Browne said working on the book caused him to reassess his view of the killer.

What a scum bag. He knows of other victims and did not speak out asap.
I hope families sue him for emotional distress.

The Friggin Loon

For the life of me I can’t work out why Ted Bundy’s lawyer would want withhold Bundy’s private confessions.  Evidently Bundy admitted to his attorney  John Henry Browne, that he had killed over 100 people and his first victim was a male . Browne said in a recent interview “Ted told me things that he’s never told anybody,”. Despite Bundy signing a release for Mr Browne to publish the information about him, Browne had sat on it for over 20 years. Reason? He “didn’t want to visit those dark places again.” Real reason? He’s writing a book! Hmm, too bad about closure for all the families and loved ones of those victims.

Want sauce with that?

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  1. I’m lost for words over this one psychowatcher. I wish he was charged with with holding evidence. Beyond disgraceful

    • He will hide behind the confidentiality laws if they did try to arrest him.
      That is probably what would keep the families from being able to sue. They do say that Ted had wanted all the information released right after death though so that might not work in a civil lawsuit.

      • Here’s hoping. Interestingly, when Browne was studying law at Berkeley his girlfriend went missing/ murdered and he now thinks that that is why Bundy sought him out to be his lawyer. He has an inkling Bundy may have been behind it. Now that is creepy. Evidently Bundy knew way too much info about Browne. If that turns out to be true that really is pure evil. Kill the girlfriend and years later get boyfriend to defend him 😯

      • I saw that.
        That would be beyond creepy.
        Though, with as ‘icky’ as this lawyer is I would not put it past him to be bringing that up to sell books.

  2. I guess he was hoping to make a buck off of it.

    • Yeah.
      Makes him almost as bad as Bundy if he does have info that could have given families some closure and he didn’t tell asap because he wants to make $.

  3. I hope no one buys the book.

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