Man Who Killed Family Was Planning Columbine-Style Attack – Trey Sesler

Man Who Killed Family Was Planning Columbine-Style Attack – Trey Sesler.

During his eight hour long interview with police, Wallace admitted to killing his family to save them from the embarrassment he would cause them after he carried out a Columbine-style mass-shooting at Waller High School where he used to attend. Sesler hinted that a another former Waller student was supposed to help.

Seslerm, who has YouTube posts of him firing one of his handful of weapons, confessed to committing several crimes in the area and had been working up the courage to kill humans by killing livestock.

“It’s a classic example that we’ve seen in our past, in our careers and training – he started as a young personkilling pets and some of his own animals that were given to him. He progressed to being able to get weapons and started shooting at buildings. Then he started setting a few fires. It’s a progression that, unfortunately, we’ve seen,” Waller County Sheriff Glenn Smith said.

  1. Frightening!

  2. I was at a party on the weekend and a woman said that she had confronted one of her relatives about her young child.She was concerned the little girl was showing signs of being a sociopath. Harsh! She was questioning if it was the right or wrong thing to do. Evidently she had been babysitting the child and saw very disturbing signs. It made me think, what would I do if I thought someone’s child could potentially be starring on this blog????? 🙂

    • It is a disturbing thought. Many doctors believe that a sociopath can not change so is treatment even a viable option?
      You are right, what do you do?
      Not all sociopaths are violent so I guess you just hope for the best??

  3. I suppose he was a bed wetter and a fire lighter as well…..

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