If you can help with these kitties please let Rumpy Dog or me know.

They are in Murfreesboro Tennessee, USA

Dogpaddling Through Life

I need your help.

A hungry kitty came to our house and Jen fed it. The next day she moved 4 kittens into our yard.

They have to go.

I had hoped the mama would at least move the kittens out of the yard, but she hasn’t. I thought to not feed her again, but after reading the info at Alley Cat Allies, I fear the mother will become more desperate.

I have contacted everyone I thought could possibly help me.

If you’ve ever tried to find some help with feral relocation, you know what obstacles I’m facing. My options are to

A: Find a safe space to re-release.

B: Socialize the kittens and put them up for adoption.

I have to be honest with you- I CANNOT take these cats into my home permanently, and conditions here are not conducive to socializing kittens (two large dogs sniffing at the…

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  1. With two dogs already, we’re done I’m afraid! They have a problem on their hands but maybe the Humane Society will have to step in?

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