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New Information in the Oakland County Child Killer Case

There is going to be a press conference for 11 a.m. Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at the Detroit Renaissance Center, Detroit, MI.  It is being held by attorney Paul Hughes who represents the estate of murder victim Kristine Mihelich, and her mother Debbie Jarvis.

He says he will address new developments in the case, evidence, and suspects previously unknown to investigators. Also the concerns related to the handling of the investigation, Federal relief being sought, and the requests for an independent investigation by the Department of Justice.


The families are very upset at the way that the case has been handled. They believe that there is a police cover up going on. I found this article that was released in 2011.

Published On: Nov 02 2011 02:52:37 PM ED

There have been 4 new discoveries revealed in the In Oakland County Child Killer Case.

1. White animal hair connects all four cases.

2. A DNA match from new hairs discovered on one of the victims leads to this new suspect.

3. Police find a startling drawing at a suspect’s home.

4. A police report surfaces from the 1970s that sent investigators looking around a northern Michigan cottage Tuesday afternoon.


It seems as if nothing has been done by law enforcement since then. The reaction by L.E. to the press conference did nothing to make the families feel better.

Late Tuesday in response to the announcement of a Press Conference next week Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper’s Office Released This Statement: “Conspiracy theories flourish in a vacuum. But that vacuum is necessary and long overdue for an effective investigation without interference and wild speculation from conspiracy theorists.” A spokesperson for the prosecutor’s office also said the Department of Justice does not have jurisdiction over local murders, no matter how old they are.

It appears that the only vacuum that is flourishing is the one inside the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office. A vacuum that is preventing the truth from being learned through an ineffective investigation being led by Jessica Cooper and the Oakland County Prosecutors Office that has failed to solve any of these serial abductions and killings of children.


Hughes also suggests in his press release that as many as 11 additional victims may be tied to the serial killings.

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Much of the new information seems to come from the investigations carried out privately by the families of the 4 confirmed children that were murdered.

The father of one of the Oakland County Child Killing victims from the 1970s says he is now more convinced than ever that he knows the identity of his son’s killer.

Barry King believes his son Timmy was murdered by Christopher Busch, the son of a former General Motors executive and that there may have been a cover-up.

Busch has been dead for more than 30 years, but after scouring thousands of pages of police records, King is more convinced than ever that Busch had a hand in his son’s murder. “If I was sitting on a jury right now and that’s all the evidence I had I would say that Busch was involved,” King told Action News.

King suspects Busch, a convicted pedophile who committed suicide in 1978, is the elusive Oakland County Child Killer who murdered his 11-year-son Timmy and three other kids.

All 4 children were abducted and murdered in the mid 1970s. Their bodies, cleaned and fully dressed, were found dumped along roadsides.

Barry King came to his conclusion after reviewing 3,400 pages of investigative records he got from the Michigan State Police. Police tried to keep the records secret but King got them under court order through a Freedom of Information lawsuit.

“I did not find anything in the 3,400 pages which would have absolved Christopher Busch and I found some corroborating evidence that I wasn’t aware of until I went through it which makes me more and more suspicious Christopher Busch was involved in my son’s killing,” King said.

Christopher Busch was convicted of raping four children and was under investigation by the Oakland County Child Killer task force in the 70s until he passed a polygraph test.

King says he suspects there was a cover-up in this case, because records that police told him no longer existed, were later given to him by third parties.

“I’m surprised that looking at this case, when Christopher Busch has been dead for over 30 years, why everybody seems to think he’s got more rights than my family of the families of those other children,” King told Action News.

The police records obtained by King say kids who we’re molested by Busch and his partner Gregory Greene told police the two men would drive them around and have them lure kids closer to the car by talking to them.

King says Busch’s father, a prominent General Motors executive, paid off some victims to keep them from talking to police and Busch himself got off very easy.

“I don’t understand to this day how you can be found guilty of criminal misconduct against minors four times and not spend a day in jail and yet your cohort, Greene, was sentenced to live in prison,” King said.

Captain Harold Love from the Michigan State Police declined to comment on the release of records.

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If you have never heard of these murders you’re not alone. You would think that a case of at least 4 little kids being murdered would carry a notoriety that would rival Ted Bundy and Ed Gein but it doesn’t. The murders were gruesome and creepy.

 Four Murders

Mark Stebbins, 12, was the first to disappear.  He left the American Legion Hall in Ferndale after telling his mother he was going home to watch television.  It was Feb. 15, a Sunday afternoon.  Four days later his body was found on a snowbank in the parking lot of an office building on Ten Mile Road. He’d been strangled and sexually assaulted.  His wrists showed evidence of rope marks.

On Dec. 26, 1976 the body of Jill Robinson, 12, was found alongside Interstate 75 in Troy.  She was killed by a shotgun blast to the face.  Jill had disappeared four days earlier after arguing with her mother.

Kristine Mihelich, 10, was last seen on Sunday, Jan. 2, 1977 around 3:00 p.m., buying a magazine at a 7-Eleven in Berkley.  Her body was found 19 days later in Franklin Village.  Her arms were folded across her chest.  She’d been smothered.

Timothy King, 11, was a straight-A sixth grader from Birmingham.  On Wednesday, March 16, he borrowed 30 cents from his sister to buy candy at the Hunter-Maple Pharmacy in a shopping center near his house.  It was around 8:30 p.m. when he left the store through the rear entrance, which opened to a parking lot, and disappeared.

On March 22, Tim’s body was found in a ditch in Livonia.  He’d been suffocated and sexually abused.  Marks on his wrists and ankles suggested he’d been bound.  Like the other children he showed evidence of having been cleaned; even his clothes had been washed and pressed. 

It was now apparent Oakland County had a serial killer on its hands, and a particularly twisted one at that. While Tim was missing Marion King, his mother, had written a letter to the Detroit News saying that she wanted him home so she could serve him his favorite meal, Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Tim’s autopsy report revealed he’d eaten fried chicken before he was killed.

Source with a lot of information.

Yeah, the killer fed the kid his favorite food before killing him. I know that killers normally follow the news coverage they create but it is still creepy as hell that he did that.

The cleansing ritual and pressed clothing is also strange but it is not uncommon for killers to have these types of rituals.

I hope that the killer is identified and that the families and the community can find some peace. I also hope that the police are not covering anything up, I want to trust L.E., but I admit that I would not be surprised if they did.


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