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Convicted Fla. Serial Killer Once Again Guilty

Convicted Fla. serial killer once again guilty – Florida Wires –

The Associated Press
TAMPA, Fla. — A convicted serial killer has once again been convicted in the 1986 fatal stabbing of a Tampa area woman.
A Hillsborough County jury found 50-year-old Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. guilty Thursday of second-degree murder. Previous first-degree murder convictions and death sentences in the killing of 25-year-old Natalie Blanche Holley were overturned on appeal, so prosecutors this time went for the lesser charge.
While receiving only a life sentence for Holley’s murder, Bolin already has death sentences for the 1986 murders of 26-year-old Teri Lynn Matthews and 17-year-old Stephanie Collins.

Seems that Oscar did not have such a great relationship with his ex-wife. Surprised?

Surprised that she would testify against him? I’m am, not because she did the right thing trying to help get a killer locked away. I was surprised that she was able to testify against him since she is dead.


A dead woman testified in a two-decade-old murder trial in Hillsborough County on Wednesday.

Cheryl Jo Coby, the ex-wife of serial killer Oscar Ray Bolin, died in 1992 (of diabetes), but a taped deposition allowed Coby to provide testimony bring a conviction for Bolin in the 1986 murder of Natalie Holley.

Bolin is on trial for the fourth time in the Holley murder. Past convictions and death sentences in the case
have been overturned on appeal.

Bolin remains on death row for two other murders.

In court Thursday, jurors watched Coby’s deposition on a television as she testified about Bolin’s actions at their home, shortly after Holley was murdered.

“He was changing his shoes,” Coby told prosecutors in the video.

“Did that cause you to notice anything about his shoes that he was first wearing?” the prosecutor asked.

“Yes,” Coby said. “There was blood on his shoes.”

Coby talked of a purse Bolin had with him at their home that night. Coby said she got in the car with Bolin and they drove to a highway. Then, Coby said, Bolin threw the purse and shoes out the window. She said Bolin thoroughly washed the car the day after the murder.

Bolin’s attorneys said Coby couldn’t see very well because she was legally blind. And defense attorneys also pointed to the Crimestopper reward money Coby received after providing information to detectives.

Coby’s testimony wasn’t the only testimony jurors heard Wednesday. Bolin’s cousin took the stand and stated Bolin confessed to him.

“He asked if I had heard about the girl from Church’s Chicken; they found her dead,” Frank Bolin said.

“And what did the defendant say after that?” the state prosecutor asked.

“He said, ‘I did that girl,'” Frank Bolin said.

The state attorney showed a suicide letter that Oscar Ray Bolin allegedly wrote. The words were blown up for jurors to read.

The suicide note read, “If there’s anything else you really want to know about then you’ll have to ask Cheryl Jo, because she knew just about everything that I was ever a part of. She knew about this homicide which I’m charged with, because it was her idea on how to dump the body out.”

Cheryl Jo is Bolin’s ex-wife.

I hope that the sentence sticks this time, that there is not some miniscule issue that sets this back into motion.
I also hope that the sentence of death is put through soon. It is time to stop playing games with this ‘man’.

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