An Interesting Video About Serial Killers

  1. This is very interesting.

  2. Excellent documentary… unnerving though that the NY Zodiac got the idea from watching a similar documentary about the SF Zodiac…

    • I am sure that the NY Zodiac would have killed even if there had never been the one in Cali. The scary thing is that they never found out how he knew all that information on his victims!


      • I have no doubt he would have killed… just wondering how many potential killers out there get that little ‘push’ they are waiting for from seeing how other killers have done it before them… revealing too much info on how killers approach victims, hide their tracks and the bodies of their victims isn’t such a good thing.
        CSI has a lot to answer for 🙂

      • They get ideas, but only in the details.
        You are right though, many serial killers read about others in a kind of ‘learn from their mistakes’ effort.
        Many others take community college courses in criminology, volunteer for police or fire departments and even become security guards.
        It is almost scary how much some of them ‘study’.
        Others though don’t really study, they get the pop media version (if that) and at best.
        Then there are those like Alexander Pichushkin who tried to ‘beat’ Andrei Chikatilo’s body count.

        Any serial killer that ‘learns’ from CSI will get caught in a minute, that show is more fantasy than my dreams! LOL

    • anguishedrepose
    • April 14th, 2012

    Very interesting video – Thanks for posting it! Not sure I have seen this one, and that’s saying something considering how much I am fascinated by shows like this, and atively look for them to watch. so saying, ID channel is one of my favorites!

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