Unsolved Serial Killings: Oakland County Child Murders *The Babysitter*

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Mark Stebbins, 12 [2/15/1976] Southfield/Oak Park, MI (strangled, sexually assaulted)
Jill Robinson, 12 [12/22/1976] Royal Oak, MI (shot in the face with a shotgun)
Kristine Mihelich, 10 [1/2/1977] Berkley, MI (smothered)
Timothy King, 11 [3/16/1977] Birmingham, MI (suffocated, sexually assaulted)

Cynthia Cadieux, 16 [1/15/1976] Roseville, MI (bludgeoned to death) (could not find a picture of her)

After 35 years of investigation and waiting, 4 new pieces of evidence were announced in 2011:
1. White animal hair connects all four cases.
2. A DNA match from new hairs discovered on one of the victims leads to this new suspect.
3. Police find a startling drawing at a suspect’s home.
4. A police report surfaces from the 1970s that sent investigators looking around a northern Michigan cottage Tuesday afternoon.

Possible suspects:

Christopher Brian Busch (who committed suicide in 1978)
James Vincent Gunnels
DNA found on Kristine Mihelich was matched…

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