved in the incident.

Alleged serial killer Muhammad Rafiq was arrested from Patel Para on April 24. Rafiq, along with his friend Iqbal used to pick up harlots from the vicinity of Numaish roundabout and after sexual satisfaction, mow them down into pieces that were to be abandoned elsewhere. The accused used to victimise a woman on the 10th day of given month.

“Harlots?” That just seems an odd word to use.

Was this latest victim also killed on the 10th day?

Firstly, they killed a recently converted Muslim and a mother of five, Nasreen on March 10. They chopped Nasreen down into pieces after satisfying their lust and then abandoned her body organs at different areas of Solider Bazaar police precincts. Her body was recovered over a period of three days, March 10-12. Then, they victimised another female in the similar fashion, on April 10. However, the identity of their second victim is still a mystery. The body parts of this unknown woman were again recovered over a span of three days, April 10-12.

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I wonder if her recent conversion had something to do with it?



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