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Serial Killer: Cleophus Prince Jr. *The Clairemont Killer: Sentenced to death for the rapes & murders of 6 women*

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Tiffany Paige Schultz, 21 [1/12/1990]
Janene Marie Weinhold, 21 [2/16/1990]
Holly Suzanne Tarr, 18 [4/3/1990]
Pamela Clark, 42 [9/13/1990]
Amber Clark, 18 [9/13/1990]
Elissa Keller, 38 [5/20/190] (no picture yet)

These were the best pictures I could find. I am sorry for the poor quality. If you have a photo of any of the victims, especially in Elissa Keller, that you would like to share, please let me know. Thanks!

Fear grips San Diego neighborhood as police search for serial killer
San Diego murders stir fear
San Diego Murder Suspect Captured
Man charged with 5 San Diego murders investigated in sixth
Genetic teststie Alabama man to murder
Accused Killer Arraigned in Sixth Slaying
Alabama man will stand trial for six murders
Appeal regarding DNA testing
Cleophus Prince Jr. goes on trial in the stabbing deaths of six women in 1990
Hearing Begins for Suspect in San Diego Serial Killings

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