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Fundraiser to Boost Reward in Long Island Serial Killer Case

The Day – Fundraiser to boost reward in Long Island serial killer case | News from southeastern Connecticut.

Some friendships are born through shared hobbies, mutual friends or professions. For Missy Cann and Lorraine Ela, it was a tragic loss that brought them together.

Cann’s sister, 25-year-old Maureen Brainard-Barnes, of Norwich, and Ela’s daughter, 22-year-old Megan Waterman, of Scarborough, Maine, are believed to be victims of a killer dubbed the “Long Island serial killer,” or “Gilgo killer.”

Ela is traveling from South Portland, Maine, to Norwich and will stay with Cann to attend a fundraiser Saturday in Colchester. The event will feature stunt motorcycle riding, a magician, live music and other entertainment, with the goal of boosting the $25,000 reward that Suffolk County Crime Stoppers is offering.

Police have not provided the women with any information about the crime other than that the victims were asphyxiated and wrapped in burlap bags.

“I’m hoping that the extra money will provide an incentive to come forward,” Cann said. “I believe the person who will come forward will be in the same business as the girls. This person is afraid and will probably need money to start over.”

Really can’t find more information so if anyone has more please let me know.

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