Oscar Ray Bolin: Rosalie Martinez supports husband at his latest trial for 1986 fatal stabbing | Mail Online

Oscar Ray Bolin: Rosalie Martinez supports husband at his latest trial for 1986 fatal stabbing | Mail Online.

This is a horrible story all the way around.

A public defender who left her husband to marry a serial killer on death row has appeared by his side as he goes on trial for a 1986 killing.

Rosalie Martinez met killer Oscar Ray Bolin Jr., 50, after working with him on one of his rape and murder cases in 1995 and married him soon after.

He is now on trial in Florida for the fourth time in the murder of Natalie Blanche Holley, a 25-year-old who was stabbed eight times in 1986.

It is the 10th time he has been on trial for attacking and killing three women in Tampa: Holley, Stephanie Collins and Terri Matthews.

The former truck driver has been convicted nine times, but he’s been retried three times in the Matthews and Collins cases.

Every time he goes to trial she is there to support him! How? Why? Each of his previous convictions were overturned on b.s. technicalities, not a lack of proof. 
Yet Rosalie Martinez decided to leave her husband, lose her kids and marry him.

In 1995, public defender Rosalie Martinez was married to a prominent lawyer, with whom she had four young daughters. Then she met Oscar Ray Bolin, Jr.

The convicted serial killer was already on death row in Florida when she visited him in his cell to talk about his case.

‘I felt his isolation, his confinement, his loneliness. It affected me because I felt the same way. And it left me breathless,’ she told the L.A. Times.

She accepted that he had pleaded guilty to a gunpoint rape, but was adamant he was no killer, and was desperate to prove his innocence.

Because raping someone at gun point is such a far leap from killing someone. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Martinez became estranged from her family and quit the public defender’s office after jail officials said she had sex with Bolin in his cell.

Yes, she quit her job before she was fired for having sex with a rapist and killer in his jail cell! Beyond stupid! This is groupie actions.

In 1996, the pair married over the phone, whiles she was in a Gainesville, Florida apartment and he was in jail, she told the L.A. Times.

She stood by his side and helped defend him through the trials for the murders of Natalie Holley, Terri Matthews and Stephanie Collins.

Despite a public showing of affection at his early re-trials, she has since expressed doubts that she should have married him.

She told the Tampa Bay Times that the marriage was not out of attraction, but was a ‘great personal sacrifice’ to bring attention to what she believed was a terrible injustice.

I am calling Bull here, she choose to have sex with him in his cell, which meant her giving up job and destroying her family. Now all of a sudden she is trying to play the role of some kind of  martyr??? Bull!

Asked if she would do it again, she said: ‘Let’s just say I’d tweak it.’

But she maintains his innocence: ‘It’s not Oscar’s fault he’s here a fourth time,’ she said at the jury selection on Monday.


No, it is his fault, he killed those girls and won’t even ‘fess to it. It is all his fault.
Serial killer groupies are one thing that I will never understand.
As far as the trial, he is not up for death here, he is already on death row.

Three previous convictions and two death sentences for Holley’s murder did not survive appeals. Bolin has been brought back from death row for a fourth attempt at a Holley conviction that sticks. It’s no longer a death penalty case. The charge is second-degree murder.

It’s not unusual to prosecute death row inmates for other crimes that don’t carry the death penalty. Reasons include the unpredictable outcome of many death penalty cases, the heinous nature of the offenses and the desire for justice on behalf of the victims’ families.



As far as Bolin, in case you are worried about him:

Although Bolin has developed diabetes on death row, he looked fit and groomed Monday. He has physically outlasted Holley’s mother, who sat through his previous trials, as did mothers of Bolin’s other two victims. Holley’s mother is now ailing and uses a wheelchair, unable to attend trial No. 4.

She had always hoped for the death penalty.

The rest of this article is here.


Damn shame he is in better shape than the mother of the girl he killed.

  1. OMG Psychowatcher, that has to be one of the worst stories I’ve read. You would think she, as a mother, would be on the side of the victims?? You don’t give up your kids to “prove a point”. She needs to be plonked in the cell with him for an extended amount of time.

    • Sad thing is that she is not the only serial killer groupie to destroy not only their but their families’ lives by becoming involved with a killer.
      I just do not get it.

  2. Just did a little Googling and it seems Rosalie Martinez worked on the Casey Anthony defense team 😦

    • Yes, she was the mitigation specialist and apparently became good friends with the Casey Anthony Monster as well.
      This blog has some information on that and on the relationship between Martinez and her daughter.


        • Rick A Johnson DOC#268598
        • January 28th, 2013

        First ofthe all, they never had sex in his cell. I know this cuz I was htdayhisthis dayis cell mate during this whole period! However, they did have sex several times in the attorney/client conference room where privacy was a matter of law until suspisions arose. She did smuggle in weed, cigs, and food though almost daily. Oscar and I ate and smoked like kings for months thanks to her and Oscars cunning conning abilities! He himself commented on what a “dumb whore” she was and bragged about wwearing her husbands silk boxers to trial!
        She was victim of a professional con artist and mass murderer trust!

  3. *sigh* People behave in the most extraordinary ways.

    • Dan
    • April 19th, 2012

    Oscar Ray Boiln killed my High School friend Stephanie Collins. It makes me sick that this has been in the courts for 25 yrs now.

    • I am so sorry for your loss.
      It is a shame that this has dragged on for so long. The courts need to realize that when they allow thing to drag out like this it just increrases the damage that is allowed to be done to the families, friends and communities.

  4. marriage is meant to be a life-time commitment to another person.

    there is something psychologically wrong with women (and it is largely women) who marry killers on death row

    is it the notoriety they seek? are there lives so humdrum? are they so craving of attention that they marry convicted killers in order to get themselves ‘noticed’ ?

    are they so incapable of forming a lasting relationship with a man that they seek the easy option of marrying a man on death row – no need to wash/iron his clothes, cook his meals, clean/tidy up after him, limited opportunities for sex etc – in short, a marriage largely in name only ?

    • I do think that many do it for the attention but there has to be more to it than that.
      The ‘bad boy’ image taken to the extreme?
      I think I am going to look into it, maybe come up with something?
      Although I do not think I will ever understand how someone could become involved with these ‘people’.

  5. The Associated Press

    “TAMPA, Fla. — A convicted serial killer has once again been convicted in the 1986 fatal stabbing of a Tampa area woman.
    A Hillsborough County jury found 50-year-old Oscar Ray Bolin Jr. guilty Thursday of second-degree murder. Previous first-degree murder convictions and death sentences in the killing of 25-year-old Natalie Blanche Holley were overturned on appeal, so prosecutors this time went for the lesser charge.
    While receiving only a life sentence for Holley’s murder, Bolin already has death sentences for the 1986 murders of 26-year-old Teri Lynn Matthews and 17-year-old Stephanie Collins. ”

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/04/19/2757631/convicted-fla-serial-killer-once.html#storylink=cpy

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