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Davey Mato Butorac Will Be Tried in 2013

From the Aldergrove Star

Langley serial killer Davey Mato Butorac will go to trial for the 2006 slaying of Aldergrove’s Margaret Redford sometime in the late fall or early spring of 2013.

Margaret Redford

Margaret Redford

 Jury selection for his trial is slated for Jan. 29 to Feb. 4, 2013 in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster. He was last in court on this matter on March 29.

 Butorac is already serving a life sentence for killing two sex trade workers in the spring and summer of 2007. DNA found on his shoe and in his car linked him to those murders, which took place in Langley City and Abbotsford.

The names of the 2 women that he has been found guilty of killing are Gwendolyn Lawton and Sheryl Koroll. I think it is distateful that this article does not use their names only their occupation. These woman were so much more than ‘sex trade workers’.


Gwen Lawton and Sheryl Lynn Koroll


 Redford’s family made several pleas for the killer to come forward after her case went cold. It was after Butorac was arrested for the sex trade workers’  murders that he was first linked to Redford’s death. Redford’s body was found floating in the Bertrand Creek, which is blocks from where Butorac lived with his father.

There is an excellent article about the evidence that led to his arrest here.

On July 7, 2007, IFIS was called to Langley where the body of a woman had been found in an industrial area. Cpl. Krumbhols was part of the team that responded. He and his partner collected evidence including footprints, tire tracks, DNA swabs and cigarette butts. Much of what was collected was ruled out as belonging to employees but there was one set of footprints and one set of tire tracks that could not be accounted for. There was also a tire track on Koroll’s right wrist. She was run over by the very car from which she’d been dumped.

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